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Eden Eggs – Feral Tendencies
This page covers the Eggs that can be found anywhere within the game.
Idle Commentary
Idle TimeIdle Time If you leave the game idle (i.e. don’t interact with anything; you can still move your mouse cursor and use your hotkeys and move around the world), you can get some amusing scenes between your advisors. Well, they’re usually amusing. Sometimes those little guys can be downright abusive. Anyway, leave them alone to get the following to occur:
  • They’ll play eye spy.
  • Evil advisor does South Park impersonations.
  • You will be mocked. In several different ways, no less.
  • They’ll complain about their job.
  • If it’s a full moon outside, you’ll hear about it from Mr. Evil.
  • If you’re playing particularly early in the morning the evil advisor will question your sleeping habits.
Lazy Programmers
Some objects in Black and White didn’t get any actual help messages, but instead got these little multi-purpose tidbits. If you find something that hasn’t got its own personal help message, keep hitting F1 over it to cycle through all of these:
  • I dunno what this is.
  • Don’t bother me with such trivia.
  • Ignore this. It’s not worth mentioning.
  • Well, what do you think this is?
  • No. I don’t care what this is.
  • Leave it and get on with other things.
  • You’re a god. Work this out for yourself.
  • This is a leftover from some other game I reckon.
  • Haven’t you got better things to do than examine this?
  • You can’t be interested in this.
  • Maybe this is something we’ll put in the sequel.
  • Leave me alone boss!
  • Ah, stop wasting my time.
  • Come on. Get on with the game.
If you can’t seem to find anything that’ll give you these, here are a few examples:
  • Some of the rocks outside the sculpter’s house (Land 1)
  • The “throwing practice” pillar (Land 1)
  • The pillar stones outside Lethys’ temple (Land 2)
Nature Calls
When you create your profile, use one of the following names:

Male :: Aaron, Abdul, Achmed, Adam, Adrian, Alan, Alex, Andrew, Andy, Angus, Ben, Charlie, Chris, Christopher, Darren, Dan, Dave, David, Dominic, Ed, Gareth, Gary, Graham, Habib, Ian, James, Jason, Jeremy, John, Joe, Jon, Julian, Kevin, Liam, Mark, Matt, Matthew, Mike, Mohammed, Nathan, Neil, Nicholas, Nick, Oliver, Ollie, Paul, Pete, Peter, Phil, Rich, Richard, Rob, Robert, Russell, Simon, Steve, Steven, Thomas, Tim, Timothy, Tom, Wayne, Will, William

Female :: Alison, Amanda, Amy, Caroline, Cat, Claire, Daisy, Debbie, Emily, Emma, Gemma, Helen, Jade, Janice, Jasmine, Karen, Katie, Kylie, Lisa, Lizzie, Louise, Lucy, Mel, Naomi, Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Sophie, Vicky

Undecided :: Jack, Jamie, Jez, Jo, Lee, Sam, Terry

Note: These names must be spelled exactly in order to work.

If you do it right, you might hear someone whispering to you at night…
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