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What do you mean none of you smoke? What is happening to the youth of today?
24 March 02 GameSpy GDC Interview – nocturne
GameSpy interviews Molyneux at the GDC, covering life after BW:CI, BW:NextGen and Project Ego.

[Black & White Studios] started working on Black & White 2 for the PC about three months before Creature Isle came out. “This game will be far, far more than Black & White,” Molyneux said. “There are refinements and new concepts. We’ve thrown some things out and enhanced others.”
08 March 02 GameSpy :: 30 Most Influential People in Gaming – nocturne
Peter Molyneux comes in at fifth place in GameSpy’s 30 Most Influential People in Gaming.
Say the words “god game,” and you’re really talking about the works created or inspired by Peter Molyneux, the British leader of Lionhead Studios and the creator of Populous, the original game of deities and demigods trying to win the hearts and minds of their worshippers.
Other notables include Richard Garriott (The Ultima Collection) and Will Wright (SimGames), with Shigeru Miyamoto topping the list.
11 Feburary 02 CVG Interview – Redeemer
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Do you think that an obsession with graphical perfection will get in the way of gameplay?
That’s always the risk. When you’re developing a game it’s so much sexier to work on a piece of physics or some graphics than it is on gameplay. Gameplay is the least exciting thing for a developer to do. You have to be very careful to keep focused on it and not be too distracted by the technology.
04 Feburary 02 IGN PC Interview – Redeemer
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We had some fascinating things happen. For instance, the prime minister of Iceland got a copy of Black and White when he left office so he could work on his morals. A university in America is using Black and White as a commentary on one of their courses. Really, you turn around and think it’s amazing. I only wish we had done one extra thing – collated the number of people trying to do evil things and trying to do good things and come up with a statistic. Unfortunately we didn’t do that.
07 January 02 PC Zone Interview – Redeemer
UK dead-tree mag PC Zone has an interview in their #112 issue. Unfortunately, there isn’t an online copy yet.
16 November 01 GDC 2002
The Game Developers Conference 2002 website has been opened. GDC02 will be held 19 thru 23 March, 2002 in San Jose, California (about the time Episode II will be released).

Speakers include Dene and Simon Carter (Project Ego), Richard Evans (AI, B&W), Richard Garfield (M:tG), Raph Koster (UO, SWG), Dr.s Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka (BioWare), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics) and Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Brian Reynolds, Jeremy Soule (Composer, Icewind Dale), Warren Spector, Phil Steinmeyer (Tropico), Rich Vogel (UO, SWG), and quite alot more.
20 October 01 CVG Interview
Computer & Video Games interviews Molyneux regarding Lionhead’s satellite program –

So, the idea was to have Lionhead there to help really, really talented people set up their own businesses. Lionhead obviously takes an interest in those businesses, but we, as a group of companies, share technology and share ideas. For instance, people in the satellites can use Russell who did the sound on Black and White, they can use me for any game design stuff and Andy, who did the testing on Black and White. They can use a lot of our resources so they can focus on the important thing, which is to write a brilliant game.

We’ve set up three satellites now. That’s Big Blue Box, which is doing a game called Project Ego, Intrepid, which is doing a game called BC and Black & White Studios, which is doing the mini-sequels, Black & White 2 and patches, bugs and stuff like that.

19 October 01 X01 Europe – Redeemer
Molyneux was at the X01 Europe event in Cannes ((the European launch of the Xbox)), where he unveiled Intrepid Games’ BC and ran a demonstration for Project Ego. Intrepid, like BBB, is a satellite studio of Lionhead. BC, like Ego, will be exclusive to the Xbox. Both will be published by Microsoft Games.
15 October 01 ehrm, some German thing
Peter Molyneux It has something to do with Molyneux, Ego, and Lionhead, I can’t read it, but it has pictures of a giant rooster.
21 September 01 Isle Interview
IGN PC has posted an ECTS interview with Molyneux and Jonty Barnes, the head of the BW team, regarding BW:CI.

This is an elaborate mating ritual that you’re going through, and there are other creatures trying to go for the shag as well. It is a direct reflection of how little social contact the team had in the completion of Black & White.

