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The Little People What do I do in Black & White?
You can do what you like, but in order to achieve your potential as a god you’ll have to gain followers and build new villages to increase your power and influence. You have a godly hand which can pick up objects and people, and you can offer practical help to your people or throw them around. You also have a Creature that can do the same. Doing anything is useful, whether it’s good or evil.

Is it better to be good or evil?
It makes no difference. If you kill all your followers, that’s very evil and you will suffer because you’ll have fewer people praying to you. But there are many ways to be evil without causing death. Being evil makes your tribes worship you harder through fear, but being good means that you’ll have people worshipping through happiness, so either is good.

What are quests?
Quests are tasks you can do in order for the story of Black & White to progress. You don’t have any time limits, and you don’t HAVE to do them, but if you want the storyline to unfold, you should address the quests sooner or later. They’re marked on the landscape by Gold Story Scrolls.

What are challenges?
Challenges, marked by Silver Scrolls, are tasks you can do if you choose. They are often triggered by prayers from your people, and, like the Gold Scrolls, you can tackle them in any way you choose. If you wish to be evil, you can be and could well get a reward for being so, or if you’re good you might get a totally different result. You can leave them half way through, complete as many as you like or simply ignore them all if you want.

A special challenge becomes available to you if you are playing with an Immersion TouchSense-compatible mouse like the Logitech iFeel mouse.

What are the Miracles and what do they do?
We won’t give them all away here, but Miracles are like powerful spells. If you have enough prayer power, and you have learnt the Miracle, you can cast it. Some Miracles are destructive, and you can cast them on buildings, Creatures or people and some are beneficial. These can be cast wherever you like as well. Which Miracles you use will depend on your chosen alignment, but all of them will impress the people of Eden, and you can give yourself a great advantage by using beneficial ones on people, whether they believe in you or not.

How do I teach my Creature?
He’ll learn from what you do in front of him, and from his natural inquisitiveness, but you can teach him and influence him using Leashes. One is a Leash of Learning, which you can use to teach him specific things by showing them to him when he’s on it. The Leash of Aggression will turn him into a meaner character and the Leash of Compassion will do the opposite.

Can I have any living thing as a Creature?
No. This was an idea that just didn’t work. Human Creatures just didn’t fit in with the style, as people are cleverer than animals. Also we didn’t want to unbalance the game by letting people have flying Creatures.

But there’s a large choice of Creatures in the game, right?
Yes. There are 14 Creatures and you can choose any of them at certain points, dependent on what you do and whether you complete some challenges.

Is there a difference in personality and ability between the Creatures?
Yes. Not a vast amount, again, for balancing reasons, but each Creature will be different. What makes a big difference is how you raise your Creature. When you swap Creatures the personality and knowledge of your old Creature is transferred across, so you don’t have to start again with the teaching process.

Can my Creature cast Miracles?
Yes. He can learn and cast any Miracle you can. In fact he can do anything you can, and is more flexible in that he can operate outside your sphere of influence on the land.

Can you ever actually win Black & White?
Yes. The storyline, which is somewhat dependent on what you do, will lead to a natural crescendo and if you take the right course of action, you can triumph as a god. That’s all we’re saying.

How can I play online?
Lionhead is putting together a huge web community at www.bwgame.com and this is where to find out about the online side of Black & White. You can play against other humans here, or can join clans and play co-operatively against other clans.

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