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Do you need to have finished Black & White before you can play Creature Isle?
No. Although you need to have a copy of B&W, you do not need to have finished it.

What’s the name of the new land and could you explain its geography?
The singing Missionaries from Black & White have been wandering the seas looking for land, when they discover a group of islands populated by many strange and wonderful Creatures who live as a Brotherhood. The land is known as the Creature Isle and it’s a realm of mystery, a place without gods. The Isle is large and has many hidden corners, each with its own set of surprises. Everywhere the player looks there are Trials. Furthermore, in this world of Creatures, a brand new Creature is born; one which looks to the player’s own Creature for guidance and learning. To all intents and purposes, the player and the player’s Creature now have a pet.

What are some of the Trials, puzzles and challenges your Creature must undertake?
You must complete a number of Trials to convince the members of the Brotherhood that your Creature is worthy to join them. The difference between these and the challenges of Black & White is that the Trials are deliberately set by the Creatures. This means that they’re not so much a test of morality, but are more dependant on the skills and abilities of the player. Some require thought, like the hunt for the invisible wolf or the outwitting of the blind hermit, and others require quick reactions or accuracy, like the tiger’s cannon or the cow’s bowling trial.

What’s this about a female Creature in Creature Isle?
This is true. As well as entering the Brotherhood, your Creature can, if he’s impressive enough, turn the head of a female Creature. There is the chance for them to pair, and, once nature takes its course, your Creature will have a baby.

How many Trials are there?
There are more than twenty-five Trials, and a similar number of Creatures to fight or befriend.

What are some of the Creatures in The Brotherhood?
The Brotherhood includes all the Creatures from the original game of Black & White, plus a few totally new ones. These Creatures include the “elusive” Rhino that was never discovered in Black & White despite much discussion on the www.bwgame.com boards. It also includes the Chicken, a Creature which we wanted to do for a while, but decided to enhance, redesign and save for the mini-sequel.

Which “side” do the Creatures in The Brotherhood take? Good, evil, or a mixture?
Each Creature in the Brotherhood is different in personality, though they all live together in a state of harmony and happiness. They are a mixture of alignments, but as a Brotherhood they all stick together. The whole reason for the Trials is to discourage unsuitable candidates from joining them.

Can your Creature’s alignment change in Creature Isle?
Yes. As in B&W, you and your Creature can behave in a good or an evil way. And how you behave affects not only you, your Creature and your realm, but your Creature’s pet as well.

What are the benefits and rewards of acceptance into The Brotherhood?
As well as gaining a pet, by doing the Trials the player’s already unique Creature will develop further, and learn new and exciting abilities and Miracles. The Brotherhood also rewards your Creature with a coveted wrist bracelet called the Band of the Brotherhood, which players will be able to see online, and therefore be aware that their opponent is highly skilled and elite. It won’t be possible for a Creature who hasn’t completed the Brotherhood’s Trials to gain, copy or wear this Band.

What new skills and Miracles can you learn?
There are a number of new skills and Miracles in Creature Isle. For example, we felt the Creature could help build towns. Upon implementing this, testing found the knock-on effect in multiplayer gaming was great, and instantly demanded a Creature Speed Up Miracle, which also made it into the game. We’re keeping the others secret, though.

What role does the apprentice play?
The apprentice (or pet as we sometimes call him) role is probably the strongest element of the mini-sequel. Your Creature gains a friend who is influenced by his actions and behaviour. Teaching this pet is vital as it displays to the female Creature that your Creature would make a good father. Although the pet is loyal to your Creature and looks solely to your Creature for guidance, it is your responsibility as a player to encourage your Creature to do certain things you wish his pet to do. As the pet becomes more skilled he becomes more useful to you as a player. He also develops more of a mind of his own. It’s a like Black & White, when you first trained your Creature. But in Creature Isle, you’re getting your Creature to train another, as a prelude to fatherhood.

Does the apprentice undertake any Trials?
Your Creature’s pet has a character of his own, which is unique. The pet’s involvement within Trials is dependant on your Creature’s actions, though the pet does have a number of opportunities to play a vital role in a several of the Trials.

How does your Creature teach his apprentice?
Your Creature teaches his pet by example. It’s much the same way that your Creature learnt from watching your actions. The pet watches the actions of his master (your Creature) and develops his character based on what he sees.

What new additions or actions can we expect from your followers?
The Followers on the land have their own agenda, and as ever, pray to you for help. This is a place without other gods, so you are not fighting another for their souls, but as in Black & white, they provide worship power for you, so you must keep them happy and allow them to thrive. Luckily, both your Creature and his pet can help, if they’ve got time!

Do you use your Creature from the original game or do you have to train a new one?
Creature Isle tries to load your Creature from the original game. If however, you are without a Creature, you are automatically given a Creature with the necessary skills for you to play the land. But you will need a copy of Black & White in order to play Creature Isle.

What online capabilities does Creature Isle possess and can you use your new Creature and apprentice and the original game?
All the enhancements of Creature Isle are compatible with the online game. You can take any of the Creatures, including the pet, online and use their new skills against your opponents. In addition, the rewards of Creature Isle are instantly noticeable if your Creature has the Band of the Brotherhood, and he may have completed a hidden challenge which is also reflected in your Creature’s online appearance.
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