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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

01 September 01 Molyneux @ ECTS
Molyneux will be presenting Creature Isles at nVidia’s booth at ECTS. Here’s the scoop from nVidia’s press release, dated 310801.
NVIDIA will have a presentation area on stand featuring talks from some of the entertainment industry’s key influencers. NVIDIA’s Chief Scientist, David Kirk, will be presenting the stunning Square Final Fantasy technology demo running on NVIDIA technology. This demo exemplifies interactive real-time 3D rendering on a standard computing platform. Also, in an ECTS exclusive, Peter Molyneux, President and CEO of Lionhead Studios, will be demonstrating the new mini-sequel to Black & White, Creature Isles.
02 September 01 Pix & Previews
Pix & Previews. Creds to reprev.co.uk.
03 September 01 ECTS WoW
  • GameSpot PS1
  • GameSpot UK PS1 Hands-On

  • The idea behind the sequel is that the world has moved on. The villagers have a little bit more technology now, and they’re more warlike. Fighting has broken out between the tribes. As a god, you’re stuck in the middle of the ensuing war, and you have to choose which side you want to support. “I really like the idea of these huge, quite vicious wars going on, and you as a god returning to this land that you left in peace at the end of Black & White having to choose a side,” explains Peter.
  • Fresh from the ECTS hype-machine – Black & White has won six “Stars”, the ECTS Award, for game of the year in Benelux, Eastern Europe, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and Spain. You can read the entire ECTS PR.
  • Lionhead PR and ECTS Pics
03 September 01 ECTS Creature Isles – Scheduled for release between Nov01 and Feb02
  1. GameSpot UK Hands-On
  2. GameSpy
  3. Peter started with an apology to all the Black & White players for the buggy state of the game at release and said that Creature Isles would come with an added stability patch.
  4. IGN PC
  5. Peter nonchalantly opened up the demonstration with the blunt statement, “Overwhelmingly what the fans said is they’d like to see their creature have sex with another creature.” With that said, Peter explained that the ultimate objective of Creature Isle is to breed with a female creature.
  6. gamigo.de German
04 September 01 Ego @ the GDC
GameSpot UK
Peter Molyneux says he’s had to re-invent the way he thinks about gaming as he makes the switch from PC to Xbox.

Project Ego from Peter Molyneux’s satellite studio Big Blue Box will the first Xbox title with which he’s had an association. And to build it he says the team has had to rethink the whole business of game design.

“PC games are played at a chair and a desk and the player is totally focussed,” he says, “whereas console games are in the living room, and the approach by the gamer is much more casual – it’s just pick up and play, and replay.”
05 September 01 Creature Isles :: 3 New Screens
Three new screenshots from GameSpy, you can view them in the Gallery.
06 September 01 Blue Monday Interview – Redeemer
From Español website Blue Monday comes a months-old interview with Mr. Molyneux. Sounds like the World Disc ideas got sucked into BW2.

What’s your all time favorite game? Zelda!

07 September 01 The End of the Universe + Next Generation
IGN PS2 has posted their interview with Molyneux, talking about BW2 for the PS2 and XBox, codenamed BW: Next Generation.
Intrepid, a sub-division of Lionhead Studios, is handling the console version of Black & White: Next Generation which, instead of offering players a gods-eye view of your chosen creature, offers a choice of a first or third person perspective, with the idea that you are, and play as, the creature.
On the other side, BWCenter has posted an email interview with Molyneux.

Black & White universe would require a great deal of support and need to be on a great many servers and when we proposed this to a number of publishers they felt it would not be a viable proposition – I think this is a great shame but we are going to be enhancing the online portion of the game with Creature Isle.

08 September 01 The Future
GameSpot has three Lionhead articles up, on Dimitri, which basically doesn’t say anything; on B&W II
there are also basic plans to extend the Black & White series through five full games. For the third game and beyond, there are one or two page design docs, and they’re naturally pretty vague at this stage. But there are some more specific plans for Black & White 3, which should be particularly spectacular visually and will use a completely new engine.
…and on BW:Next Gen.
Black & White Next-Generation is in development for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. While Molyneux said he likes the GameCube hardware – especially the controller – he said it’s unlikely the game will appear on that console because the Nintendo licensing structure makes it difficult to find a publisher for GameCube games.
More stuf on BW:CI – a preview from GamesDomain and a 6:20min DivX movie of the ECTS presentation at multiplayer.it. The movie is 34.95Mb, not for the faint of bandwidth.
09 September 01 Molyneux on Republic
I came across this old ((13 April 2k)) interview with Molyneux, which is interesting in that he talks about his vision of B&W then, as well as this little nugget…

What ((do you think)) about Republic?
Republic? From Demis? Interesting. Demis is fantastic, and the game looks to be very promising. It has a long way to go, and a lot to do, but if anybody can do it, Demis can. He has a fantastic team and the publisher is OK – he has all the elements there.

