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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

01 October 01 Big Blue Battles – Redeemer
Quoth Dene Carter –
Our combat is currently based on the fact that being hit with a weapon is a “very bad thing”. Attacks are more “probe for enemy weak-point” than a basic attack. The attacks are used to weaken and tire. Vital Strikes are used to take advantage of that opportunity.

“Nomads” (entities who are not part of the human world and have crossed over) are quite a different matter, often immune to standard weapons and attacks. There are other tactics which may be learned to deal with them, but we’d advise newbies to run. No, REALLY run.
02 October 01 Choices! – Redeemer
Quoth Dene Carter –
As we’ve always said, in amongst all the different things you can do and the ways in which your actions change the world, there’s a core set of things that happen as the years pass. These are events far larger than you since they are the effects of someone whose sense of scale and ambition eclipses the entirety of Albion.

Without some sense of progression the game would be a meandering mess. Imagine if, through your actions, the world became a peaceful haven for all by the time you were 20. What are you going to do? Become a fisherman for the rest of your life. Dull. The core is there to ensure that, no matter what happens, there’s always going to be some sense of conflict and drama.

The game is about CHOICE. That’s our number one priority. But don’t expect us to shoot ourselves in the foot by making bad design decisions based on loose, floppy gameplay.
03 October 01 Daily Shots
Black & White: Creature Isle Whack A Villager Zebra Ballista Bowling
04 October 01 Creature Isle Section Updated
Wallpaper 1 Pashar’s Cannon Trial
Pashar’s Cannon TrialPashar the Tiger is in charge of the security of the Creature Isle. It’s a job he takes seriously, but he’s prepared to see how good you are at it. He gives you control of his powerful cannon and sets his army of marauders off to try and sneak up on you. The cannon fires explosive barrels, and your task to take out as many of the marauders as you can.
05 October 01 Daily Shots
Dolphin ShootJedi FightPC Zone has posted ten “exclusive” screenshots. Rather amusingly, they’re the same screenshots we have here, namely the daily screenshots from the Official Site. I guess we’re exclusive too. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

There’s also a ((rather unfavourable)) preview posted at ActionTrip.
06 October 01 Find Out Who You Really Are – Redeemer
Quoth Dene Carter –
Thank you for the insanely complimentary email. Free will is one of those odd areas where people get very uncomfortable very quickly – and ever more so as graphical fidelity increases.

For my own part, I once went on an “experimental killing spree” in Ultima VII. I found the experience strangely sullying and never touched an innocent again. Nobody noted that particular game as socialogically ground-breaking and I doubt this will be any different.

To my mind – experimentation aside – this game will probably more end up showing who you are in life than defining you. If it were not so, we should all leave this industry immediately in fear of the moral consequences of every element of design realised.

We’ve had a lot of focus group reports on various aspects of the game. One aspect we requested a test on was the ability to slay children in the game. Over 80% of people thought it “sick” that we were “allowing the player to slaughter innocents”. Our counter to that was thus: you have free will in real life, and that is all we seek to recreate.

This game will only be as immoral as you choose to make it.
08 October 01 GameSpot Preview
GameSpot has put up another preview, along with four new screenshots of Tyke getting hatched, which have been added to the gallery.
Those looking for more than just the same content will be glad to know that Creature Isle will also let you control two brand-new creature types – the rhino and the crocodile – and will give you access to two brand-new spells: cancel creature spell, which negates the effects of any magic cast upon your creature by another, and speed spell, which gives your creature a speed boost for a limited amount of time.
09 October 01 CVG Interview
CVG has just posted an inteview with Jonty Barnes. Nothing particularly noteworthy, though.
10 October 01 GameSpot Video Preview
Creature Isle More from GameSpot – a video preview with their Senior Editor talking about taking his monkey to the Isle. The preview is a moderate 70.2Mb and can be found here. They also have a 6.2Mb trailer through the link.

