Sims 4 Comedy Skill, Entertainer Career
♠ 27 Virgo 14, Saturn's Day ♣

Comedy is used for the Joke Star Aspiration and the Entertainer (Comedian Branch only) career.

Joke Star

Completing Joke Star makes you Hilarious, which unlocks Funny socials –

     ♥ Hilarious Icebreaker – Introduction, gives Hilarious Repartee
     ♥ Funniest Joke in the World – Gives Playful +3
     ♥ Horrifying Joke – Gives Embarrassed +1
     ♥ Weaponized Joke – Gives Dazed +8

Death by Laughter: The Killing Joke

Funniest Joke in the World allows you to be a comedian assassin.

It takes 15 points to cause a sim to become Hysterical. Maintain the Hysterical state and a sim will eventually Die From Laughter.

You can get 7 points from decor and another 5 from socialisation.

     ♥ Beautifully Decorated +3
     ♥ Playful Decor +3
     ♥ Cozy Fire +1 – Lit Fireplace
Social Interactions
     ♥ Funny Conversation +2
     ♥ Can’t Stop Laughing! +3 – Funniest Joke in the World
     ♥ Feeling Great +2 – High Needs

So all you need is one more point to tip the scale. For your own sim, view a Playful Work. For guests, Compliment/Brighten Day.

Without the +2 from motives, other quick ways are food and drinks. While there is no Mixology 10 potion for Playful, there is one for Happy.

Get Together: The Playful Club Vibe Perk make this very easy.

Comedy Traits

     ♥ Goofball – Randomly Playful.

Comedy Moods

     ♥ Playful – Faster Comedy skill gain and whims
     ♥ Happy – Comedy whims

Comedy Skill Level Abilities

Compose Routines (Computer), Perform Routines (Microphone)

The important ones –

     ♥ Level 3 – Short Routines
     ♥ Level 5 – Practice Comedy Routine (Microphone, Mirror), Refine Comedy Routines (Computer, already performed routines)
     ♥ Level 6 – Medium Routines, more likely to be unaffected by Heckler
     ♥ Level 8 – Long Routines

The others –

     ♥ Level 1 – Tell Jokes (Microphone), Write Jokes (Computer)
     ♥ Level 2 – Knock Knock Joke
     ♥ Level 4 – Joke about Fashion
     ♥ Level 7 – Write Comedy Books (Computer, Writing skill)
     ♥ Level 9 – Tell a Crowd Pleasing Story
     ♥ Level 10 – Improvise Routines (Microphone)

Entertainer Career Promotion Requirements

For info about the Musician career, see the Music page.

Entertainer Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Write Jokes/Practice Music
#Cha Abilities
2 Have 4 Friends 
3 3 Skill in Guitar/Comedy 
43Earn §100 from Tips for Comedy Routines or Playing Instruments 
Musician Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Inspired   Daily: Play Instrument
#PiaG/V Abilities
534Write and Sell 5 JinglesWrite Jingles
645Have 7 Friends 
75 Play Piano for 10 Hours 
866Have 10 Friends 
987Write a Song 
Comedian Branch Promotion Requirements
Ideal Mood: Playful   Daily: Write/Perform Routines
#ComCha Abilities
55 Try Out Material 3 Times, Compose a RoutineTry Out Material
67 Earn §250 from Performing Comedy Routines 
784Refine a Comedy Routine 
895Write Comedy Book 
9106Perform 2 Long RoutinesPerform Comedy in Space
Cha = Charisma, Pia = Piano, G/V = Guitar/Violin, Com = Comedy

Joke Star, Own a Microphone

(Patched) To Own a Microphone, your microphone needs to be the default gold colour. The game won’t acknowledge the other colours. If you already have one, changing the colour to gold will do it.

Grim clearly already has a microphone.

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