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10 July 01 Music Interface Add-On
The Official Black & White Patch 1.10 is required to use this add-on.

Downloading Lionhead’s Music Interface add-on will provide three major enhancements to Black & White.

Whilst playing Black & White you can control Winamp and thus the music you wish to listen to. To do this you click on the small music icon that appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen in the game when Winamp is also running.

Note that in order for the Black & White Music Interface Add-On to work, you must have previously installed Winamp itself. (You can find this at www.winamp.com.)

The second enhancement is that your Creature will remember how you treat him while a particular piece of music is playing. He will thus respond accordingly when you play the same piece of music later. If he had a pleasurable time when he first heard a piece of music he will enjoy hearing it again, and so on. (This feature occurs within the single-player game only.)

The third main enhancement is that your Creature will try to dance in time to your music. For this to work you need Winamp running before you start the game. You then need to select the sound recording device to be the same as the input sound. If you wish him to dance to a CD, select CD Audio, to hear MP3s check the box for ‘Line In’ or ‘What U Hear’. Note, that different soundcards differ slightly in the way the recording is set up. You’ll find the settings you need on the Audio Control Panel in your Control Panels folder. Click Sound Recording, then Volume to see all the recording options. (The Creature dance feature works within the single-player game only.)

Lionhead Studios will shortly release a simple-to-use Software Development Kit that will allow anyone to develop music interface plug-ins for Black & White, enabling support for music players other than Winamp.

(c) 2001 Lionhead Studios Inc. The copyright for this software is owned by Lionhead Studios Ltd. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying and reproduction prohibited.

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