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: bigger, better, and never more beautiful :
Alice is older, sexier, wiser, more confident and more competent physically and mentally than the 9-year old pretty child of the traditional story. She’s been hurt; she’s angry; she’s embattled. But most importantly, she’s got nothing to lose.

American McGee’s Alice Official Trailer
19 June 11 :: Our blog has instructions on how to unlock the DLC for Alice: Madness Returns.
19 June 11 :: Old News is old. Really really old.
Current Status03.03.02
The current status of the film has it as a full-CGI movie. American McGee is confirmed as producer and Wes Craven is slated to direct. Dimension Films has held the rights since before the game was released in Christmas 2k, but the movie isn’t listed on their site. Last report has it (tentatively) slated for a 2003 release.

IMDb lists two seperate entries, with one of them listing John August (Titan A.E.) as being responsible for the story.
Jon and Erich Hoeber to Script11.02.02
Dimension Films has signed Jon and Erich Hoeber (Montana) to write the script.
Full CGI26.12.01
In a few words with Sci Fi Wire, Wes Craven mentions that the film will be in CGI.
Rumours for the role of Alice include Heather Donahue (Blair Witch), Eliza Dushku (Bring It On) and Natalie Portman.
Alice goes to Hollywood06.12.2k
American McGee’s Alice – the EA action game that has the industry buzzing – is headed to the big screen. McGee tells Well Rounded Entertainment that after 10 months of negotiations, Dimension Films has committed to make a film version of McGee’s “Dark Wonderland.” And judging by the talent already attached to the project, Dimension has high hopes for this one.

Wes Craven (Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3) has signed on to direct. And John August (Go, Charlie’s Angels) is writing the script, with a first draft due in January. (The story will go pretty much hand-in-hand with the game’s plot.) Collision Entertainment will co-produce with McGee.

read the full story here.
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