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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

01 June 01 Creature Freeze Fix
More from Feral Tendencies
Found a couple fixes to the creature locking problem! These are more convenient than going to skirmish mode, especially if you’ve got low RAM.

First thing to try is to unleash your creature (if he is leashed) and then hit the creature zoom-in button to zoom to him. Then, just move away from him using the keyboard. This doesn’t work consistently, so I recommend this second solution if the problem persists:

Hit the “Esc” key to bring up the in-game menu, then hit “Ctrl-Esc” to go to your Windows desktop. Then, simply click on the little icon-thingy in your Start bar to re-enter the game. This should straighten your creature out, and you won’t have to go through excessive load times.
02 June 01 Molyneux Project – Ego .mp3
Molyneux’s Project – Ego presentation at E3 has been put up in .mp3 format by IGN XBox. You can get the .mp3 here and read their preview here. The .mp3 is 22.2Mb.
03 June 01 Terrashare Dies.
Terrashare, who has been underwriting the downloads, has just sent an email announcing their demise. It’s just a matter of time, of course, with the collapse of the ad banner market. So if you happen to have bookmarked our Terrashare mirror, update your bookmarks.
04 June 01 News from Lionhead
The Black & White patch v1 has been submitted to EA for their testing and approval.

EA have indicated to us that it will take a few weeks to test and sign off the patch ready for public release.

We intend on releasing a developer patch in the mean time.

We’ve just held a meeting to discuss the logistical details that need to be sorted out and will give you more information tomorrow.

We hope to have this developer patch available to download within the week.
Which just goes to show how much EA’s Customer Service suxx0rs. Hint: They didn’t need a few weeks to test the final release of the game before it went gold.
05 June 01 News from Lionhead
Ok, we are currently testing and putting the final touches to the developer patch. We’re also making sure that it is future proof for further patches.

This patch will definitely be released by the end of this week.

We must stress again, that this developer patch will not be supported by EA Customer Support. The only patch they shall be supporting is the one that is currently undergoing testing by EA themselves.
05 June 01 Molyneux Ditches the PC
Say it isn’t so! Daily Radar, the site that just refuses to stay dead, reports that Molyneux will no longer be working on PC titles. We’ve heard Molyneux say as much before. However, I don’t think he has said that B&W will be Lionhead’s last PC title. There’s still B&W2, B&WOnline and Demitri. Only Time will tell.
06 June 01 Today in Black & White
[ Symbols & Tattoos ] Gesture Symbols from the game. Set I contains Spiral, R, Cancel, Circle, Heart and Star.
Added Keyboard Hotkeys to Tips & Tricks.
07 June 01 Patch v1.1 Beta
[ Link ] Patch v1.1 Beta & Uninstaller – This is a developer beta patch. The Official EA patch is expected to be released in a few weeks time after thorough testing.
07 June 01 Today in Black & White
GameSpot UK has confirmed the report we made two weeks ago that B&W Dreamcast is, in the words of Lionhead director Mark Webley, “on hold”. While we’re on ports, GameSpot Not UK has some new PS1 screenshots. The PS1 version, fortunately, is on track for a Fall release.
08 June 01 Patch Notes
The problem to do with missing music in the patch has been identified and will be fixed for the official EA supported patch due for later release.

Cause: BETA Patched versions of b&w always look for music on the D drive, instead of searching through which CD drive has b&w installed.

1. Copy your AUDIO directory from the installation CD to your installation folder of Black & White. Upon fail from reading from CD, the game will search for the files on the hard disk.
2. Remap your CD drive to the “D” drive letter.
When installing the patch (ie with the progress bar) it fails (and tells you that you have the wrong version) then it has found a file that needs updating, but couldnt update (due to it being modified – ie runblack.exe ;-) then the installation will fail. This is due to the way that the patching system works. It does not do a direct replacement of the files inside your b&w path. Instead it modifies files (this is for a lower download size), therefore it cant update files that are not original.
09 June 01 FatBabies!
mmm ?
10 June 01 Today in Black & White
Installed a new script for the Downloads section. Go test it out. You know the drill.
11 June 01 Have Hype, Will Travel
Dene Carter, Director of Big Blue Box Studios, made the following post in this thread on the BBB Board.
I’ve heard a lot of comments from various disillusioned sources regarding our game and the fact that it’s ‘Too good to be true’. I’d like to give a little background which may help some of you understand our development cycle a bit better.

Our core game idea is simply to allow the player to ‘evolve’ his own unique character, and to ensure that nearly all decisions and actions he takes have some effect on the world, its opinions and even its physical make up.

Although there is a core story running through the game we aim to give as much freedom as we possibly can.