17 September 01 ECTS 2001 Pics – Redeemer
A bunch of ECTS pics just arrived; check them out on the bottom of this page.
14 September 01 Official Word
Remember we reported two weeks ago that B&W had won six “Stars” ? Well, LH has gotten round to owning up to it. Read the Release.

“We value readers awards more than any others, because they are voted for by the people who buy and play our games. We were thrilled with the critical reaction of the press to the game and are also delighted with sales to date, but in the end it is the opinions of gamers which mean the most to us.”

13 September 01 GDC Europe Interview
Liongames has posted a translation of the short interview given by Infolder.com, along with a bunch of pics of Molyneux at the event and at ECTS.
09 September 01 Molyneux on Republic
I came across this old ((13 April 2k)) interview with Molyneux, which is interesting in that he talks about his vision of B&W then, as well as this little nugget…

What ((do you think)) about Republic?
Republic? From Demis? Interesting. Demis is fantastic, and the game looks to be very promising. It has a long way to go, and a lot to do, but if anybody can do it, Demis can. He has a fantastic team and the publisher is OK – he has all the elements there.

I understand why he left, and I think he left for two very good reasons, and I possibly would have done the same. Firstly, he was impatient – he wanted to be a company director, he was incredibly ambitious, and he was in my limelight. No matter how many interviews I brought him along to, it wasn’t enough. It was still an interview with Peter Molyneux, and Demis tagged along. He has been in the limelight the whole of his life, and for him to be in my limelight? That was the first thing.

The second thing was that he knew that Lionhead’s first game would have to be amazingly good, and would take a long time to do. And he was impatient, as every 28-year-old is. But I have utter confidence in it.

07 September 01 The End of the Universe + Next Generation
IGN PS2 has posted their interview with Molyneux, talking about BW2 for the PS2 and XBox, codenamed BW: Next Generation.
Intrepid, a sub-division of Lionhead Studios, is handling the console version of Black & White: Next Generation which, instead of offering players a gods-eye view of your chosen creature, offers a choice of a first or third person perspective, with the idea that you are, and play as, the creature.
On the other side, BWCenter has posted an email interview with Molyneux.

Black & White universe would require a great deal of support and need to be on a great many servers and when we proposed this to a number of publishers they felt it would not be a viable proposition – I think this is a great shame but we are going to be enhancing the online portion of the game with Creature Isle.

06 September 01 Blue Monday Interview – Redeemer
From Español website Blue Monday comes a months-old interview with Mr. Molyneux. Sounds like the World Disc ideas got sucked into BW2.

What’s your all time favorite game? Zelda!

05 September 01 Ego @ the GDC
GameSpot UK
Peter Molyneux says he’s had to re-invent the way he thinks about gaming as he makes the switch from PC to Xbox.

Project Ego from Peter Molyneux’s satellite studio Big Blue Box will the first Xbox title with which he’s had an association. And to build it he says the team has had to rethink the whole business of game design.

“PC games are played at a chair and a desk and the player is totally focussed,” he says, “whereas console games are in the living room, and the approach by the gamer is much more casual – it’s just pick up and play, and replay.”
01 September 01 Molyneux @ ECTS
Molyneux will be presenting Creature Isles at nVidia’s booth at ECTS. Here’s the scoop from nVidia’s press release, dated 310801.
NVIDIA will have a presentation area on stand featuring talks from some of the entertainment industry’s key influencers. NVIDIA’s Chief Scientist, David Kirk, will be presenting the stunning Square Final Fantasy technology demo running on NVIDIA technology. This demo exemplifies interactive real-time 3D rendering on a standard computing platform. Also, in an ECTS exclusive, Peter Molyneux, President and CEO of Lionhead Studios, will be demonstrating the new mini-sequel to Black & White, Creature Isles.
04 August 01 GDC Europe
Peter Molyneux is going to be a speaker at GDC Europe, to be held in London at the end of this month. Also speaking are a bunch of ex-Bullfrog developers, including Dene and Simon Carter, Demis Hassabis and Glenn Corpes and Jeremy Longley, two of the three founders of Lost Toys. The official site is here. Following are the profiles from the speakers list
Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios

