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Creature Training with Miracle Seeds – inspyre
As soon as your Creature is big enough to hold, and thus, use, Miracle Seeds, you can train him to learn spells using Seeds (not just by showing him – it is safe to use a mix, just use a feel Seeds too). Remember the amnesia bug – your Creature is going to remember the first seven to eight spells you teach him, so teach him the impressive ones first (Flock, Explosion, Wood, Food and Heal Increase). Once he knows these spells and you know the amnesia bug won’t eat them, you’re good to go. The reason he “looses” Seeds when you hand one to him is because the amnesia bug has eaten that spell without you knowing and he’s trying to learn them again. Or he’s trying to cast it in an area where it cannot be casted. (Your Creature can’t successfully cast Teleport outside of your Influence – he’ll try but nothing will happen.)

Now for the good part – the use for this powerful little trick. The obvious one – hand him a Flock Seed in enemy villages outside of your Influence. This trains him too. My Creature always casts Flock twice, dances, then rests and repeats every time he’s leashed to an enemy or neutral town – no more Seeds needed from me.

The not so obvious and very very fun one – leash him with Aggression to an enemy village center. Hand him an Explosion ball. If there is no village center, your enemy cannot cast the village’s spells. Plus Explosion doesn’t kill people in its blast radius, so your alignment is not affected much.

The leash tells your Creature what to target, this also teaches him. After about 20 times, my Creature will walk on his own, even when I’m not paying attention, to enemy village centers and nuke them. Great fun :D and worth almost as much as Flock in Impression value.

Side note about Miracle Teleport – I haven’t tested it yet, so I’m not sure this will work, but you don’t maintain your Creature’s spells. You can teach your Creature to cast Teleport by handing him Seeds. Maybe you can use your Creature to place a network of teleports that don’t need maintainence. But seeing as his Shields don’t last forever, I’m willing to bet this won’t work.

Second side note – You can teach your Creature to cast the potion Miracles (shrink, freeze, aggression, etc.) by handing him Seeds, but only after he gets big enough (if he’s too small, he’ll toss them. Each potion has it’s one size requirement). Use Growth on your Creature so he’s maxxed on size, then hand him the potion Seed you want him to learn – Freeze followed by an Explosion from your Creature and a little Mega-Lightning from you, if you can, will take out your enemy’s Creature without combat (the Freeze + Explosion combo can be taught, so eventually you don’t have to hand him balls). Alternatively, your Creature can be trained to Shrink or Weakness (or both) an opponent before battle (the bigger he is, the longer it lasts).

Third side note for those that don’t know – you can create your own Miracle Seeds by casting a spell into any Miracle Dispenser, not just the ones you built.

Final side note – after the Seed disappears, your Creature needs to get to his target. He’ll walk around for a bit before casting the spell – it will appear as though nothing is happening – a Fireball from your enemy at this time will ruin the spell as your Creature suddenly wants to heal, so distract your enemy elsewhere.

So in the end if you want to use Miracle Seed tricks you have to resist the urge to teach your Creature any spells right away. Wait until he’s big enough to hold Seeds and if you want to save your Creature’s Explosion, Flock and Freeze spells from the amnesia bug (and thus get your Creature to cast it every time you hand it to him, and eventually on his own), wait till Land 5 (or get a sandbox map) before you teach him any spells at all.

In the meantime you can teach him never to poop again and to seek out any light purple mushrooms on the map (since they look like rocks and are hard to find). :)
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