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23 January 02 Press Release
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – January 23, 2002 – Electronic Arts announces that Black & White™: Creature Isle for the PC will begin to ship this week. From legendary game designer Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios, Creature Isle is the highly anticipated expansion pack to the critically acclaimed Role Playing Strategy/God game, Black & White™. Fans of the original year to date top five selling game, per the November 2001 TRST PC DATA Report, can see their malevolent or benign influence continue to evolve, as their creations raise Creatures of their own.

Utilizing the Creature they matured in Black & White, Creature Isle begins on a strange island inhabited by godless-Creatures. The player’s Creature is invited to join their mystic Brotherhood, and earn their sacred mark. By completing a series of trials, such as bowling and sparring, the creature gains membership, and the opportunity to learn more powerful spells from his brethren.

The next challenge for the Creature is to act as surrogate parent to a chicken-like hatchling named Tyke. While the player’s Creature still learns per their whims, the black or white choices previously made reoccur in this second generation of Creatures. Creature Isle advances the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) established in the original title, as the Creature independently teaches Tyke based on his own upbringing of reward, punishment and example.

Little Tyke serves as more than a feathered sidekick, however, as his growth and behaviors reflect on the Creature. The island is home to one female Creature, Eve, who stands constant watch to the inhabitants of Creature Isle, looking for one worthy of being her mate. After successfully completing the 25 challenges necessary to join the brotherhood, Eve turns a watchful eye to Tyke’s evolution, as the Creature’s parenting skills will be a key factor in winning her affections.

Black & White: Creature Isle for the PC requires the original Black & White title to play. Similar to the original game, Creature Isle will support a robust cooperative and combative online component for up to eight players/Creatures (and four teams) via www.bwgame.com. Additionally, the Creature can bring Tyke online for added entertainment.
More information about EA’s products can be found on the press website at www.info.ea.com and general website at www.eagames.com.

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