Peter Molyneux is one of the best-known names in the international world of computer games. He co-founded Bullfrog Productions in 1987 and created a new genre, the god game, with the release of Populous. Since then, Molyneux has been responsible for a string of massive-selling games, including Powermonger, Theme Park, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper. Cumulative sales of his games are now approaching the 10 million mark worldwide. In 1997, Molyneux left Bullfrog Productions to form a new game development company, called Lionhead Studios. He recently completed the company's first game, Black & White. Molyneux is recognized as one of the most articulate and eloquent speakers on the subject of the game development. He has spoken at the American Museum of the Moving Image, the British Film Institute, ICA (London), the Tate Gallery and the Dortmund Museum of History and Culture.
Dene and Simon Carter, Big Blue Box Studios

Dene and Simon Carter have been involved in the gaming industry for over 16 years. They began with a small back-bedroom company called Electralyte, producing several 8-bit titles, including the hit games Druid and Druid II, the Amiga version of which was the first game to be developed by a fledgling company called Bullfrog. Both Simon and Dene eventually went on to work at Bullfrog. Over the next few years they contributed to several games, including Magic Carpet, the Populous series and the critically acclaimed Dungeon Keeper. On Dungeon Keeper Simon took the role of project lead, while Dene provided coding support, co-designed the game and provided much of the voice talent. During this period, Electronic Arts acquired Bullfrog, transforming it from a small, 30-person company into a powerful franchise developer with over 400 employees. After leaving Electronic Arts, Simon and Dene founded Big Blue Box Studios together with art director, Ian Lovett. They are currently working on their first title, codenamed Project: Ego. Project: Ego was shown at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year behind closed doors. Despite being in its early stages the game has picked up several awards and nominations, including IGN's E3 Editor's Choice and a nomination for the Official E3 Best Original Game.
Demis Hassabis

Demis Hassabis broke into the industry in at the age of 17 when he co-created Theme Park with Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog. Theme Park went on to become one of the most successful games of all time, both critically and commercially. Achieving an average review score of 94 percent in the specialist press, it went on to sell over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Following the release of Theme Park, Hassabis took up his place at Cambridge University, from which he graduated with a double first-class honours degree in computer science. Upon graduation, he joined the newly formed Lionhead Studios, one of the highest-profile start-ups the industry has ever seen. There, he worked as a senior programmer on Black & White until his departure in February 1998.
02 August 01 Wright vs. Molyneux
USA Today is running an article about Will Wright and Peter Molyneux. It’s a fairly uninspired piece that looks to be a compilation of quotes from elsewhere.
12 July 01 Molyneux Speaks
Molyneux sent out an email to all users on bwgame.com. If you are’t registered ((and why not?)), you can read the text here.
13 June 01 Postmortem: Black & White
GameDeveloperMolyneux’s article, Postmortem: Black & White, originally printed in the June 2001 issue of GameDeveloper magazine, has been posted as a Gamasutra feature.

We underestimated how long it would take to construct and write the story element of Black & White. The free-form nature of the game required an unfolding tale to give it some structure and lead it to a conclusion, and in October 1999 we began to work on the story. We thought it would take no more than two months, but after a while we realized that we didn’t have the skill set needed to take care of this vital aspect of the game. I contacted James Leach, who’d been the in-house games scriptwriter at Bullfrog and had worked on Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, and many others. He was working as a freelance ad copywriter but gladly came on board, again in a freelance capacity, and turned our ideas into a fully plotted story line, wrote hundreds of challenges and quests, and wrote all the dialogue in the game. It ended up being more than 60,000 words, the size of a novel.

