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Games Gods Play – Feral Tendencies
Easter Eggs :: Gods’ Playground First off, go to the Gods’ Playground for these Easter Eggs. To enter the Gods’ Playground, press F2 at any time.
Gods’ Playground Easter Egg Map Zoom in to the place marked by the Circle. See the Japanese Wonder? Now, go grab a fireball from the nearby miracle dispensers and burn that baby to the ground! You’ll find a pretty beachball inside. And it’s hot for you…

Of course, if you’re not the pyromaniacal type, you could just zoom in really, really close and pick the beachball up that way…

So, you like the beachball, eh? Well, there’s another one waiting for you! Zoom in on the Heart.

Yeah, so it looks like I led ya down a dead end, doesn’t it? Well, hold on! Just bust up the rocks. There’s another pretty beachball in there!
Okay, so now that you’ve found the beachballs, zoom in on the Cancel.

See the big pile o’ rocks? Bust ’em up! There are two whole dice under there! Woohoo.
Bowling for Prayer Power
Okay, okay, so you don’t get any prayer power or anything from this. So what? It’s still loads o’ fun!

For the first round, zoom in on the Spiral. There’s a full set of ten pins and two bowling balls! Have fun. Unfortunately, there’s no rack to reset the suckers. You have to do it yourself.

When you’re done having your fun with that set, zoom in on the Star on the little island.

Woohoo! 5 pins, 3 bowling balls, and 2 beachballs! Am I the only one that’s disturbed by the smiley faces?
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