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13 July 01 Press Release
Creature Isles Black & White, 2001’s top-selling PC game will be enhanced this October with the release of a Mini-sequel called Creature Isles.

The singing Missionaries from Black & White have discovered a new land populated by many strange and wonderful Creatures who live as a Brotherhood. It’s a realm of mystery, a place without gods. Until you arrive with your faithful Creature from Black & White.

The Brotherhood is the next stage of Creature advancement. And this is your Creature’s chance to join them, to learn brand new Miracles and to improve his skills, intelligence and abilities. But these big rewards need to be earned. To be initiated into the Brotherhood, your Creature, with your help, must complete a series of Trials. Each Creature on the Isle will set one, and only when you and your Creature succeed at all of them will you get the coveted tattoo of the Brotherhood, and all that goes with it.

But that’s not all. Your Creature must also raise and teach his very own apprentice. This is a brand new Creature that will copy yours, and will morph to be like him. So not only do you have your own, unique Creature, but he has his own, unique pet to raise and form however he chooses.

The Creature Isles Mini-sequel has a number of new features including all-new Creatures, new Miracles and a host of Trials, puzzles and challenges for players of all abilities. It continues the Black & White story and also allows the player’s already unique Creature to develop even further, and learn new and exciting abilities.

And on top of all this, you still have to be a god to this new land, playing as much or as little a part in the daily lives of your followers as you want. As in Black & White, both Creature and player have the freedom to behave as well or badly as they choose. Only this time there’s a new Creature to influence as well.

Announcing the release of Creature Isles, Lionhead Director Peter Molyneux said, “Creature Isles has allowed us to evolve the creature AI of Black & White even further. We have been able to include more games, puzzles and new features, Miracles and skills as well. We wanted this Mini-sequel to bring some genuinely new gameplay elements to Black & White and Creature Isles does just this.”
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