05 June 01 Molyneux Ditches the PC
Say it isn’t so! Daily Radar, the site that just refuses to stay dead, reports that Molyneux will no longer be working on PC titles. We’ve heard Molyneux say as much before. However, I don’t think he has said that B&W will be Lionhead’s last PC title. There’s still B&W2, B&WOnline and Demitri. Only Time will tell.
30 May 01 Today in Black & White
The Stratos Group has a short recap of a conference held at E3, “Game Design Issues for the Next Millennia”, of which Molyneux was a panelist, along with Sid Meier and some guy from Microsoft.
23 May 01 Interview with Gamehelper
Gamehelper has put up an interview with Molyneux about project – ego. Like B&W, it sounds totally ambitious. Unlike B&W, it will only come out on one platform. And from the looks of the industry right now, the XBox isn’t going to be too much of a hit.
21 May 01 project – ego

“My very first game was Wizardry on the Apple IIe and it was the first time I sacrificed a girlfriend to play a computer game,” he said. “I always wanted to do an RPG that redefined the RPG genre.”

GameSpy has an interview with Molyneux covering project – ego. To clarify, project – ego is not by Lionhead, and is not by Molyneux. He has input on the game, but he plays more of an advisory role. The game will be for the XBox.
The game, tentatively called Project Ego (and being called Heroes by some closer to the project), has the creative backing of Molyneux, but is being spearheaded by Simon Carter, one of the design forces of Big Blue Box.
17 May 01 All Things Black & White
GameSpy’s E3 Report – All Things Black & White
Molyneux revealed that on Monday, May 21 they will release an update to Black & White that will add some interesting enhancement to the game including new code that allows villagers to play football, new spells and buildings, tweaks to existing buildings, and an enhanced “dancing creature controller” that provides more accurate choreography when playing music CDs while playing Black & White. Molyneux also revealed that they will release all of their design documents within the next week or two to the general public.

On future projects, Molyneux says that they are working on two expansion packs for Black & White: Creature Trials and The World Disc. The Creatures Trials Expansion will allow players to take their creatures to a brand new island and offer them extended training and give them access to new skills. Creatures will also have the luxury of finding and controlling a pet. Creature Trials will be ready sometime in September of this year. The World Disc is geared more towards villagers and the existing world in general. It will offer new spells, buildings and tweaks to the entire game world. Details on release to be determined.
It also mentions that Molyneux is working on project – ego and that B&W is coming to the XBox.
10 May 01 NPR News’ All Things Considered Radio Segment
NPR News’ All Things Considered has a segment on B&W, with a brief overview of the game, and a short radio interview with Molyneux. [ View Entire Program | Listen to the Entire Show | Listen to Segment ]
Black & White Robert Siegel speaks with Peter Molyneux, creator of a new computer game called Black and White. In Black and White, the player is a god who tries to get villagers to believe in him or her. The “god” has a terrestrial representative: A creature who must be trained to perform acts of good and evil. Black and White has been noted for its advanced 3-D and artificial intelligence capabilities. Molyneux has been developing computer games since the late 80’s. He says he finds inspiration in his childhood – and in his love of all types of games.
07 May 01 Postmortem: Black & White
GameDeveloper, a deadtree magazine, has an article by Molyneux in the June 2001 issue.
Postmortem: Lionhead Studios’ Black & White
by Peter Molyneux

Black & White is the game that Peter Molyneux has always wanted to make. In our Postmortem, he takes account for how the development of the title was good, how it was evil, and how in the end the Lionhead team pulled together after three years of development to create one of the most ambitious games ever.
03 May 01 Molyneux @ E3
GameSpot reports that Molyneux will be an E3 panelist in this news report.
08 Apr 01 Red Herring Interview
More coverage from the mainstream media – Red Herring, tech-biz news mag, has an interview, complete with (Nasdaq: XXXX) after company names.

“Of the 1,000 people who tested the game, none of them had the evil in them to continuously sustain the evil character. It’s a fascinating insight into human psychology. Hopefully, this is a lesson that people learn, and not one that we preach.”

07 Apr 01 The Final Hours of Black & White
GameSpot :: The Final Hours of Black & White
Horny guest-stars in an early build of Black & WhiteGameSpot has posted their feature, The Final Hours of Black & White, covering Molyneux, Lionhead and the development of B&W from a small idea to the game we see today. It’s really long, but it’s good. Go read it.