We will temper our ideas of freedom with our experience, ensuring we make things as fun as possible. Regardless of how ‘logical’ a certain feature would be, if we don’t think it’s fun, it’s not going in.

One of the best ways to design a game is to have a strong core concept and then try to answer every ‘Can you…?’ question we think of with the answer ‘Yes!’

We watch these boards to see what other questions people ask, to see which ideas people are most passionate about, and hopefully answer many of these with ‘Yes’ in the future.
12 June 01 Today in Black & White
Added The Greedy Farmer to the Walkthru. Minor correction to the Slavers from Seneschal.
13 June 01 Postmortem: Black & White
GameDeveloperMolyneux’s article, Postmortem: Black & White, originally printed in the June 2001 issue of GameDeveloper magazine, has been posted as a Gamasutra feature.

We underestimated how long it would take to construct and write the story element of Black & White. The free-form nature of the game required an unfolding tale to give it some structure and lead it to a conclusion, and in October 1999 we began to work on the story. We thought it would take no more than two months, but after a while we realized that we didn’t have the skill set needed to take care of this vital aspect of the game. I contacted James Leach, who’d been the in-house games scriptwriter at Bullfrog and had worked on Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, and many others. He was working as a freelance ad copywriter but gladly came on board, again in a freelance capacity, and turned our ideas into a fully plotted story line, wrote hundreds of challenges and quests, and wrote all the dialogue in the game. It ended up being more than 60,000 words, the size of a novel.

14 June 01 Today in Black & White
Naturally, the question on everone’s mind has been, “Is it really based on the Michael Jackson song of the same name?” To those everyone’s I must say: oh, boy, is it ever!
15 June 01 Today in Black & White
This has something to do with Steve Jackson’s Lionhead Dairies. I’m not sure what, and in what language, but it has. Did that last sentence make sense ?
16 June 01 Today in Black & White
The Divine Order, one of the B&W clans, are hosting a good-only contest, find out more here. Black & White rules. So there.
17 June 01 Today in Black & White
The Official site has released new dates for future features, pushing the projected dates back by a month.
2th July 2001 The Creature dancing to MP3 files.
9th July 2001 The villagers playing football.
16th July 2001 The villagers engaging in village banter.
23th July 2001 BnW Chat system – have the chat system always online without having the whole game loaded.
EA Tech Support
18 June 01 Today in Black & White
GameSpy’s latest Top 10 is about Cows. Yes, cows, and why they 0wn the Monkey and the Tiger. MooOOoOOOooo. GameSpy also put up a guide to B&W, which I didn’t actually read, but you might ((seems weird to plug a walkthru when we have one right here, but whatthehell)).
19 June 01 Next on the XBox ?
teamxbox.com did an interview with Ed Fries, VP of Games Publishing for Microsoft. Here’s the relevant quote –
If you liked what you heard about Peter Molyneaux’s Project Ego, wait til you see the other game we are developing with him.
I think it’s fair to say that Molyneux’s next game will not be for the PC, this sounds like confirmation that Dimitri is slated for the X-Box. btb, for those new to the party, Project Ego is not “Molyneux’s”. It’s good for the hype to say it is, but it’s not.
20 June 01 Today in Black & White
The download section was down for about ten minutes because the data file got corrupted. It’s back up but the hit counter got turned back a week. Just so you know.
21 June 01 Today in Black & White
Check this out. Redeemer found this link, did some digging around, and found out that this was a twenty-six page preview that managed to stay up for a day or so way back in Feb before being taken down for plagerism. Mayhaps the writer was paid by the word.
22 June 01 Today in Black & White
Polycount has put up an interview with Paul McLaughlin, about moding Creatures. He mentions he’s currently working on a B&W mini sequel, I wonder what’s up with that.
Currently we work with a creature mesh of about 1500 polys. There have to be seven morphable versions for this mesh; good, neutral(default), evil, fat, thin, strong and weak.
Magic Carpet is listed on GameSpot’s latest feature, The Ten Best-Looking Games.
Like the visuals in other games featured in this TenSpot, Magic Carpet’s are an integral part of the game and add to the player’s overall experience – an experience that certainly wouldn’t have been the same without Magic Carpet’s technology, which was one of the first to take direct advantage of Intel’s brand-new Pentium processors. In fact, Bullfrog had such success with the game’s engine that it used it for the sequel and in its futuristic racing game, Hi Octane.
22 June 01 IGN PC Preview
[ Reviews ] IGN PC.
23 June 01 Black Mail & White Noise
One more time – do not email us with any issues. If it’s not already on the site, post it in the Forum and we’ll help you out if we can. If it is already on the site, I’ll be damned if I’ll hand-hold you a URL ((ryan, this means you)). Except for mushrooms, I have no idea what mushrooms do. I suspect it makes your Creature see stuff, but I haven’t actually fed him any, since I like the 0s in the Creature Cave. Tim, I don’t have the file you need and your provider won’t let me email you anyways. CtrlAltDel has some kind of site up which is supposed to have top ten lists but seems to have lists of three or something. He also asked us if we wanted to partner and goes on to mention on his page that he’s seeking hosting at Gamespy – for those wondering what a faux pas is, that’s one right there. But he wants hits, so if you’re bored enough, go visit his site. If you’re wondering how to get a post here, I pick people who contribute, if you’re wondering how you can contribute, post in the forums or send in stuff we don’t already have, we don’t host subsites, since this is already a subsite. That is all.
24 June 01 Today in Black & White
Another small problem has been discovered with the Developer Beta Patch.

