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The Hermit
This Challenge is activated once you have found your Creature and completed the Leash tutorial. Your reward for completing this Challenge is a Water Miracle Dispenser, if you impress him, or a Water Miracle Seed, if you “put him in his place”.

The Hermit also teaches you about fireflies ((they hide beneath rocks come day, turning into Miracle Seeds)), though it is not neccessary to complete the Challenge to find Miracle Seeds.
The best way to complete this Challenge is simply to grow your Creature big enough to impress him, which is around Age 5, depending on how fast your Creature grows.

The Hermit compares your Creature with the height of some trees. Remove those trees and replace them with smaller ones. You might have to do this a few times to get it to work.

If you happen to find an Enlarge Creature Miracle Seed, you can use this to impress him, but these are totally random.

If you destroy his hut, you will get a Water Miracle Seed, and the angry Hermit will go set fire to your Village store. Of course, if you are Evil, you would have no problems killing him before he even tries.
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