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Resource Miracle Bug – contributions from Feral Tendencies
This is a bug and has been fixed in Patch v1.100.

The bug allows you to get an obscene amount of resource from a single Miracle Food or Wood. You will not get as much belief as you would if you casted the Miracle normally, which isn’t that much anyways.

Cast the Miracle and hold it in your hand. Instead of clicking and holding down the Action button, repeatedly click and release – “Tapping”.

The trick to getting as much resource as possible is in where you target the Miracle. When casting into a village store, target the building itself, not either pile. For scaffolds, you have to hover over a corner of the scaffold – not the blueprint, just the little box. Or wait for the villagers to build it a little and target the half-completed building.

Sometimes, the resource will disappear when a villager attempts to get it. A good way to prevent this is to pick up a small amount of the resource and drop it back into the pile.

It sometimes helps to move your hand up and down a little while tapping. It takes a while to get used to it, but it is possible to create a 100,000 wood into a workshop with the bug.
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