Some people have been experienceing problems in getting their creature to drink and to poo. This problem has been identified and fixed for the Official Patch.

Tester for Lionhead Studios
25 June 01 Webley on ports
As spotted by Redeemer, our reporter-at-large, on LionGames.com. Mark Webley speaks about the planned B&W ports.
  • PlayStation version is underway at the moment and we are expecting it to be finished within 2 – 3 months.
  • Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox version are also underway – being developed by Black & White Studios – we expect to see them finished (but not released) in June 2002.
  • The Macintosh version is most definitely underway and we hope to see something released before Christmas.
  • The Linux and BeOS never managed to get anywhere. We haven't necessarily given up hope but the publishers we have been speaking to about this are not too optimistic about the marketplace for selling Linux or BeOS titles. Black & White is a VERY big project to convert and I guess for some people the cost of converting it, is just too restrictive.
  • The DreamCast version was probably about 80% complete and was looking fantastic but Sega & Lionhead both decided that it was probably not a good thing to continue developing in the current climate. Which is a big shame.
  • We are also working with another team to see if we can get a Gameboy-Color or a Gameboy Advance version of Black & White underway, but this is proving to be a hard thing to get moving.
Black & White Studios is a satellite studio of Lionhead, like project ego developers Big Blue Box. B&W Studios is dedicated to developing the B&W property, including sequels, while LH itself moves on to other things. At least that’s the theory.
26 June 01 Download Schedule & Three New Multiplayer Maps
The Future Features schedule has been updated again, here’s the blurb from the Official Site ((bolding added)).
Lionhead Studios is pleased to announce an exciting series of free add-on features for top selling game Black & White that will be available for download from bwgame.com.

It has always been the company’s intention to support the many players of Black & White with a number of extra features that will enhance the game. The schedule listed below is viewed by Lionhead as being totally solid and achievable.
  • 26th June 2001 3 brand new Multiplayer maps available.
  • 29th June 2001 Out-takes from the Black & White recording sessions available to download online. Hear the Advisors as never before!
  • 2nd July 2001 Black & White Music Interface available. Play MP3s and control WinAmp from within the game and enable your Creature to recognise and respond to your favourite tunes or sound-files. (Subject to official patch being released)
  • 9th July 2001 Villager speech (banter) available. Hear the previously secret, innermost thoughts of your tribes’ people.
  • 20th July 2001 Black & White chat facility. This chat function will enable you to send and receive messages from within Black & White. (Subject to official patch being released)
  • 6th August 2001 Soccer. Enable your villagers to play matches against other tribes. (Subject to official patch being released)
[ Link ] New Multiplayer Maps. Information on the three new multiplayer maps. These maps will download automatically when selected for playing online.
27 June 01 Mushrooms!
From james noble
the mushrooms are a puzzle only for people with touchsense mice.

people with normal mice cannot do this puzzle. the mushrooms merely are just another, not especially useful type of food in this case.
So there you go. I believe the Mushroom puzzle is in Land 1.
28 June 01 Interview with Mark Webley
An interview with Mark Webley, LH Director, has been posted by FGN. It’s a rather short interview, covering the free downloadable add-ons.
29 June 01 Voice Out-Takes
[ Link ] Voice Out-Takes. B&W has over 60,000 words recorded. Here are some of the best out-takes from the recording sessions.
30 June 01 Interview with Jeff Green
The Armchair Empire has conducted an interview with Jeff Green, Editor-in-Chief of dead-tree mag Computer Gaming World. He’s a pretty funny guy. Here’s the quote relevant to this site.
Black & White – overrated or the best thing since car makers installed drink holders?
For me personally – it’s overrated. That’s just me. I know we gave it 5 stars, but I don’t get it myself. To me, it’s just way too much work and not enough fun. I have a daughter to raise – I don’t want to spend my gaming time teaching some freakin’ monkey not to eat its own doody. I think some of the AI in that game is incredible – but overall I think it coulda used a stronger injection of fun, and more satisfying rewards.
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