As the clock ticks into the night, Molyneux stops fixing bugs for a moment and muses, “You know, I can think of something and make it real. How cool is that?” Despite all the hard work, Molyneux looks to be enthused just by the thought of his dream coming alive. “Three years ago, I had this bizarre idea about a 200-foot cow, and tonight, all these people around the world are talking about it. It’s amazing,” he says, speaking in his trademark way that radiates infectious enthusiasm. When Molyneux speaks about games, every adjective is a superlative and the modulation of his voice makes even the most mundane comment sound like it’s the most important thing you’ve ever heard.

05 Apr 01 GameSpot :: The Future of Black & White
GameSpot has a new feature, The Future of Black & White, where Molyneux talks about what add-ons we can expect, now that the team has returned from vacation. He also mentions that an add-on disc will be announced within the next three weeks.
31 Mar 01 Krawall Gaming Network :: Video Interview
Krawall Gaming Network, a German site, has a 57.66Mb Video Interview, which is, I’m told, in English. To download it you have to register, and, seeing as I don’t understand German, I can’t. If you understand German, visit their go take a look.
28 Mar 01 GameSpot :: The Final Hours of B&W: Behind Closed Doors at Lionhead
GameSpot has a very good feature – The Final Hours of B&W: Behind Closed Doors at Lionhead, of which the introduction is quoted here.

“About six months ago, I came very close to typing DELETE *.* into my computer,” says Peter Molyneux in a moment of uneasiness, sitting at his desk at Lionhead Studios in Guildford, England, south of London. It’s nearly 1:00 in the morning, but the Lionhead office is humming with sounds of team members working hard to finish Black & White, a game that Molyneux freely admits is “the most important game in my career.” If you don’t believe him when he says it, it only takes one look at his face to see the game’s importance illustrated by the dark circles under his eyes. “Every waking thought in my life is of Black & White,” he explains. “For three years, it has been my entire life. Last night, I absolutely dreamed of the balance in Black & White,” he says, only to add, “Really, it’s true,” as if to add emphasis to the fact that Black & White hasn’t just been his job; it’s been his life.

26 Mar 01 GameStop.com Interview
GameStop.com has an interview, along with a Bonus Creature, the Mandrill, for you to download.

“You cannot turn any living thing in the game into a Creature. We liked that as an initial idea but found that it was impossible to make this work. For example, what if you wanted to make a fish or a bird into your Creature? Or what if you chose a human. We weren’t prepared to have people slapping humans around in the way that you can slap animals. Especially, if the humans were women or children.”

I find the last line very refreshing, considering the violent nature of games. Not that I don’t like violent games, just that keeping a child like a pet is a bit much. And the following quote from the Biography at the end of the Interview.
An articulate and eloquent speaker, Peter has given talks at the British Film Institute, the American Museum of the Moving Image, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Dortmund Museum of History and Culture. At one particular business symposium in Japan, Peter was the lead speaker, billed above another of the PC industry’s gurus, a certain Bill Gates of Microsoft.
25 Mar 01 GameSpot UK :: The Godfathers of Gaming
GameSpot UK has a feature, The Godfathers of Gaming, which credits Molyneux with inventing the god game genre and serves as a rather good biography of Molyneux’s professional achievements.
22 Mar 01 IGN :: Black Week Day 4 – Interview with the “Evil” Molyneux
IGN PC releases an Interview with the “Evil” Molyneux on Day 4 of Black Week, basically a full repeat of the White interview.

“Like real people, your Creature will respond, react and behave based on the treatment and learning you provide them. One example could be, Creatures will be more scared of you and less inclined to try things out for themselves they will be inspired by and try to copy your actions – really bad Creatures are bad to everything and good Creatures would be the exact opposite. However, it should be made clear that Creatures have a separate alignment so an evil player could feasibly have a good Creature, and vice versa.”

20 Mar 01 Molyneux Speak about TIGA
Right at the bottom of this GamesDomain page, Molyneux speaks a little bit about his thoughts on the forming of TIGA, the Independent Games Developer Association.
17 Mar 01 GIGA Games
GIGA Games has an interview, I think, in German, I think.
16 Mar 01 Black and White Goes Gold
Lionhead Studios is proud to announce that Black & White has gone…The Official Site has turned into a golden screen with the following statement hidden in the html source code –
Yes, its offical and its true.

