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Black & White has 16 Creatures. After your first quest, you can choose from three Creatures: the Ape, Cow or Tiger. As you progress, you can “unlock” eight more Creatures, giving a total of 11 Creatures availiable through normal gameplay.

In addition to the 11 Creatures in game, Lionhead has made four bonus Creatures availaible as promos, the Gorilla, Horse, Leopard and Mandrill.

In total, the 16 Creatures are Ape, Chimp, Gorilla, Mandrill, Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Horse, Zebra, Cow, Wolf, Turtle, Rhino and Sheep.

There is also an Ogre skin, but it is doubtful that this is meant for players. The Rhino Creature is in the game, but there is no “legit” way to get it. The Croc Creature seen in some preview screenshots is not in the game.

Both the Rhino and Croc will be availiable with Creature Isle.

Whenever you swap your Creature for another, all the learning will get transferred to your new Creature – the Creature Mind remains the same, only the “skin” changes.
One God, One Creature
Each player profile is tied to one Creature. Period.

Your Creature will follow you wherever you go. Reloading a saved game will not reset your Creature, only the state of the world. You can, in effect, keep reloading the world in order to, for example, keep using the same Miracle Seed until your Creature fully learns that Miracle.

Should you play a Skirmish or Internet game, your Creature will grow accordingly, and, when you continue your single-player game again, you will continue with an older Creature.
LearningRichard Evans interview
The creatures learn in a variety of ways:
– Learning facts (that there is an enemy town behind that hill)
– Learning how to do things (how to fish, how to cast miracles)
– Learning which desires to prioritize (do you want a greedy creature? a compassionate creature? a playful creature?)
– Learning which factors should be most important for particular desires. For instance, there are lots of possible motives for eating: Having low energy, feeling depressed, seeing something tasty. You can teach your creature which factors are most important, and which to ignore.
– Learning which types of objects are most suitable for satisfying particular desires: What sorts of things are best to eat? What sorts of things should you try and help?

As well as many different sorts of things to learn, there are also different types of situations which prompt a learning experience. The creature learns when he is slapped or stroked, but also, more importantly, he learns from watching what you are doing, trying to understand the motives behind your actions.

So there are a variety of types of situations that can prompt a variety of types of learning. This happy bundle of learning types coexist together snugly.
As I understand it, your Creature learns through conditioning, more Skinner than Pavlov.

I’m not sure how advanced the AI is – the interviews state it as being quite advanced, but my Creature is still really young, and I haven’t encountered advanced behaviour yet. ((It’d be cool to, for example, train your Creature to make Breeders when you give him a tree, or something.))
If you stroke your Creature while he is carrying something, he will eat it.

Your Creature’s alignment is distinct from yours. You could be really Good, while your Creature is really Evil. The Creature Alignment descriptions are totally evil – nasty – black hearted – on the side of good – decent and true – angelic.

The Creature Help doesn’t show in the First Land ((where it’d really help)), to activate it, enter a Skirmish game. When you leave it, the Creature Help will be activated in your normal game. You may have to do this again after you activate another Golden scroll.
Creature Homepages – readme.txt
Your Creature will constantly update its own homepage, which will be stored locally in the html folder in your profile folder. The page is template based, and can be modified if you know a bit of html.

If you want to upload this page to your own webserver, you may have to change the path of the images. The image paths are at the top of the file.

The CreatureUpload.exe application, found in your B&W folder, allows you to upload your Creature’s homepage to bwcreatures.com. Of course, you need a bwgame.com account to do this. Also, you must have played at least once over the Internet, and, obviously, you must have a Creature. After successfully uploading, anyone can view your Creature’s page at http://www.ID.bwcreatures.com or http://www.bwcreatures.com/ID, where ID is your registered name. ((Note that I have not tried this personally, so I have no idea if it works.))
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