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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

01 August 01 BWTourneys.com
BWTourneys.com is up again.
02 August 01 Wright vs. Molyneux
USA Today is running an article about Will Wright and Peter Molyneux. It’s a fairly uninspired piece that looks to be a compilation of quotes from elsewhere.
03 August 01 The Top 50 Games of All Time ?
GameSpy’s latest feature, The Top 50 Games of All Time, doesn’t have B&W or any other Molyneux game anywhere. Strange, but true. Dungeon Keeper made the Top 10 lists of the following developers, though – Alan Emrich, Quicksilver Software; Grame Devine, id Software and Rick Johnson, Raven Software.
04 August 01 GDC Europe
Peter Molyneux is going to be a speaker at GDC Europe, to be held in London at the end of this month. Also speaking are a bunch of ex-Bullfrog developers, including Dene and Simon Carter, Demis Hassabis and Glenn Corpes and Jeremy Longley, two of the three founders of Lost Toys. The official site is here. Following are the profiles from the speakers list
Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios

Peter Molyneux is one of the best-known names in the international world of computer games. He co-founded Bullfrog Productions in 1987 and created a new genre, the god game, with the release of Populous. Since then, Molyneux has been responsible for a string of massive-selling games, including Powermonger, Theme Park, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper. Cumulative sales of his games are now approaching the 10 million mark worldwide. In 1997, Molyneux left Bullfrog Productions to form a new game development company, called Lionhead Studios. He recently completed the company's first game, Black & White. Molyneux is recognized as one of the most articulate and eloquent speakers on the subject of the game development. He has spoken at the American Museum of the Moving Image, the British Film Institute, ICA (London), the Tate Gallery and the Dortmund Museum of History and Culture.
Dene and Simon Carter, Big Blue Box Studios

Dene and Simon Carter have been involved in the gaming industry for over 16 years. They began with a small back-bedroom company called Electralyte, producing several 8-bit titles, including the hit games Druid and Druid II, the Amiga version of which was the first game to be developed by a fledgling company called Bullfrog. Both Simon and Dene eventually went on to work at Bullfrog. Over the next few years they contributed to several games, including Magic Carpet, the Populous series and the critically acclaimed Dungeon Keeper. On Dungeon Keeper Simon took the role of project lead, while Dene provided coding support, co-designed the game and provided much of the voice talent. During this period, Electronic Arts acquired Bullfrog, transforming it from a small, 30-person company into a powerful franchise developer with over 400 employees. After leaving Electronic Arts, Simon and Dene founded Big Blue Box Studios together with art director, Ian Lovett. They are currently working on their first title, codenamed Project: Ego. Project: Ego was shown at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year behind closed doors. Despite being in its early stages the game has picked up several awards and nominations, including IGN's E3 Editor's Choice and a nomination for the Official E3 Best Original Game.
Demis Hassabis

Demis Hassabis broke into the industry in at the age of 17 when he co-created Theme Park with Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog. Theme Park went on to become one of the most successful games of all time, both critically and commercially. Achieving an average review score of 94 percent in the specialist press, it went on to sell over 3.5 million copies worldwide. Following the release of Theme Park, Hassabis took up his place at Cambridge University, from which he graduated with a double first-class honours degree in computer science. Upon graduation, he joined the newly formed Lionhead Studios, one of the highest-profile start-ups the industry has ever seen. There, he worked as a senior programmer on Black & White until his departure in February 1998.
06 August 01 Soccer Add-On
[ Downloads ] You will be able to use eight scaffolds from your workshop to create a soccer pitch – this will then be build in the normal way. When the villagers in that town have no desires which need fulfilling (no flags showing at the storage pit) they will play soccer.

