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The Vortex
A Vortex will appear at the end of every Land, providing you passage through to the next Land.

Whatever you put in the Vortex will be carried over to the next Land as well. In the earlier Lands, as the Vortex appears near the sea, some of the things you put in will drop into the sea and sink, not much you can do about this except attempting to catch whatever comes out before it hits the water.
Whatever you put in the Vortex will be listed in your profiles/Saved Games/ folder ((default :: Program Files/Lionhead Studios Ltd/Black & White/profiles/Saved Games/)) under vortex.txt. Just alt-tab out of the game, edit this file, and tab back in before going through the Vortex. Drop in a villager and copy him a dozen times over, for example. Or cut away lines if you are having problems since you brought too much stuff across.
Scaffolds have a “village attribute” belonging to the village that created them. If you bring a scaffold through, this attribute becomes randomly assigned or something. However it’s assigned, the scaffolds you bring through a vortex may enable you to build Wonders or Village Centers of Tribes not under your control. This could give you more Miracle choices at the worship site, or more useful Wonders.

To drop a scaffold in a Vortex without accidentally building something, place your hand with the scaffold over the Vortex and shake it, as if you were cancelling a disciple.
A Thousand Faithful – WereCat
I was doing exceptionally well in Land 4, I saved almost all of the people from the fireballs and lightning and had three rather large Japanese Wonders, so I was accumulating well over a thousand villagers. I took ALMOST ALL of them to Land 5.

To get the villagers of the Norse village, build something small, like a house, on the far side of the Vortex, the people will flock to build it (assuming you have a lot of people) and they will mostly get sucked in. For the Japanese and Aztec villages, simply make your people worship, but first, put a teleporter in the center of their villages and another by that house that was built earlier, people will rush to worship and get sucked into the Vortex!

Very big warning, I threw about a million wood and half that in food, in addition to the thousand or so people. Too much stuff for spawning, since wood spawns in 1000-unit lots not the 27,000 unit lots I was dropping in (five or seven Norse wonders going there). The game crashed every time I fired up the Land 5 save, all that junk would tumble through and crash the game.
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