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Since a Patch has not been released, here we cover ways and means to solve various issues. Firstly, read the readme.txt file in your game folder. Read 3DSpotlight’s Tweak Guide, which tells you exactly how to customise the settings for B&W. Read EA Support FAQ and EA UK Support FAQ. Do not email us with any issues, email EA Support for perfomance issues or post in our forums for gameplay issues.
01 June 01 Creature Freeze Fix
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Found a couple fixes to the creature locking problem! These are more convenient than going to skirmish mode, especially if you’ve got low RAM.

First thing to try is to unleash your creature (if he is leashed) and then hit the creature zoom-in button to zoom to him. Then, just move away from him using the keyboard. This doesn’t work consistently, so I recommend this second solution if the problem persists:

Hit the “Esc” key to bring up the in-game menu, then hit “Ctrl-Esc” to go to your Windows desktop. Then, simply click on the little icon-thingy in your Start bar to re-enter the game. This should straighten your creature out, and you won’t have to go through excessive load times.
04 Apr 01 Problem Work-AroundsOfficial Site Discussion Board
The Lionhead Studios staff is currently working on the problems with Black & White that some players have experienced and will able to offer a free downloaded patch shortly.

To address some problems, you might like to try these temporary work-arounds. These are all temporary fixes to enable you to continue playing Black & White. These problems and others will be addressed with a patch that we are working on at present.

Land 5 Creature Curse problem
Some people are experiencing problems with their creature during land 5. If you are worried about this problem, then until we release a patch, we suggest that you backup your creature before continuing.

To backup your Creature, make copies of these two folders to another directory :
Program Files/Lionhead Studios Ltd/Black & White/profiles
Program Files/Lionhead Studios Ltd/Black & White/scripts/creaturemind

Run the regedit program. Start Menu/Run/regedit

Find (Ctrl + F) the folder called LHMultiplayer. Select this folder and then using Registry on the toolbar menu, ‘Export Registry File’ as lhbackup. This will save a file wherever you choose as lhbackup.reg

This saves your creature in his current state.

In order to restore this creature backup, copy your backup folders /profiles & /scripts/creaturemind over the original files. Double click the registry backup file you created : lhbackup.reg to complete your creature restoration. This restores the game including saves to the point where you backed your creature up.

Save/Load problems
If you are experiencing long load/saves times from playing the game after a long period of time, please make sure that you do not have other applications running in the background whilst you play.

You will find increased performance if you reboot your machine if experiencing long load/save time and then continue.

Creature freezing problem
If you have encountered a problem where your creature will not respond to you, and stands still doing nothing, this can be rectified by entering skirmish mode and then returning to the single player game.
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