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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

07 November 01 New Wallpaper
Wallpaper 5 Official CI Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week.
09 November 01 PCGamer Interview
PC Gamer
There has been a lot of talk of Republic’s graphics engine. What is so revolutionary about it?
Totality is capable of rendering scenes of unlimited complexity using a new and revolutionary LOD technique. It has the power to handle scenes with billions of polys in them. We believe it is the most powerful engine in existence.
14 November 01 Official Updates
Wallpaper 6 Along with the following updates, the Official Site has undergone a minor face-lift – instead of “Enter” and “Don’t Enter” ((which closes the window)), it now has “Black & White” and “Creature Isle”, with the appropriate linkage.
  • Interview with James Leach, who “wrote the concepts, the story, many of the Trials, all the dialogue, and arranged the voices,” for both B&W and CI.
  • Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week.
  • Creature Isle section updated with another sample trial, Kula’s Missionary Trial.
Kula’s Missionary Trial
Kula’s Missionary TrialRemember the Missionaries’ Polar Bear? Yep, he came with them to Creature Isle. And now he’s had enough of the heat and sunshine and he wants to go home. But in order to sail off to the freezing northern wastelands, he’ll need to gather together the Missionary crew from various points around the Isle. And who does he use to control the boat while he’s collecting his shipmates? That’s right. It’s your job. And controlling that vessel isn’t easy. The Good Advisor blows with all his might and you steer him around to move the boat.
15 November 01 Mac News – Redeemer
Inside Mac Games has posted an interview with Feral Interactive, the publishers of the Mac port of B&W. B&W Max will run on OS 8.6 and above, and should be ready for ship in time for the Macworld Expo San Francisco in January. Along with the interview are some screenshots.
16 November 01 GDC 2002
The Game Developers Conference 2002 website has been opened. GDC02 will be held 19 thru 23 March, 2002 in San Jose, California (about the time Episode II will be released).

Speakers include Dene and Simon Carter (Project Ego), Richard Evans (AI, B&W), Richard Garfield (M:tG), Raph Koster (UO, SWG), Dr.s Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka (BioWare), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics) and Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Brian Reynolds, Jeremy Soule (Composer, Icewind Dale), Warren Spector, Phil Steinmeyer (Tropico), Rich Vogel (UO, SWG), and quite alot more.
21 November 01 New Wallpaper
Wallpaper 7 Official CI Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week. As usual, four resolutions in .zip’d .bmps.
25 November 01 Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader – Redeemer
Lionhead makes it as an Easter Egg! LIONHEAD is currently the only cheat-code that’s been released for the GameCube’s Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. It allows you to play the game in, you-guessed-it, Black & White.

Rogue Leader is number two of the GameCube launch titles, second only to Miyamoto’s own Luigi’s Mansion.
26 November 01 Hassabis on 2002 GDCA Advisory Board
GDCA According to GameSpot, Hassabis is to be on the advisory board of the GDCA, the awards given out by the International Game Developers Association. His name, however isn’t on the list on the IGDA site. Of course, we’ll post the Official Word when we find out what it is.

A list of this year’s winners is here.
27 November 01 Inside Lionhead :: The Fleece
Inside Lionhead, November edition
It’s six o’clock on the morning and as the sky starts to get light and the milkmen clatter across the Surrey Research Park, the whole of the Lionhead test department are waiting for a Creature Isle CD to be created. The end is in sight.
The Fleece
This is a Blue Gianfranco Ferre (whoever he is) fleece top. It belongs to one of the Lionhead games development team (www.lionhead.com) and was left on my desk, but never taken back. Own a little piece of computer game history! Amaze your friends! Make my desk a little bit tidier!

Ollie Purkiss Lionhead Studios
We pooled our monies and placed a bid! Maybe we’ll win!
28 November 01 New Wallpaper
Wallpaper 8 Official CI Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week.

The Fleece has been won by robert_burke for $61.00.
29 November 01 Black & White wins three EMMAs!
The staff of Lionhead Studios wept with joy today as the company was awarded three enormously prestigious EMMAs for B&W.

The Electronic Multimedia Awards are extremely coveted, and competition in every category is intense. However, the quality of Black & White was universally recognized, and it scooped Best PC Game, Best Animation and gained a Gold Award for Excellence. Peter Molyneux, interviewed at Lionhead HQ, said, “it’s wonderful to get recognition for Black & White, and it makes all the years of hard work by the team worthwhile.”
30 November 01 Confirmed :: Hassabis on 2002 GDCA Advisory Board
Official Site Press Release.
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