I understand why he left, and I think he left for two very good reasons, and I possibly would have done the same. Firstly, he was impatient – he wanted to be a company director, he was incredibly ambitious, and he was in my limelight. No matter how many interviews I brought him along to, it wasn’t enough. It was still an interview with Peter Molyneux, and Demis tagged along. He has been in the limelight the whole of his life, and for him to be in my limelight? That was the first thing.

The second thing was that he knew that Lionhead’s first game would have to be amazingly good, and would take a long time to do. And he was impatient, as every 28-year-old is. But I have utter confidence in it.

10 September 01 Isles on GameSpot
Creature Isles GameSpot BW:CI Preview
When you’ve completed Creature Isles’ single-player game, you’ll have not one but three creatures to help you, as both Tyke and your creature’s child will be persistent throughout Black & White – even in the first game’s single-player campaign, if Lionhead’s planned patch for the game works out. Given that the stakes involved in losing your saved creature data are going up considerably with the expansion, Lionhead is thinking of making it possible to save your creatures on a central server.
11 September 01 911
No God, no truth, no land, no cause can justify the wilful taking of human lives.

There will be no news reported here for the next day, because continuing on as if nothing has happened is in extremely poor taste. Take the time you would otherwise have spent here and use it to consider the world you live in, and if there is anything you can do to make it better.

Oh, and vengeance is not justice. Think on that, too, if you happen to be angry right now.
13 September 01 GDC Europe Interview
Liongames has posted a translation of the short interview given by Infolder.com, along with a bunch of pics of Molyneux at the event and at ECTS.
14 September 01 Official Word
Remember we reported two weeks ago that B&W had won six “Stars” ? Well, LH has gotten round to owning up to it. Read the Release.

“We value readers awards more than any others, because they are voted for by the people who buy and play our games. We were thrilled with the critical reaction of the press to the game and are also delighted with sales to date, but in the end it is the opinions of gamers which mean the most to us.”

15 September 01 Icewind Dale Spell Symbols
[ Symbols & Tattoos ] Continuing our series of mage spell symbols, the full set of level 3 spells.
16 September 01 Wallpaper
Inside Mac Games. They also have a bunch of nice wallpapers from other games through the link.
17 September 01 ECTS 2001 Pics – Redeemer
A bunch of ECTS pics just arrived; check them out on the bottom of this page.
20 September 01 International Titbits – Redeemer
German website LionSource.com have gotten their hands on a top-secret 1337 unreleased Japanese BW:CI ad! Take a look. multiplayer.it has another BW:CI movie. Their first movie is here. Finally, Troubleshooting Help can be found here.
21 September 01 Isle Interview
IGN PC has posted an ECTS interview with Molyneux and Jonty Barnes, the head of the BW team, regarding BW:CI.

This is an elaborate mating ritual that you’re going through, and there are other creatures trying to go for the shag as well. It is a direct reflection of how little social contact the team had in the completion of Black & White.

24 September 01 Creature Isle(s) Announced (Again)
Straight from the beast that is EA, the CI Press Release. Gosh, the English is absolutely fucking terrible, which is surprising since EA’s releases are usually quite well written. Also, the official title seems to be Creature Isle, which is what Molyneux has been calling it in all the recent interviews, and makes sense since the add-on takes place on one isle instead of an archipelago. Lionhead’s original press release called it Creature Isles, though.
25 September 01 New Shot
GameSpot has just posted one lonely screenshot from BW:CI. I guess it’s supposed to be the Isle, but it looks like any ol’ map to me. You can check out more shots in the BW:CI Gallery.
26 September 01 Official Site Opens Creature Isle Section
King Of The Castle
28 September 01 Miracle Wood! – Redeemer
Miracle Wood!
29 September 01 Daily Shots
Black & White: Creature IsleSmash Building Soccer Skills The Races
30 September 01 2001 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards Nominations
Tiger Cannon BAFTA – Black and White was nominated in the following catagories; Game – Networked, Games – PC, Interactivity, Moving Images, Music and Technical Innovation.
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