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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

01 December 01 Lionhead Site Updated
The Official Site for Lionhead Studios has been updated with a brave new look. You need Flash.
05 December 01 Wallpaper 9
Wallpaper 9 Official CI Downloads contains the new Wallpaper of the Week.
15 December 01 GDCA Advisory Board Blurb
The IGDA site has been updated again, with the blurb for Hassabis on the Advisory Board page.
Demis Hassabis
Elixir Studios

Demis Hassabis broke into the industry at the age of 17 when he co-created Theme Park with Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog. Theme Park went on to become one of the most successful games of all time, both critically and commercially. Achieving an average review score of 94% in the specialist press, it went on to sell over 3.5 million copies world-wide. Following the release of Theme Park, Hassabis took up his place at Cambridge University, from where he graduated with a double first-class honors degree in computer science. Upon graduation, he joined the newly formed Lionhead Studios, one of the highest profile start-ups the industry has ever seen. There, he worked as a senior programmer on Black and White until his departure in February 1998.
24 December 01 GameSpot :: Best and Worst PC Games of 2001 – Redeemer
While Black & White didn’t make it to GameSpy’s list of Best of 2001, it did make GameSpot’s list.
  • Special Achievement Awards
  • As a god, you are able to teach your creature to mimic pretty much any of your own interventions. The game’s sophisticated behavioral artificial intelligence makes it fascinating and very exciting to watch the creature learn any number of things, which range from what it should eat to how it should treat the tiny human villagers. Through both positive and negative reinforcement, you are able to raise your creature from infancy to adulthood to fill any role you want: farmhand, hunter, entertainer, and so on. Even external forces, such as villagers and other creatures, have an effect on your creature’s upbringing and actions. To put it plainly, Black & White’s creature AI boasts a level of sophistication that no other game this year has come close to displaying.
  • Top 10 PC Games of the Year
  • Black & White’s combination of game elements and play mechanics is completely unique. Perhaps some of these mechanics aren’t as enjoyable as others are – some aspects of the game are even frustrating. But ultimately, Black & White, with its open-ended gameplay, is what you make of it – and you can make of it one of this year’s most engaging, most memorable games, thanks to its beautiful environments, robust 3D engine, and spotless interface.
28 December 01 GameSpy :: 2001 Game of the Year : Special Achievements – Redeemer
Looks like BW made it to a GameSpy list after all, in their multi-platform Special Achievements Awards, winning the prize for Best Artificial Intelligence.
Now, we’re not saying you should slap your kids for eating a rock. But this system of mimicry, rewards and punishments in order to direct and modify behavior is not unlike the fundamental parenting that happens with toddlers, or at least training a puppy. You could almost say that Black & White is a game about building an AI, rather than playing against one.
Another award, rather dubiously, goes for “Biggest Letdown at Launch”. Fortunately, when it came to the gamers’ votes, let the people be heard!
29 December 01 BW Mac Gold
Black & White, the best-selling god-game from the creative minds at Lionhead Studios, has gone golden master, according to GraphSim’s Jeff Morgan. The game recently got final approval by Lionhead and is going to production. If all goes well, Black & White should be shipping in time for Macworld Expo San Francisco during the second week of January.
You can read the rest at Inside Mac Games.
30 December 01 Ferrago.co.uk Interview – Redeemer
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We are working hard to make sure that Republic is a game that can be enjoyed on many levels and by many different types of players. Level of detail game-play would be a good way to describe it. There will be incredible depth and detail in the game for those players that want it and hence look for it. For example looking at the individual skills of their characters, worrying about the finer philosophical points of the benefits of being peaceful, selecting what commodity a high street shop should sell to maximise profit or getting personally involved in overseeing every action.

Then there is the much more hands-off strategic way of playing where you as the player simply direct and oversee the overall strategy by instigating higher level things such as actions but leave the details to the intelligence of your key characters. Finally, the game can be played solely as a simulation where you simply tinker with the game world and explore its vast possibilities whilst watching epic events unfold cinematically.
31 December 01 Happy Holidays! – Redeemer
Miracle Wood!
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