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[ none ] Costco is offering a bonus CD with the game, containing the Horse and Leopard Creatures. Nothing “exclusive” about it, if you have net.access.
What To Do With Your Bonus Creature
Land 1 :: The Creature Breeder The Land of Eden has been home to many wondrous creatures throughout time – one of which is waiting for you to choose as your own.

Once the creature has been unlocked he will become available to you the next time you run Black & White – however finding him is a different matter. Take note though, to take control of your new beast you must already have chosen a creature from the game.

Once you have chosen your creature you may exchange him immediately if you wish, but to do so you must locate the whereabouts of the Creature Breeder. This is not as easy as it sounds, for he only appears on Land 1 and Land 4, and even armed with that knowledge you will still have to find his hut. I will tell you this though; breeding creatures is a lonely business, so he tends to stay away from village life by making his home in one of the more isolated parts of the land.

The Breeder’s hut can be recognized by a silver scroll above it – once this is clicked the Breeder will come out and offer you your new creature. If you have unlocked more than one creature then you will be offered more than one creature, but if you click on the scroll without having unlocked a creature, then the Breeder will tell you he has nothing to offer you – it’s that simple!

If you decide you like the look of the new creature, then it’s time to introduce him to your old one – do this by leading your old creature to the Breeder’s hut with the leash, making sure that you position him next to your new choice.

Once this is done it’s just a matter of clicking the silver scroll above the head of the new creature and the exchange of their immortal souls will commence. Don’t worry, it’s a painless process that lasts but a moment, but is essential if all the attributes and characteristics of your old creature are to remain intact.

If after a while you find that your new creature’s look is irritating you, then don’t worry – it’s very easy to change him back. Just find your way back to the Creature Breeder’s hut and click on the silver scroll again. You should then be presented with your old creature, and any new ones you might have unlocked. Click the scroll above the head of your old creature and watch as their immortal souls change back.
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