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Keyboard HotKeys
This is the full list of keyboard hotkeys. This list does not include the configurable keys, which can be found in the options menu, under controls.
F1Help. Describes what’s under your hand.
F2Enter the God’s Playground.
MMiracle ((as spiral Gesture)).
RRepeat Last Miracle ((as R Gesture)).
PPause the game. While the game is paused, you can still move around the map, go to your bookmarks, set new bookmarks and use any navigation hotkeys ((Temple key, Creature key)). You can queue one hotkey, which will take effect the moment the game continues ((Leash key, Miracle key, Repeat Miracle key)).
TABCycles through your Village Stores.
SPACETemple key. Tap once to reset your view. Double-tap to zoom to Temple. Double-tap again to return to your original position.
CTRL-SHIFTZoom in on Hand.
#Zoom to Bookmark ((# = 1 to 7)).
CTRL-#Set Bookmark.
CTRL-SHIFT-#Release Bookmark.
BACKSPACEReturn to last position before zooming in on Bookmark.
SHIFT-#Follow moving Bookmark.
CTRL-TABCycle through Bookmarks.
SHIFT-TABBack cycle through Bookmarks.
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