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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

01 July 01 Dene Carter Interviews
EGOManiacs, over at PlanetXBox, has a short interview with Dene Carter up, along with some screenshots and a video. Carter is the managing director and lead designer of BBB.
What other games have been an inspiration (to you as well as the team) which you think have helped to shape Project Ego?
We play a lot of roguelike games (Nethack etc.) and a lot of us have a real admiration for Julian Gollop’s past projects (Chaos, UFO, XCom). MGS2 allows people to do quite a lot of fun, silly things and Peter’s games have obviously influenced us to a great degree. If you notice, the thing these games all have in common is that they give the player the chance to create his own, personal story (less so in MGS) in a “toybox” world. The toybox principle is very important to us at BBB – to us it’s the reason games are fun – not story, not special effects, but the ability to take some component of the world and use it in an interesting, entertaining manner.
Another interview can be found at LionSource.com, in English and German.
Talking of Project Ego, when Peter Molyneux presented the game at Eł, the media praised it as “Molyneux’s new game”. How deeply is Peter/Lionhead involved in the development of Project Ego?
Peter’s a valued contributor to our project and he’s come up with some really interesting ideas which have captured people’s imaginations to a great degree. On a day to day basis we get on with the mechanics of bringing our vision to life by ourselves, after all Peter has his own games to deal with! However, he’s a fantastic spokesperson, and it’s marvellous having his help in getting the game’s message out to the gaming public. Eł wouldn’t have been the same without him.
02 July 01 Delays
Tell me you didn’t expect this…
We regret to announce that the Official Patch has been delayed slightly owing to rigorous testing. The download dates below have therefore been altered to reflect this. Lionhead Studios apologises for this.
Dates have been pushed back by a week.
03 July 01 Today in Black & White
Two stories side-by-side on CVG today; Dogfish becomes Sony first-party developer and Lionhead in Project Ego name dilemma.

In summary, the name Project Ego is taken, as is Alter Ego, which BBB originally wanted, so basically all the hype is for a game without a name. Dogfish, made out of nine Bullfrog Alumni, is going to develop for the PS2. They said they were going to do something proven to their skillset, instead of something radical, which means we can look forward to Populus: The Magic Theme Syndicate Dungeon game. Or something.

I came across this line while attempting to find out more information about Dogfish –
The dogfish shark represents the ancestral fish condition, the bullfrog represents the amphibians, and the domestic cat is the representative mammal. Your mastery of the anatomy of these animals will be assessed by your performance on lab practical exams, one for each species.
I’m not sure if Lionhead is a cat or a hamster, but know your bullfrogs.
04 July 01 Demis Hassabis Interviews
In other Bullfrog Alumni news, GameSpot UK has a two-part interview up with Demis Hassabis. Voodoo Extreme has another.
I’ve always been fascinated by simulation and strategy games. And I’d been looking for some time for a suitable subject that would allow me to blend the two genres in a totally new way – especially after my work on the original Theme Park.
Republic looks set to be a damn cool game. We’ll start covering it henceforth.
05 July 01 Today in Black & White
We’ll be putting up an Easter Egg section, done by Feral, within the next few days. Also, want to win an XBox ?
06 July 01 Tim Talks Totality
ElixerStuff has an interview with Tim Clarke, who did ((made? designed? programmed?)) the Totality Engine that Republic uses.
07 July 01 Community Round Table
LionGames.com got a bunch of people from the various B&W sites together to talk B&W. Except it reads more like bitch about B&W. None of them even completed the game, actually.
08 July 01 No Patch News
No news on the Official Patch. The Music Interface, which is supposed to be availiable today, isn’t, since it’s waiting on the patch and all.
09 July 01 Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs section, done by Feral, is up. Well, at least the Gods’ Playground page is. More soon.
10 July 01 Patch Version 1.100 & Music Interface
Electronic Arts has now completed their QA approval process for the first patch to Black and White. This patch supercedes the beta patch already released on this site which is no longer available. There were several minor fixes made to the beta patch. Those people who installed the beta patch will be able to upgrade to the official patch and it is recommended that they do this.
[ Downloads ] The Black & White Music Interface Add-On has also been released, and requires both WinAmp and the Patch to work. The music interface adds the first actual clickable icon to B&W. They probably didn’t have time to do a new gesture.
11 July 01 Land 1 Easter Eggs
Land 1 eggs added to Easter Eggs section.
12 July 01 Molyneux Speaks
Molyneux sent out an email to all users on bwgame.com. If you are’t registered ((and why not?)), you can read the text here.
13 July 01 Creature Isles Slated for October
Read the Press Release & view the Screenshots.
14 July 01 BWTourneys.com
Redeemer wants this site plugged. And so it is. PC Games, a German site, has more info on Creature Isles here, here and here.
15 July 01 Check This Out
Check This Out
16 July 01 Villager Banter Add-On
[ Downloads ] You will be able to hear the secret thoughts of your villagers. All you need to do is zoom in to the as close as you can, and their innermost hopes, desires and dreams will become audible.

