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Interviews with Peter Molyneux here.

02 March 02 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards – Redeemer
The results are in! Specifically, the results of the 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards given out by the The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Top honours go to Bungie’ XBox game, Halo: Combat Evolved, with four Awards. Black & White took home two Awards, including Innovation in Computer Gaming and Computer Game of the Year. Tropico won an award for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Composition. Also at the Awards, Will Wright was inducted into the Academy Hall of Fame.
05 March 02 Inside Lionhead – Redeemer
The latest edition of Inside Lionhead is out, with James Leach talking about where Molyneux gets his inspiration. It’s short and worth the reading. Also on the Lionhead site, the following was posted to their news section, celebrating the AIAS wins.

Gentlemen threw their hats aloft and ladies fainted with pleasure last week when it emerged that Black & White has won two prestigious Annual Interactive Achievement Awards in Las Vegas. The awards were Computer Game of the Year and Innovation in Computer Gaming and were won at the recent Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

Of course, Lionhead’s astonishing game has already won a warehouse full of awards on this side of the treacherous Atlantic Ocean, but these are the first (and second) given by our gum-chewing, slang-inventing American cousins. The Awards are organised by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and have been voted for by the Academy members, and Lionhead salutes them with a garland of top thanks. Showing exquisite taste, they nominated Black & White for awards in seven categories. And Thursday 28th Feb’s ceremony was attended by Lionhead’s Head of Art, Paul McLaughlin and Senior Artist Andy Bass, who received the awards from game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Despite wanting to deliver witty, modest speeches, neither artist managed more than a childish mumble and some dribbling.

Lionhead is hoping for further US award success at the Game Developer Choice Awards to be held at GDC later this month. Black & White has received nominations for four categories and a box of man-sized tissues has been ordered.
08 March 02 GameSpy :: 30 Most Influential People in Gaming – nocturne
Peter Molyneux comes in at fifth place in GameSpy’s 30 Most Influential People in Gaming.
Say the words “god game,” and you’re really talking about the works created or inspired by Peter Molyneux, the British leader of Lionhead Studios and the creator of Populous, the original game of deities and demigods trying to win the hearts and minds of their worshippers.
Other notables include Richard Garriott (The Ultima Collection) and Will Wright (SimGames), with Shigeru Miyamoto topping the list.
12 March 02 Wired Talks AI – Redeemer
Wired has posted an article talking about AI in gaming.
It’s no surprise that there are at least six AI PhDs now working in the game industry, and that MIT’s Marvin Minsky, the elder statesman of modern artificial intelligence, lectures at game developer conferences. Almost all games now include an AI designer credit, and some AI wizards – like Black & White’s Richard Evans - have become minor celebrities among hardcore gamers.
19 March 02 ESCmag Jonty Barnes Interview – Redeemer
ESCmag interviews Jonty Barnes, head of B&W Studios.
Why are there no other gods on the island?
Because we wanted to center the gameplay on your Creature. Also, it's very difficult to experiment and discover the benefits of the new AI when you have a violent god breathing down your neck! We also wanted to save the new God AI, and our SuperGods ideas for B&W2, which returns once more to moral choices and conflict. In other words, the philosophies of B&W.
22 March 02 Game Developers Choice 2002 Awards – nocturne
The results of the Game Developers Choice 2002 Awards has B&W winning awards for Game Innovation Spotlights and Excellence in Programming (Richard Evans, AI). B&W was also nominated in two other categories: Game of the Year and Excellence in Game Design.
24 March 02 GameSpy GDC Interview – nocturne
GameSpy interviews Molyneux at the GDC, covering life after BW:CI, BW:NextGen and Project Ego.

[Black & White Studios] started working on Black & White 2 for the PC about three months before Creature Isle came out. “This game will be far, far more than Black & White,” Molyneux said. “There are refinements and new concepts. We’ve thrown some things out and enhanced others.”
26 March 02 PC Zone BW2 Preview – nocturne
click click. Nothing really new.
31 March 02 RepRev @ Elixir – nocturne
Jonathan Mayer of RepRev (who’s a really nice guy) had the chance to visit Elixir a few days ago. He has posted his experiences here.
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