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Indulge your despotic tendencies in a PlayStation real-time strategy game that gives you ultimate control. Control every aspect of the lives of your citizens, command a variety of different tribes, cast dozens of spells or use your titan to crush the opposition. Do you fancy yourself as a kind and indulgent leader or a raging and maniacal tyrant? Good or evil, black or white, the choice is yours.
  • Choose from a range of civilisations to rule – each with their own benefits and flaws.
  • Create your own titan using any creature within the game world
  • Choose your path – Are you a peace-loving ruler, or a bloodthirsty despot.
  • Fantastic 3D game world brings your subjects to life.
  • Revolutionary control system – pad movements dictate the smoothness and shape of the on-screen action.
Black & White for the PSX is published by MiDAS Interactive Entertainment.
27 Feb 01 BW:PS1 Press Conference
MiDAS Press Conference Journalists from across Europe attended the event organised by Midas, hearing presentations from Midas, Krisalis and Lionhead Studios. A demo of the PC version from Scott Sanders of Lionhead was followed by Krisalis’ Simeon Pashley presenting the game on the PlayStation.

Lionhead Supremo Peter Molyneux answered questions on his long awaited God-game and its conversion, describing how Krisalis’ achievement pushed the console’s capabilities further than ever before.

He praised both Krisalis and Midas for their work in developing and promoting the title. As a result of his attendance, Peter confirmed that he would be happy to promote the game at retail events over the next few months.
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