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Land One Fun in the Sun – Feral Tendencies
You can dig both of the first two up as soon as you get control of the game. The phonebooths require you to have a Creature.
Explore This!
Land 1 :: Leonardo di Caprio, eat your heart out.Land 1 :: Explore This! When doing the explorers’ quest and they ask for meat, try handing them different animals. They make different comments about each one, and supposedly the sheep is the most amusing.

Also, try handing them a man or a woman when they ask for meat. It can be amusing.

And, do be sure to watch them as they sail away. Leonardo di Caprio, eat your heart out.

NOTE: You might wanna save before you do this one, because helping these guys is the only way to get any kind of a reward.

If you wanna have some real fun, start tossing these guys around. If you kill the middle one, you’ll get a fun little South Park parody.
Land 1 :: Toys in the CradleLand 1 :: Toys in the Cradle You can find a Teddy Bear and three dice in the children’s creche. If you don’t care about being evil, you can burn the sucker to the ground. However, it’s just as easy to just zoom in really close (under the roof) and pick them up.

If you leave your Creature alone and unleashed, you may notice he’ll run to the creche. These toys are the reason he’s so interested.

The toys actually do serve a purpose. They encourage your creature to be playful. They can actually be a distraction in this way, so just be prepared to deal with it!
“Dead” Trees
Feeling evil, yet can’t seem to landscape to reflect your mood? Well, we have your solution! Go snoop around the ogre’s hangout, and you’ll find three blackened trees. Evil-looking, aren’t they?

Well, now you can grow your own! Just pull them up, put them in a safe place where they’ll grow, and water them a lot! Instant evil trees!
The Holy Phonebooths
Land 1 :: PhoneboothsLand 1 :: Phonebooth Yes, we’ve all heard of the phonebooths, haven’t we? We haven’t? Well, we are greatly offended, then. We’ll need to… Oh, nevermind. Here, this is how you find the stupid things…

After you’ve completed the creature leash tutorial and gotten all three leashes, make the leash gesture (it’s at the bottom-right corner of your screen, with a leash over it). Now that you’ve got the leash gesture made, make the second gesture shown below.

Land 1 :: Phonebooth MapLeash GesturePhone Gesture You’ll be notified you’ve got a call! Hmm… where could it be? Go to the red dot on the map.

Awww… lookit the little phonebooth! Right-click on the phonebooth to activate it.

You’ll hear someone talking (quiet, it’s not very loud!). Keep clicking until the one phonebooth disappears, and five other phonebooths will appear. Right-click on the one on the far left in the picture to hear some more speech.

If you click on any of the others, it’ll tell you that “The Boss had the cheat removed,” and the phonebooths will disappear. Awww… darn!
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