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[ Tips & Tricks :: Artifacts ]

An Artifact is created by placing an object by hand in a village. Your villagers will dance around the object, infusing it with their faith in you. They tend to have large dances at dusk. Though, with a large enough population and high enough belief, someone will be dancing at all hours of the day.

Any and all objects, except trees, that you place will attract dancers, being, as it were, touched by God. This includes rocks, fences, beach balls and mobiles. As big big rocks make the best Artifacts, do not place anything else in the village. Fences are purely cosmetic anyways, and can be walked through. Leave the mobiles and the beach ball in your Creature’s pen.

After several nights of dancing, the rock will start to glow with your colour, and your symbol will be stamped on it. Larger objects will take longer to gain Artifact status, but will be more Impressive.

Artifact rocks can be destroyed, so be careful not to tap them by mistake and break them, and punish your Creature should he do so. To get rid of one permanently, drop it in the sea.
Artifacts = Belief
An Artifact will generate belief in a village it is placed in. In un-conquered villages and villages with low Belief, they will generate little amounts of Belief when villagers walk by and see them.

To place an Artifact out of your Influence, give it to your Creature, leash him, and target the place you want him to put it down. You do not have to be within your Influence to give an item to your Creature, so you can get him to place Artifacts in enemy villagers by giving them to him while he is there.
The Artifact Tour
The trick to using Artifacts is to remember that an Artifact is tied to the last village it was placed in. The villagers of that village will not be much Impressed by it, since, after all, it’s their Artifact.

The villagers of another village, however, will be mightily Impressed if you “give” them an Artifact. I have generated 300+ Belief by merely placing an Artifact in a village before.

Keeping in mind that Artifacts have “village status”, you can move an Artifact around your villages ((press tab to rotate between your village stores)), generating Belief at each stop of your Artifact tour. Better yet, if you have multiple Artifacts, drop one off, pick up another, and tab to the next village, then you don’t have to wait for the Artifact to “settle” before going to the next village.
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