Finally, after over 3 years of development, Black & White has gone gold.

And we all here at Lionhead Studios are proud and happy that we finally did it.

A big Thank You to everybody who supported us over the last 3 years.

So in a few weeks you can finally play Black & White and we hope that you’re going to enjoy it as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Drop us a message if you want: gonegold@bwgame.com

“Why do you fear time, my good old friend?”
“At the same moment where Time is responsible for the most amazing smile, somewhere else it covers a face with anger and sadness. Time is Good and Evil, Black & White.”
This was sent in to us, I understand it came from an email sent to all members of the Lionhead Forums.
Lionhead Studios is very excited to share the news that Black & White for the PC HAS GONE GOLD!!!!!!!

“Everyone at Lionhead has been longing to see those words and it is with profound sense of relief that I am writing them.

Black & White has been the most epic project I have ever worked on and it feels as though these past few months have been the longest of my life. Everyone here at Lionhead is very proud of what we have accomplished. I would like to pay tribute to each and every one of them for their creativity and hard work in making what started out as a two page description, become the stunning experience that is Black & White.

I should also like to thank the press for their continued interest and enthusiasm for the game. Most importantly I would also like to say thanks to all the fans, it is has been their support that made the hard times worthwhile.

I hope that we have repaid that support with a truly great gaming experience

Yours faithfully

Peter Molyneux”

Thanks to all who have been supportive over the past 3 years, we truly hope you’ll love the game as much as we have loved making it.

– The Lionhead Team

p.s. Mark your calendars and get your pre-orders placed – Black & White is scheduled for a massive worldwide release with a shipping date of Friday March 30th, it will be in your store on April 6th 2001. :)
15 Mar 01 IGN :: White Week Day 4 – Interview with the “Good” Molyneux
Day 4 of IGN PC’s White Week brings us an Interview with the “Good” Molyneux.

“There is definite cause and effect in Black & White. However, remember that all these methods are extremely subtle – there is no one action or activity that will suddenly make you good. For instance, tending to your villagers and helping them wherever you can, plus choosing good solutions to challenges will definitely help your people to revere you. But there are times when an initially evil action such as killing could be viewed as good – for example, a wolf may be coming into the village and killing your people. Killing that wolf could be seen as good, whereas not killing him would be bad – hopefully we’re successfully showing to the player that there are always choices to be made. Every action you make has an effect – uprooting a tree makes you infinitesimally more evil while growing and nurturing them will make you that little bit more good.”

11 Mar 01 Eurogamer Interview Part II
Eurogamer has an posted part II of their interview.

“It’s true that Black & White is a god game, but it’s a story-based god game, and that’s something that I have never attempted before. There’s been directors from the BBC helped us with it, and scriptwriters from Hollywood coming in and doing bizarre things like saying ‘can you shave a quarter of a second off the cut of this’. I would never ever have thought of that. It’s just a very interesting thing that we are starting to use people from other industries.”

And another quote, on gaming platforms –

“It really comes down to the way you sit. I know that sounds bizarre, but if you’re playing a console game you sit back and you’re relaxed and you play for fifteen or twenty minutes. If you play a PC game you sit up and you’re concentrating on the screen, and so when you’re developing a PC game you kind of know that the person is going to be there for a few hours.”

10 Mar 01 GameSpot UK :: Black & White Day 6
GameSpot UK continues with part II of the interview, with God Games, game design and Creatures.

“Animals, you know, a 200-foot cow standing on two legs is a little bit surreal. In fact, to be completely honest about that, it is completely surreal.”

09 Mar 01 GameSpot UK :: Black & White Day 5
GameSpot UK interviews Molyneux about B&W on the PS1, and how he got the idea for B&W.

“Now, actually, the idea for the Creatures came right at the very end of Dungeon Keeper. I had one of those stupid little Tamagotchi eggs, and it was right at the end of Dungeon Keeper, where at the end of any project you’re working flat out. You’re working about 20 hours a day, and you don’t see any other human beings, other than the people you work with. I had this little egg, and I’d really grown attached to it and taken it around with me everywhere. Feeding it when it beeped, and I was a bit frustrated that you couldn’t be nasty to it. Anyway, in the end, I left it on a table, and one of the testers, who was testing the game – the head tester, Andy who’s testing B&W, now – drowned my Tamagotchi in a cup of coffee! It was honestly as if a part of my family had been taken away from me. And I thought, at that time, if I could create an emotional attachment to a little plastic egg, we would be able to create something that changed – something that you could interact with. Something that learnt from you. Think how powerful that is.”

