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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

16 Jan 01 FGN on B&W PS1
FGN has posted five screenshots of the PS1 port.
24 Jan 01 ZDNet UK Article
ZDNet UK has an article talking about the AI in B&W, as part of their Artificial Intelligence Special. Unfortunately, we learn nothing new about the game itself.
26 Jan 01 387 Bugs and Counting
FGN reports that Lionhead has 387 bugs left to remove and is hoping that the game will be released by the end of February.
29 Jan 01 Top 10 Designers You’d Buy Games From
GameSpy’s feature, “Top 10 Designers You’d Buy Games From”, lists Molyneux at #2.
From his days at Bullfrog and his first game, Populous, Molyneux has been fascinated with idea of letting the gamer play god. Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate and Theme Park all gave the gamer a feeling of immense control of their environment. And now his new company, Lionhead Studios, prepares to release the ultimate god game in Black & White. Molyneux has said he learned from the mistakes of his past games and has created a game that will leave gamers in awe. From all indications, Black & White is another Molyneux masterpiece.
30 Jan 01 B&W to TouchSense
According to this press release, the game will incorporate Immersion’s TouchSense Technology. With a TouchSense-enabled mouse, you would be able to feel a range of physical sensations, such as a fish nibbling at your hand as you feed it.

“In Black & White traditional icons and menus are replaced by an interface that closely resembles our natural interactions in the real-world,” said Peter Molyneux, managing director of Lionhead. “We view the Black & White hand as an extension of your own hand. Adding tactile sensations has strengthened that illusion of reality behind the screen.”

01 Feb 01 EuroGamer Screenshots
EuroGamer Screenshots
10 Feb 01 GameSpy Dev Dairy #12
Steve Jackson updates his Dev Dairy with part 12. It’s late, but I suppose better late than never.
15 Feb 01 Jamie Durrant: The Fansite
Did you know that Jamie Durrant ((webmaster at Lionhead)) invented the Internet ? Now you do.
18 Feb 01 Lionhead Studios Programming Discussion Board Unofficial FAQ
As the title says, someone went and made an FAQ on how to be a programmer, as the Lionhead guys tell it.
19 Feb 01 German Movie
German dead-tree mag GameStar has put up a B&W movie in the downloads section of their site. It’s a comfortably small 2.79Mb .mpg.
20 Feb 01 PC Format to Preview
Another dead-tree mag, in English this time, PC Format will have a preview of B&W in issue 120, out on 28 Feb, according to their site.
21 Feb 01 Your Right to Privacy
The Hot Sheet, over at GoneGold, comments on the increasing blur between reality and the game, with B&W’s feature of assigning villager names from your email box as an example. The writer thinks games and reality should remain seperate – go take a look and form your own judgement.
22 Feb 01 Daily Radar UK Preview
Daily Radar UK has put up a preview along with a bunch of screenshots.
23 Feb 01 Black and White Done
Done!As you can see from this pic, taken from the webcam on Lionhead’s site, the game is done. Molyneux is the guy on the right. The game has to pass through EA’s QA before going gold and finally shipping.
26 Feb 01 Alex Evans Interview
Payne Reactor – a site dedicated to Max Payne – has posted an interview with Alex “Statix” Evans, one of the guys at Lionhead.
27 Feb 01 BW:PS1 Press Conference
MiDAS Press Conference Journalists from across Europe attended the event organised by Midas, hearing presentations from Midas, Krisalis and Lionhead Studios. A demo of the PC version from Scott Sanders of Lionhead was followed by Krisalis’ Simeon Pashley presenting the game on the PlayStation.

Lionhead Supremo Peter Molyneux answered questions on his long awaited God-game and its conversion, describing how Krisalis’ achievement pushed the console’s capabilities further than ever before.

He praised both Krisalis and Midas for their work in developing and promoting the title. As a result of his attendance, Peter confirmed that he would be happy to promote the game at retail events over the next few months.
28 Feb 01 EuroGamer PS1 Preview
EuroGamer has put up a PS1 preview and some screenshots.
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