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23 May 01 Win95 :: Fatal Exception in Kernel32 Fix – Patrick Dooley
I installed the game on a fresh Windows 95 machine. It was the first program I installed other than directx etc... Every time I went to launh the game runblack.exe caused a fatal execption in kernel32.

The fix!!! As stupid as it may be! Installing winsock2! I tried changing my video drivers, sound drivers, launching with the /noinetconn option and no success. Installing winsock2 was the answer.
30 Apr 01 3dfx Voodoo Banshee Fix
For those experiencing problems with their Banshee graphics card, visit BansheeDrivers.
The trickle of Black & White queries is quickly turning into a torrent… It appears that texture management "fixes" in the v1.04.00 core have tripped B&W up. The quick remedy is to use the previous v1.03.04 driver core. My driver mix with 3dfxTools v1.5.7.77 can be found on the Drivers page. Both links have been pounded, but Sharemation seems to be OK. Note: I haven’t updated this mix in almost a year, so it lacks some niceties, but works OK with Win9x/Me and DirectX8a.
13 Apr 01 Various FixesIGN PC
In response to yesterdays letters, in which several readers (Brian and Rell in particular) claimed that their above average machines were unable to play Black and White, I would like to offer a few helpful hints, because I had the same problem of screens freezing and crashing (I am also an A+ certified computer technician).

Both Brian and Rell’s problems sound like outdated drivers, just like EA says. I have been able to install Black and White successfully on the following systems:
1) PII 350, 128mb RAM, Rage 128 Pro video card
2) PII 600, 128mb RAM, 4mb Intel 810/E integrated AGP card (Notice that the video card doesn’t meet minimum specs. You can get away with this if you have an integrated Intel chipset.)
3) PIII 700, 64mb RAM, Voodoo 3 PCI card
4) AMD Athlon 850, 96mb RAM, TNT2 Ultra AGP

All of the systems crashed after installation. Every system ran in a Windows 98 environment. Some of the loading screens showed spliced video, and the game tended to crash at random (but more so at the initiation of quests) on ALL of the systems. This was the problem: none of the computers had DirectX 7.0 or later (I would suggest that everyone gets DirectX 8.0 or 8.0b from Microsoft). After running the game with DirectX 8.0 the game still crashed mid-game and during loading sequences. Then I installed video card drivers on the system that supported DirectX 8.0 and the problem was fixed. Go to 3dfiles.com for a list of all video card drivers.

If you do this and you still have problems, then you may be experiencing memory leaks, or there be conflicting background programs. If system resources are below 70% in a Windows 98 environment, then there is a much greater chance of crashes. To free up system resources, go to Start/Run and type in “msconfig” – go to the Startup tab and uncheck any programs that you do not want the be running all the time (do not uncheck SystemTray, LoadPowerProfile, or any crucial system programs. It might be a good idea to temporarily disable all virus scan-related software, and then restart your computer). 90% system resources at startup is a good number to acheive. To free up more memory, go to analogx.com and download MaxMem. This will allow you to free up system resources WITHOUT having to do a system reboot. Furthermore you can control the amount of dynamically allocated memory used in Black and White by right clicking on your B&W shortcut, going to properties and adding “ -heapsize (number)” to the target line. For 128mb systems, I would suggest “ -heapsize 90000”.

As for Chris’s problem, that can be circumvented. iKernel.exe conflicts are common in Windows 98 environments when using the Install Shield Engine. To get around this, put your B&W cd in your cd-rom drive, go to Control Panel/Add/Remove Software and click on Install. This should prevent the iKernel.exe conflict from appearing again.

More than likely, there is a way to make Black and White run on your system (unless your system specs are way below requirements).

I hope this helps,
– Dain Bramage

Now this is more like it. Someone finally sent in an answer. Thanks for all the insight, Dain

A lot of readers also suggested that you copy the audio folder from the CD directly onto your hard drive – to the audio directory within the Black and White folder specifically. This tends to smooth out some of the stops you might be experiencing and it even seems to resolve a few crash and lock bugs.

– Steve
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