07 Mar 01 GameSpot UK :: Black & White Day 3
GameSpot UK continues with more dev team quotes on Creatures.

Molyneux’s quote ::

“The first time the Creature came alive was a magical moment for the team and me. He stood there and looked at us and then started reaching down at his legs. We were surprised but as he kept doing this we realised he was trying to eat himself. We had programmed him to eat the most nutritious substance around but had omitted to type in ‘excluding yourself’. We have of course put in this caveat now!”

06 Mar 01 GameSpot UK :: Black & White Day 2

“We didn’t start work on the game proper until February 14th, 1998, but it has stayed remarkably true to the original design.”

Day 2 of GameSpot UK’s 12 Days of Black and White gives us a three-page interview, really a censored version of the one posted by GameSpot US yesterday. Molyneux talks a little about himself and a lot about the development process.

“My creature enjoyed playing many games of catch with Andy Robson’s creature, but this may have been because he was better at catch. After a while Andy’s creature was getting fed up, and he did the most amazing thing when my creature wasn’t looking. He placed a rock in the fire so that it got hot and then maneuvered it into my creature’s pile of rocks with his feet. My creature picked up the hot rock and badly burned his hands.”

There’s also a few quotes from the dev team on Creatures.

Molyneux’s quote ::

“Creatures are like people in that they like some Creatures more than others. I have seen Creatures sort of fall in love, and once saw my Creature wander off hand-in-hand with his favourite playmate, and then sit side-by-side on a cliff to watch the sunset.”

05 Mar 01 GameSpot Q&A
GameSpot has posted a Q&A with Molyneux, the first part of their Days of Black & White.

Initially, we studied quite a lot of psychological texts to learn more about the development of children, but in the end, we shied away from this as it didn’t work in gameplay terms. So in the game, a creature’s peak learning cycle is when he is between 3 and 8 years old (estimate this to be one creature year equals one hour of actual gameplay time).

02 Mar 01 Eurogamer Interview
Eurogamer has an interview posted.

“Actually what is judging whether you are good or evil is the little people. And this is the philosophical point behind the game. It’s sort of inspired by the saying “if a tree falls in a forest how do you know it makes a noise”. So if you do evil things and nobody sees you do them, you don’t get any more evil for it. But if you do evil things in the middle of a village and lots of people see them then you get a lot more evil. So you realise that the little people are judging you, but they’ve got no real power over you.”

27 Feb 01 BW:PS1 Press Conference
MiDAS Press Conference Journalists from across Europe attended the event organised by Midas, hearing presentations from Midas, Krisalis and Lionhead Studios. A demo of the PC version from Scott Sanders of Lionhead was followed by Krisalis’ Simeon Pashley presenting the game on the PlayStation.

Lionhead Supremo Peter Molyneux answered questions on his long awaited God-game and its conversion, describing how Krisalis’ achievement pushed the console’s capabilities further than ever before.

He praised both Krisalis and Midas for their work in developing and promoting the title. As a result of his attendance, Peter confirmed that he would be happy to promote the game at retail events over the next few months.
30 Jan 01 B&W to TouchSense
According to this press release, the game will incorporate Immersion’s TouchSense Technology. With a TouchSense-enabled mouse, you would be able to feel a range of physical sensations, such as a fish nibbling at your hand as you feed it.

“In Black & White traditional icons and menus are replaced by an interface that closely resembles our natural interactions in the real-world,” said Peter Molyneux, managing director of Lionhead. “We view the Black & White hand as an extension of your own hand. Adding tactile sensations has strengthened that illusion of reality behind the screen.”

