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[ Tips & Tricks :: Miracle Dispensers and Miracle Seeds ]

Miracle Dispensers
Miracle Dispensers give out Miracle Seeds. I believe that Lionhead didn’t intend for players to be able to create them, as six scaffolds was initially meant for the soccer field. There is some confusion over getting player created Miracle Dispensers to “work”. The thing is, they don’t, not in the way that “normal” Dispensers work. We’ll call the ones you find in the Lands “Reward Dispensers” and the ones you build “Player Dispensers”.
Miracle Seeds
Miracle Seeds, or one-shot Miracles, are those little bubbles with Miracles floating around inside them. Beyond providing you with Miracles that do not require the time to charge up in Prayer Power, these have several uses.

You can use them to Impress villagers. Toss them around, or, somewhat easier, drop one on top of another and it will bounce around on its own. The main advantage of this is that Miracle Seeds cannot hurt villagers or buildings, unlike rocks.

You can burst a Miracle Seed, hold the Miracle in your hand, and then cancel the Miracle to transfer the Prayer Power to your worship site, providing an alternative source of Prayer Power in lieu of sacrificing. This allows you to cast the Miracles you need, like resource Miracles or Miracle Flock, instead of Shields or Fireballs.

You can toss Miracle Seeds into the Vortex to the next Land.
Finding & Creating Miracle Seeds
As the Hermit tells you in Land 1, Fireflies turn into Miracle Seeds when they hide under rocks and trees at dawn. Pay attention to where they go. To attract fireflies, plant trees near buildings in your village. Putting rocks help too, you need to get your Creature to put them down where you want them, as the villagers will dance around any rock you place by hand, creating an Artifact.

You can create a Seed by casting a Miracle on any Dispenser, both reward and player Dispensers.
“Reward Dispensers”
Implying Dispensers you find normally in the Lands, usually as a reward to a Challenge or Puzzle.

Reward Dispensers will keep respawning Miracle Seeds. If you do not need to use the Seed at once, pick it up and place it somewhere, and it will keep the Dispenser spawning.

Don’t forget that you can gain the Prayer Power by canceling the Miracle, don’t neglect a Dispenser just because it gives out a Miracle Seed you do not need to use.
“Player Dispensers”
Implying Dispensers you build, using six scaffolds.

Player Dispensers will not respawn Miracle Seeds. What they do allow you to do is to create Miracle Seeds by casting Miracles on the Dispenser.

This is not as useless as it first appears. Miracle Seeds have advantages, as listed above. Also, there is a limit to the amount of Prayer Power your worship site can hold, and this allows you to keep the worship site charging by storing your Prayer Power as Seeds.

You will only need one Player Dispenser, as there is little point in building more than one. You can either move the Seed away or just leave it there, since you can cast another Miracle on the Dispenser even with a Seed already in place. Of course, it is best to build your Dispenser somewhere near your worship site.

Dispensers can only be built within a “village limit”. To build a Dispenser near your Temple, build houses from your village until the “village limit” reaches near enough to your Temple for you to build a Dispenser there.
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