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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

03 January 02 Incoming! – Redeemer
EA and Lionhead have announced that BW:CI will be released worldwide on 18th January, except for the Japanese version, which will be released on 7th Febuary.
04 January 02 The Word
We are pleased to announce the official release date of Black & White : Creature Isle which will be shipped globally on the 18th January 2002 with the exception of the Japanese version which will be shipped at a later date. This means that the game will be in stores on the 1st Februrary.
05 January 02 m3dia Interview – Redeemer
It’s a pretty short, nothing new interview. Link link
Republic: The Revolution is a uniquely original game that will give gamers the greatest freedom they will have ever experienced, all this in an exciting and consistent real world environment that pushes back the boundaries in virtually every area from design to graphics to AI.
06 January 02 BW Mac
MacGamer.com has put up a preview. Feral Interactive, who did the port and are doing the European distribution, have some rather interesting Development Shots and other goodies on their site. Finally, I must say that the new iMac is sexy as hell. At least on the outside.
07 January 02 PC Zone Interview – Redeemer
UK dead-tree mag PC Zone has an interview in their #112 issue. Unfortunately, there isn’t an online copy yet.
08 January 02 BW:CI Gold
From legendary game designer Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios, Creature Isle is the highly anticipated expansion pack to the critically acclaimed Role Playing Strategy / God game, Black & White. Set on an island inhabited by an alliance of creatures with no masters, players utitlize their own creature to complete challenges, enter their mystic brotherhood.

Black & White: Creature Isle further advances the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) established in the original title, as the creature independently teaches a new generation, a small chicken-like creature named Tyke, to be gentle and loving, or destructive and malevolent based on his own upbringing of reward, punishment and example.

Black & White: Creature Isle is rated “T” for Teen and has an MSRP of $29.99.
09 January 02 Gaming Age :: Industry Insider
This is rather interesting, though it has nothing to do with any of the games we cover. Gaming Age is running a new series called Industry Insider. In the first edition, they talk to Crispin Hands of Lionshead Entertainment ((no relation to our favourite dev house, of course)). Hands does music for games, including the upcoming Impossible Creatures, the RTS formerly known as Sigma. As the title suggests, he talks about how he got into the gaming industry, and how you can get in too.
10 January 02 BW2 – Redeemer
PC Games Online has posted two pages of something on BW 2, in German.
12 January 02 Tour the Isle – Redeemer
The Creature Isle Official Site has gotten a new flash tour of the Isle and its trials, just in time for the game’s impending release.
13 January 02 GameSpot :: Readers’ Choice Awards GotY 2001 – Redeemer
In another example of the support B&W receives from its fanbase, the game has been voted Multiplayer Strategy Game of the Year in GameSpot’s Readers’ Choice Awards, as well as #6 in the Top Ten.
14 January 02 Console BW to use MathEngine’s Karma physics engine – Redeemer
Lionhead has licensed MathEngine’s Karma physics engine for use with the PS2 and Xbox versions of BW. This will be the first time Lionhead is using middleware, and the team evaluated several physics engines before choosing Karma.

“It was a difficult decision for us to use middleware on the console versions of Black & White, but the tight development schedule and steep learning curve that we would have had to master to bring the game to two new platforms eventually gave us little option,” said Peter Molyneux, “Once we had made the decision to go down the middleware route, however, Karma was the only logical choice, as it was the only solution that produced results that were comparable to those which we would have achieved through our own efforts.”
15 January 02 Most Wanted – Redeemer
Project Ego is on GameSpy’s Most Wanted Games of 2002 list.
Some of the games that excite us the most in 2002 are the ones that really take advantage of Xbox’s graphical power and storage capacity, games too advanced to appear on any other platform. Such is the case with Project Ego, a game that’s immense, beautiful, and groundbreaking.
18 January 02 More Most Wanted – Redeemer
GameSpy’s Most Wanted Games of 2002 also lists Republic and the Sims Online.
20 January 02 Official Site Updates
The Official Creature Isle Site has been updated with a contest to win a copy of the Prima Strategy Guide for BW:CI, and a new interview, this time with voice artist Marc Silk. The 4:26min interview is in .mp3 format, a 1Mb download. It’s pretty funny.
21 January 02 PC Games Portal Interview – Redeemer
Link Link
What are you thinking about the following games (only 3 words please)?
Tropico – not played it
Patricier 2 – a nice game
Empire Earth – epic and ambitious
Diablo 2 – good simple fun
The Sims – work of genius
22 January 02 BW:CI Reviews – Redeemer
[Previews & Reviews] GameSpot has posted a review and a video review. IGN PC has a review.
23 January 02 Revised Release Dates
Just received word from EA today that due to problems manufacturing the Creature Isle CD, the UK release has been put back one week to the 8th February.

Full release as follows :

SHIP 18th Jan – STREET 25th Jan
SAP – Korea, Thailand, Taiwan

SHIP 1st Feb – STREET 8th Feb
Swedish / Finnish (Eng software)
Swedish / Finnish (Swe software)
Danish / Nor
Spain (pre-planned delayed ship)
Portugal (pre-planned delayed ship)

SHIP 7th FEB – 14th Feb
EA’s Press Release fo the US Ship is here.
25 January 02 Official Site Updates – Redeemer
The Official Creature Isle Site has been updated with profiles of the dev team, as well as an interview with Steve Pacey, another Voice Actor. Still curious? Head on down to the Lionhead site for more of the people behind the game.
26 January 02 Cathy Campos Interview – Redeemer
Black and White Home has posted an interview with Lionhead PR Cathy Campos, covering bits and pieces of the future of Lionhead.
What is planned after Creature Isle? Is there another Expansion-Set for B&W? Or what does Lionhead or the sister studios develop after B&W?
Black & White Studios are now working on Black & White 2 and Black & White Next Generation for the next generation consoles we think it is better to incorporate all the new idea into a sequel as opposed to a second Expansion set.
27 January 02 New Screenshots – Redeemer
We’ve added a tonne of new screenshots to the Creature Isle Gallery. Go take a looker.
28 January 02 Progress Report – Redeemer
IGN PC offers up a progress report on the status of Republic.
The game has been progressing well. The amount of work in creating Republic has been colossal and there is still a lot left to do. We are at the stage where everything is being brought together. All the proprietary technologies and tools have been completed and locked down. This includes: our graphics engine, Totality; our LoD (Level of Detail) AI systems for agents and vehicles; our landscape, city and building construction tools; and our action creation and camera scripting tools.
31 January 02 CI Help – Redeemer
Aaron Ludlow’s Creature Isle Help Page
Hello! Many people have been asking for help with some of the Creature Isle trials so on this page I will try and help you with some of them!!!!!

This is just a quick website I made in about 30mins so please, don’t email me any grammar/spelling errors, this is completely UNOFFICIAL help from a Lionhead tester !
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