The Black & White Soccer feature works within the single-player game only. The Official Black & White Patch 1.10 is required to enable this feature.
07 August 01 Icewind Dale Spell Symbols
[ Symbols & Tattoos ]
10 August 01 Have I Got News for You!?
Well, no, I haven’t.
11 August 01 The Grumpy Gamer
Seems there is news, after all, just that nobody is telling us. Jeff Vogel’s column over at CG Online, The Grumpy Gamer, bitches about how lotsa games have moral conundrums, so how come B&W gets all the Hype ?
12 August 01 Ellipse – Redeemer
As said by Dene Carter here
There has been much clamouring for information. Unfortunately, we’re not really telling people much for a while, so here are some words instead. We don’t intend to tell anyone what their significance is, but we hope you have fun trying to figure things out. You’ve (scarily) actually hit the nail on the head several times in the past, and I’m sure you’ll do so again.

Tank Armour
Riddle Device
13 August 01 New Official Forum
The Official Site has a new Forum dedicated to Mods. That’s things like maps, skins, tattoos etc etc et al. Also on the Official Site is news that the Chat Add-On will not be released today.
15 August 01 More Inside Lionhead
The latest Inside Lionhead is out and tells us pretty much nothing at all.
16 August 01 Mac & White
Tentatively scheduled for Christmas, here’s the scoop on B&W Mac.
  • Requirements
  • Packaging
    • New-style DVD box. Less cardboard but definitely more collectable.
  • Languages
    • English
    • Franšais
    • Deutsch
    • Italiano
    • Espa˝ol
    • Svensk
    • Nederlands
19 August 01 Sailor Songs
[ Downloads ] Eight non-English versions of the sailor song in .mp3 format and an instrumental version in .mid. The eight .mp3s are in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

Random fact :: ‘Polish’ is the only word in the English language that has a different pronounciation when capitalised.
20 August 01 Icewind Dale Spell Symbols
Cat’s Grace [ Symbols & Tattoos ] Now with the full set of Level 2 Mage Spells ((except for Stinking Cloud. ehrm, you don’t really want to use Stinking Cloud as your symbol, do you ? Didn’t think so.)).
21 August 01 Eggs
[ Easter Eggs ] We’ve got a few more Easter Eggs from Feral, which will be coming up over the next few days. Stay tuned ((or bookmarked, or whatever.)). Oh and Seneschal is in Turkey, so we won’t be hearing from him for a while. Post your gameplay questions to the Forum. The guestbook has been removed because it’s an idiot’s playground.
22 August 01 More Eggs
[ Easter Eggs ] As promised, more Easter Eggs from Feral. Benedict!
23 August 01 Weather
AaronL –
Hi All,

Some people were having some problems with the internet weather system with the new patch installed. I am happy to say that the problem was found, and has now been fixed.

It was a server side fix so no downloads are required.
24 August 01 More Weather
elixirstudios.co.uk has been updated with job offers and pictures of Sky. How exciting is that?
25 August 01 Totality
More Republic stuff just posted at Voodoo Extreme. This one is rather more exciting.

btb, the screenshots were released to all the gaming news sites. I’ll put up a Republic Gallery soon.
26 August 01 Still More Eggs
[ Easter Eggs ] Still more Easter Eggs from Feral. Have fun experimenting.
27 August 01 Black Mail & White Noise
Okay, I know we asked for news and all, but the following, posted on various other sites and reported to us by some of you–
On another subject close to many players’ hearts, the multiplayer clan features are virtually complete. The clan rankings and credit system will be accessible via www.bwgame.com and once the Official Patch is out, the full multiplayer add-on suite won’t be far behind. This will unlock some features already hidden in the game, update others and add new ones.
–is not news. We didn’t even quote it when we reported the Inside Lionhead feature last month. So, yes, we know about it. No, we didn’t consider it worth posting.

And time for your regular reminder, gameplay questions go to the Forum.
28 August 01 Help Creature! No, Wait… Creature Help
[ Creatures ] From Feral, the help text when you press F1 over a Creature has been added to the Creature pages.
31 August 01 Hit Me
Hit this site. It should tide you over until we get our Republic section up.
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