Redeemer says that the trailer seems to be the official trailer ((no idea why it’s twice the size, though)). Speaking of trailers, Quarter to Three is reporting that Women Gamers are complaining about topless dancers in the Neocron trailer ((specifically that the game is unrated, which means that minors can see, like, women who strip for money. And we all know that video games cause shootings, if this gets out they’ll cause shootings and stripping, probably at the same time)). I can’t help but wonder what all the fuss is about, it’s not like you can’t get a gigabyte of nekkid chicks by doing a simple search for Porn. Neocron is an online game, after all.
11 October 01 IGN:CI Day 1
[ Previews & Reviews ] IGN is running a special on BW:CI, after they got their hands on the game. The first part covers the various Trials.
12 October 01 IGN:CI Day 2
[ Previews & Reviews ] Two Videos
13 October 01 IGN:CI Day 3
[ Previews & Reviews ] Hands-On Preview. Nothing new, though, except perhaps the good news that the game is almost out.
15 October 01 ehrm, some German thing
Peter Molyneux It has something to do with Molyneux, Ego, and Lionhead, I can’t read it, but it has pictures of a giant rooster.
16 October 01 Dene Carter Interview – Redeemer
XboxGamers has posted an interview. In addition to the expected blurb, he talks a little about consoles in general and why they are going with the Xbox.
17 October 01 Official Updates
Wallpaper 2 The Official Site has been updated with a bunch of stuf –
18 October 01 T-r0xx0rz
Intrepid Games has released the blurb and a pic of their game over at the official site.
BC is a hugely innovative action game set in a brutal, fully simulated prehistoric world in the shadow of a potentially devastating natural disaster. It’s the story of an intense struggle for survival in a hostile environment governed by a food chain’s worth of violent predatory creatures. History is just beginning, but already the fate of mankind hangs in the balance as the embittered rivalry between man and ape is spiralling out of control. BC unfolds in a dynamic simulated environment through which the player has unparalleled levels of interaction. The player must seek to unite the isolated factions of mankind and create and sustain a new tribal culture of his own devising. By learning to use the natural environment and developing the innate skills of each individual, the player can fight with all the tribe’s strength to defeat the simian race, rise to the top of the food chain and ensure a future for mankind.

BC allows the player to employ all his 21st century know-how in a prehistoric context and asks the question: “What would you do if you found yourself sent back in time to confront a chaotic natural ecosystem containing some of the most violent creatures that have ever walked the Earth?”
It’s like Planet of the Apes in Jurassic Park. Sorta.
19 October 01 X01 Europe – Redeemer
Molyneux was at the X01 Europe event in Cannes ((the European launch of the Xbox)), where he unveiled Intrepid Games’ BC and ran a demonstration for Project Ego. Intrepid, like BBB, is a satellite studio of Lionhead. BC, like Ego, will be exclusive to the Xbox. Both will be published by Microsoft Games.
20 October 01 CVG Interview
Computer & Video Games interviews Molyneux regarding Lionhead’s satellite program –

So, the idea was to have Lionhead there to help really, really talented people set up their own businesses. Lionhead obviously takes an interest in those businesses, but we, as a group of companies, share technology and share ideas. For instance, people in the satellites can use Russell who did the sound on Black and White, they can use me for any game design stuff and Andy, who did the testing on Black and White. They can use a lot of our resources so they can focus on the important thing, which is to write a brilliant game.

We’ve set up three satellites now. That’s Big Blue Box, which is doing a game called Project Ego, Intrepid, which is doing a game called BC and Black & White Studios, which is doing the mini-sequels, Black & White 2 and patches, bugs and stuff like that.

22 October 01 New Wallpaper
Wallpaper 3 Official CI Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week.
26 October 01 Black & White wins BAFTAs!
Official Site
Lionhead’s Black & White won two Interactive BAFTA awards last night (Thursday 25 October 2001) at the Grosvenor House Hotel in central London. It was the fourth annual BAFTA Interactive Entertainment awards, and Lionhead Studios did itself proud. The first BAFTA was the Moving Images Award and the second was the Interactivity Award. Director and founder of Lionhead Studios, Peter Molyneux said afterwards, “It felt fantastic to pick up two of the industry’s most prestigious awards”.
B&W was nominated for six awards in total, winning for Moving Images
Since its first previews at BAFTA two years ago, Black and White has been one of the most keenly anticipated releases in the games industry. It was worth the wait. Lionhead have created a maddeningly obsessive experience which achieves intellectual and emotional immersion by seamlessly entwining sophisticated gameplay with a narrative laced with a characteristically wicked sense of humour.
…and Interactivity
A truly ground-breaking title which advances the art of interactive entertainment simultaneously on several fronts. The superb immersive 3D graphics offer rich animation and completely integrated with the intuitive user interface. Above all the game is intelligent, adapts to each user and eschews reliance on violence so common in the genre.
B&W lost in the following –
  • Game – Networked – Phantasy Star Online ((Dreamcast, Sonicteam, Sega Europe))
  • Games – PC – Max Payne ((PC, Remedy, Take2 Interactive))
  • Music – Shogun Total War: Warload Edition ((PC, The Creative Assembly Ltd, EA and Dreamtime Interactive))
  • Technical Innovation – SSEYO Koan Interactive Audio Platform ((Website, SSEYO Ltd))
30 October 01 More Nominations For Black&White!
Wallpaper 4 Official CI Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week. While the following has been added to the main page
The International EMMAs (Electronic Multimedia Awards) recognises the best of the best in digital media, and is extremely prestigious. Its aim is simply to reward excellence, which is why Black & White has been nominated for five EMMAs. Yes, not content with two BAFTAs, Black & White storms into the nomination categories of PC Game, 3D Media, Animation, Usability and Sound.

Of course, the entire Lionhead team is delighted by this extremely flattering recognition. There are quite a few fingers being crossed in the Studio at the moment. We’ll let you know what happens (unless we don’t win anything, in which case we’ll quietly forget the whole thing).
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