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Help Creature! No, Wait… Creature Help – Feral Tendencies
Each creature also has its own help text, when you press F1 over it. Of course, some creatures ((like the rhino)) didn’t get a full set.
What it’ll say when the creature doesn’t belong to you.
Land 2 :: The RiddlesLand 1 :: The Lost Flock
  • Ape – An Ape Creature. Are we scared yet?
  • Bear – This is an interesting bear.
  • Cow – Someone else’s cow.
  • Gorilla – Fancy some Gorilla warfare? Gettit?
  • Horse – Horsey. Give us a ride Horsey!
  • Leopard – Look at the nice Leopard.
  • Lion – A Lion. What a nice head. Lionhead. Get it?
  • Mandrill – A Mandrill. Its some kind of ape, ok?
  • Ogre – The Ogre.
  • Polar Bear – What the hey? A polar bear. Here, of all places!
  • Sheep – Who’s the owner of this sheep, then? Eh?
  • Tiger – Who’s this tiger then?
  • Tortoise – Hey! A turtle.
  • Wolf – Hey. A wolf. Say hi Mr Wolf.
  • Zebra – Look at the nice Zebra, Boss.
These are given to you when the creature is yours.
  • Chimp – Boss, this is your Ape.
  • Ogre – The Ogre.
  • Rhino – And this Rhino’s yours.

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