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Timely Eggs – Feral Tendencies
This page covers the Eggs that need a certain date or time to be activated. Some of the idle commentary have time-specific comments. Other than that we have…
April Fools
:) :) If you set your computer clock to April 1st, you’ll notice something a little… different about your creature’s footprints…
X-Mas Cheer
On Christmas day, the advisors will give you a dose of Christmas cheer. Set your computer clock forward if you don’t feel like waiting for the big day!
Happy B-Day!
On some days – presumably the birthday dates of Lionhead staff members – the advisors will appear and announce:

“Hey Boss! Today is a special day.”
“Yes. It’s someone very important’s birthday.”
“One of the Lionhead people.”
“So many happy returns to them!”
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