29 Jan 01 Top 10 Designers You’d Buy Games From
GameSpy’s feature, “Top 10 Designers You’d Buy Games From”, lists Molyneux at #2.
From his days at Bullfrog and his first game, Populous, Molyneux has been fascinated with idea of letting the gamer play god. Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate and Theme Park all gave the gamer a feeling of immense control of their environment. And now his new company, Lionhead Studios, prepares to release the ultimate god game in Black & White. Molyneux has said he learned from the mistakes of his past games and has created a game that will leave gamers in awe. From all indications, Black & White is another Molyneux masterpiece.
22 Oct 2k GameSpot Feature : The 15 Most Influential Games of All Time
GameSpot’s feature, The 15 Most Influential Games of All Time, names Populus as one of the Ten Runners-Up. Populus is Molyneux’s first game, as well as the industry’s first God Game.
03 Sep 2k GameSpot UK ECTS Interview
GameSpot UK’s ECTS interview.

“I’m absolutely amazed by the level of interest that Black & White has created. George, an Austrian programmer who is involved with the web side of Black & White, was in the middle of designing some pages about three weeks ago when he had to go away for a couple of days. On his return he looked at the page that he had been working on – which simply had on it the word “believe” and a page counter – and he noticed that the page counter had gone up from two to over 1,000. Someone had managed to find the page even though it was hidden and then passed the information on to the fan sites. To make sure this wasn’t a fluke I told him to construct another page with the word “justice” on and an icon which was the IP address to a secret location that enabled people to watch the team playing Black & White. To my utter astonishment, the page was decoded and to date we have had over 10,000 visitors to the “secret site” which is at www.bwgame.com/window.”

05 May 2k The lord of game developers
Salon.com has an article covering Molyneux and a little bit on Black & White.

“I think with any kid, if you give them a stick and an ants’ nest,” he tells me, “they all do the same sort of thing. It’s just that, in my case, I never moved on from those 12-year-old feelings – which is pretty disastrous for the rest of my life, but has been great for designing games.”

13 Apr 2k GamesDomain Interview & Preview
An interview with Molyneux and a preview has been posted by GamesDomain.
06 Apr 2k GameSpot UK Interview
GameSpot UK has an interview, in which Molyneux talks about Black & White.

“All the games I’ve done before – the one thing that they have lacked, the unforgivable sin which I have committed, was to put all these sometimes amazing features into a game and not put in a story.”

20 Aug 99 TechTV, Article + Video Interview
TechTV has a preview, which includes three videos, two of which are Interviews.
Lionhead Studios, History
In 1987 Molyneux founded Bullfrog Productions in Guildford, Surrey, England to develop an idea he had for a revolutionary new type of strategy game for home computers. This first game, Populous, went on to sell over 4 million copies. Molyneux’s follow-up designs included hits like Powermonger, Syndicate, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper. Each sold in excess of 500,000 copies and firmly established Bullfrog as one of the most innovative game design studios in the world. Another Molyneux title, Theme Park, sold over 3.5 million copies and became a sensation in Japan.

Apart from his reputation as a designer, Molyneux has also become something of a media celebrity. His easy-going personality has made him extremely popular with the press. And his poignant off-the-cuff observations on the computer games world has led to him becoming a spokesman for the industry. He has addressed many conferences in the UK, USA and Japan. He has recently become a member of the BAFTA awards committee and regularly gives time to work for the Prince’s Trust charity.

In 1995 Molyneux sold Bullfrog to the world’s largest computer games publisher, Electronic Arts. It was a deal which made him a wealthy man. Though he was retained as MD of Bullfrog, working within a large corporation did not suit Molyneux’s style. In early 1997 he announced he was leaving Bullfrog to set up a new venture: Lionhead Studios.

Within weeks of announcing his departure from Bullfrog, he was approached by most of the major players in the industry, including Sega, Nintendo and Eidos, with offers. The new venture was immediately in the news, with lengthy features on Lionhead and Molyneux himself appearing in all the leading UK trade and consumer magazines. Similar articles appeared in dozens of overseas publications. More recently, a ‘Lionhead Diary’ feature has been successfully syndicated to leading games magazines in over 12 territories including all the major markets (USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France). Its combined monthly circulation is over 1.3 million readers.
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