A word of warning – the villagers’ banter may not be as flattering to you, their deity, as you might like!

The Official Site has also gotten a facelift, and has a new feature, Inside Lionhead.
Intense. It’s the only word for the last few weeks of Black & White’s development. And, once the game was launched, we still had a lot to do. There was the sequel to think of. There were other versions of the game to work on and there was the next, different project to start thinking about.
17 July 01 Readers’ Choice: Best-Looking Games
GameSpot ran a reader’s poll after their “Ten Best-Looking Games” feature, with the results released yesterday. B&W came in at a respectable number five.
18 July 01 Dene Carter Interview
EGOManiacs, over at PlanetXBox, has another Dene Carter interview.
Black and White was a game that promised us the ability of total freedom; while it was a close shot, there were a few things we were not able to do. Project Ego has promised us the same thing. How close to total freedom will this game be? (i.e. Will you be able to interact with any and all objects; will you be able to trip innocent children walking down the street?)
Nope. You won’t be able to trip children as you walk down the street. You will be able to slap them. You won’t be able to slash a feather pillow and make a nest of feathers and do chicken impressions. You will be able to poison a well and make everyone sick. However much a game claims to allow ’total’ freedom, developers have to program things and draw things and animate things. All we can do is allow the player to do everything we can think of that could be considered fun with those ’building blocks’. We’re not going to allow the player to move every single finger of the hero individually with a bunch of joystick combos, or stick a leg out so it trips a kid due to our brilliant physics system. That’s moving very much toward the Trespasser end of the dev-model. Bad. Ego is going to allow people to do more than they could imagine, but nothing is infinite.
19 July 01 B&W 5th on the June Sales Charts
At least according to wherever GameSpot get their figures from. Only things higher on the charts are series games ((The Sims, Diablo and Myst)). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like B&W will manage to cling on for July.
20 July 01 Demis Hassabis Interviews
RepublicZone, a German site, has a page with a few English interviews, answering some basic questions about the game.
21 July 01 Today in Black & White
[ Symbols & Tattoos ] More Gesture Symbols. Set II contains Fireball, Lightning, Storm, Forest, Pack, Flock and Teleport.
22 July 01 Today in Black & White
[ Downloads ] Clash of the Creatures by Option 42, 4.42Mb .mp3 A really good track made from samples taken from the game. The best of the few B&W .mp3s I’ve heard.
23 July 01 Today in Black & White
[ Symbols & Tattoos ] The last set of Gesture Symbols. Set III contains Flies, Invisibility, Sanctuary, Shield, Food, Wood, Water, Leash and an unused gesture.
24 July 01 Elixir Stuff
Check out this page on the Official Elixir site.
The Mars demo was written by Elixir’s resident graphics guru and Head of R & D Tim Clarke in 1993, whilst he was still at school. Freely distributed on the Internet, the demo soon gained legendary status for its ability to generate fractal terrain and render it real time, all with a meagre 5K. As a result Tim was headhunted to work for space agency Lunacorp in Washington for several summers whilst studying at Cambridge University.

We recommend running this in DOS mode as it was designed to run on a 386 and may well crash Windows. Remember that this demo was designed for machines that were around in 1993! Use the mouse to move around and press any key to quit.
How’s that for credentials ?
25 July 01 BWTourneys.com Down
As the title says, BWTourneys is down. We’ll let you know when it comes up again.
27 July 01 Yes, We Are Still Here
B&W was released on 270301, which means we managed over four months of daily updates. Unfortunately, there just isn’t any news anymore. Go check out the rest of this site. Post in the Forum. Send us stuff we can use.
31 July 01 Armchair Preview
[ Reviews ] The Armchair Empire has posted a preview.
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