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The Lost Flock
Land 1 :: The Lost FlockLand 1 :: The Lost Flock This Challenge is activated once you have found your Creature and completed the Leash tutorial. Your reward for completing the Challenge is a stack of food, and the Sheep Creature if you return all the sheep. If you go into your Challenge Room after he gives you the food reward, you will see that the Quest is at 99%.

Finding all the sheep is far from easy, particularly if you lack the patience to search the land for that little white spot. If you’re determined to try, listen for the sheep’s baaing as you s l o w l y search the land. If you are zoomed far out, the sounds you hear will be those near your hand. When you hear the baa, you will need to zoom in close before you can see the sheep. Fortunately, they never stop baaing.

The best time to complete this is immediately after you get your Creature. If you happen to have lost a sheep ((your Creature ate it, you threw one in the Store)), you may not be able to complete this Challenge, though I think there is a timer to reset killed sheep. I don’t think you can complete the Challenge if you kill the Farmer. Reload somewhen earlier and try to complete it.
The location of the lost sheep are ::
01. Near the Sculptor’s house.
02. Behind the big gate.
03. With the pig herd in a farm near the graveyard.
04. On the mountain-side along the path where you first spawned.
05. Along the path near the first Gate Stone.
06. Near a fake Singing Stone, beyond the fish farm.
07. On top of a mountain, near the hermit’s house.
08. Near the Lost Brother.
09. By the target pillar where you were Throwing Stones.
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