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[ Walkthru :: Land 1 :: The Pied Piper ]

The Pied Piper
This Challenge is activated after you complete the first segment with Creature Guide, the Good Advisor will tell you that you have yet to explore many Silver Scrolls, and your camera will focus over the village crèche. Your reward for this Challenge is a Miracle Dispenser – Heal, Heal Increase or Lightning, depending.

Activating the Scroll, a woman comes out of the crèche saying someone has been stealing her babies and that it has to be a stranger seen lurking around the crèche. As God, of course, you cannot let this continue, entire generations of faithful believers depend on it.
Land 1 :: The Pied Piper Pause the game. Switch on Villager Details ((default hotkey S)). You will see an Actor, in non-believer white, no less. Focusing on him, you will see he is, as the title of the Challenge, the Pied Piper.

Attempting the direct approach of picking him up or dropping rocks on him, he declares that he doesn’t believe in you, and that you cannot hurt him. Bringing your Creature near him, he will run away to his cave. Though any children under his thrall at that moment will become freed upon seeing your Creature, that doesn’t solve the basic problem.

Your advisors then suggest you tie him up by attaching the leash to him. Doing that, the Piper becomes frozen with fear, and your Creature cheerfully walks over and picks him up. Having captured him, he offers to let the children go if you will set him down near his cave.

If you want to be good, pause the game, focus on the cave entrance, press your leash hotkey, unpause the game and click on the ground outside the cave. Even if you haven’t trained your Creature not to eat people, if you click fast enough, he wouldn’t have a chance to. You have to release the Piper near the cave, otherwise he will run away again, and you have to start over. Your reward for releasing the children is a Miracle Heal Dispenser, or Miracle Heal Increase Dispenser if you have completed the The Ogre Challenge.

If you are evil, pat your Creature for doing such a good job of capturing the non-believer. *Chomp* Your reward for punishing the faithless is a Miracle Lightning Dispenser.
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