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24 September 01 Press Release
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Sept. 24, 2001 – Players of Black & White™ will now be able to take their unique creatures onto its next adventure in Black & White: Creature Isle for the PC. Currently under development, Electronic Arts™ again joins forces with Lionhead Studios on the highly anticipated project scheduled for release this fall. Creature Isle is the Role Playing God/Strategy simulation expansion pack from legendary game creator, Peter Molyneux. The game follows the successful launch of Black & White earlier this year that sold close to 350,000 units to date in North America, according to the August 2001 TRST report.

Creature Isle extends the original Black & White experience by focusing on the creature whose alignment will veer towards being black (evil) or white (good) based on the player’s gameplay style. The game begins with players discovering a new land populated by an array of strange and mystical creatures who harmoniously exist in the Brotherhood. It is a place without a god, until the player’s arrive with their creature at which time they enter the next stage of creature Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancement.

With the player’s help, the creature must be initiated by successfully learning a series of challenging trials in order to win the hand of Eve, a new mysterious and reclusive female mate. In addition, the creature must secure the coveted tattoo of the Brotherhood – a powerful sign that advances the player’s creature to a higher development level. Each creature will have an opportunity to further evolve its AI by learning new, more powerful spells that further strengthens and skills their miracle casting.

Helping to heighten the game’s revolutionary AI technology is the addition of an apprentice for each creature that takes on the form of a spring chicken named Tyke. It is up to the creature to apply the values and principles previously instilled by the player when raising the young fowl who symbolizes a new generation. Based on the creature’s influence, Tyke will eventually mature into a gentle and loving or aggressive and destructive creature that exists in the world of Black & White. The upbringing of Tyke will also help affect Eve’s perception of the creature’s potential parental skills.

Similar to the original game, Creature Isle will support a robust cooperative and combative online component for up to eight players/creatures (and four teams) via www.bwgame.com. Additionally, the creature can bring Tyke online for added entertainment.

Black & White: Creature Isle for the PC will require the original title, Black & White. The game is being developed by Lionhead Studios (www.lionhead.com), which was founded by Peter Molyneux in 1997. Electronic Arts, under the EA GAMES™ brand, will be the worldwide publisher and distributor.
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