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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

04 Feburary 02 IGN PC Interview – Redeemer
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We had some fascinating things happen. For instance, the prime minister of Iceland got a copy of Black and White when he left office so he could work on his morals. A university in America is using Black and White as a commentary on one of their courses. Really, you turn around and think it’s amazing. I only wish we had done one extra thing – collated the number of people trying to do evil things and trying to do good things and come up with a statistic. Unfortunately we didn’t do that.
05 Feburary 02 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards – Redeemer
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has announced the finalists for the 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. B&W received nominations in Overall GotY, Computer GotY, Computer Strategy GotY, Innovation in Computer Gaming, Outstanding Acievement in Animation, Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering and Outstanding Achievement in Character or Story Design.
06 Feburary 02 Inside Lionhead – Redeemer
James Leach reports from Inside Lionhead about their move to new offices. The site also has some wallpapers and a Lionhead Windows theme. Hopefully the cartoony look isn’t a preview of their next game.
11 Feburary 02 CVG Interview – Redeemer
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Do you think that an obsession with graphical perfection will get in the way of gameplay?
That’s always the risk. When you’re developing a game it’s so much sexier to work on a piece of physics or some graphics than it is on gameplay. Gameplay is the least exciting thing for a developer to do. You have to be very careful to keep focused on it and not be too distracted by the technology.
12 Feburary 02 CI English Audio – Redeemer
Aaron Ludlow’s Creature Isle Help Page now has a solution for those of you who want English audio in BW:CI.
Many people have also been asking me how they get English audio in Black&White Creature isle. I now have a page which will explain how to do this. However please note this is completely unofficial and I recommend you back any profile up just in case anything goes wrong! I have tested this myself and it seems ok, but there maybe some problems which I haven’t noticed yet!!
16 Feburary 02 CI Hits the Streets – Redeemer
The Official Creature Isle Site has been updated with B&W Studios’ visit to Electronics Boutique in Guildford to celebrate the launch of BW:CI. The competition to win signed Black & White plus Creature Isle Strategy Guide has now ended. The names of the 5 winners will be revealed on Monday.
24 Feburary 02 Flashbacks for Free – nocturne
GameSpot has just posted a feature – Flashbacks for Free – dealing with the “abandonware” phenomenon. Abandonware is the term some people use to describe old, usually classic games that are no longer availiable, which can be found for download from such abandonware sites. It’s an interesting read, if long (9 pages), and talks to publishers, developers – Richard Garriott, Tim Schafer, Al Lowe, Will Wright, and Chris Taylor – and everyone else concerned.
“From a true legal sense, my belief is that ‘abandonware’ does infringe on the copyright holders’ legal protection…if they care,” says Richard Garriott, the creator of the classic Ultima role-playing series.

“Electronic Arts, for example, does care about early Ultimas, as they don’t want to lose protection on current Ultimas,” says Garriott. “Truly ‘abandoned’ properties are less worrisome. That being said, personally, I think that sites that support these old games are a good thing for both consumers and copyright owners.” He explains: “If the options are (a) having a game be lost forever and (b) having it available on one of these sites, I’d want it to be available. That being said, I believe a game is ‘abandoned’ only long after it is out of print. And just because a book is out of print does not give me rights to print some for my friends.”
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