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Land 1 :: MooCow Makes a Friend This is the tutorial Land, and there are several things you might like to do here before you move on. In Land 1, you do not yet need to micromanage your villages, allowing you to concentrate on your Creature’s training, a luxury you do not have in the later Lands.

Before you activate the Gold scroll after getting your Creature, you can bring him to the other village to teach him how to act with neutral villagers. As long as the scroll isn’t activated, the village cannot be converted, allowing you to be as good, or as bad, as you want to it.

Food is aplenty, and it will be a good idea to grow your Creature. Impressing the Hermit would be a good benchmark.

I got my Creature to carry as large a rock as he could manage and run between my Temple and a mountain peak, bringing him up to 99% Strength.

You can teach your Creature the following miracles from Seeds – Food, Water, Strength and either Heal or Lightning, depending on how you complete the Piper Challenge.

Your Creature can learn everything listed on the Learning scroll in the Creature Cave except for moving the Totem.

The game continues when you activate the Gold scroll after Nemesis’ Sheep tells you he has a dangerous secret to tell you.
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