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Land 4 :: Raising Your Influence Land 4 brings you back to the Land where you first spawned. After Khazar’s rescue, Nemesis has cursed the Land, setting down three Guardian Stones to seal his power.

Generations have passed, and while the land remains the same, the villages have changed. The first Guardian Stone, near the Japanese village, causes Fireballs to rain upon your village; the second, guarded by an Orge, causes lightning to strike around the land, and the Orge’s gremlins to steal your villagers; while the final Guardian Stone keeps the sky dark and gloomy.

The initial rain of fire will not burn anything, this, however, will not last. You will need your villagers to finishing building your temple, the village center and the worship site. I didn’t have much problems here as I had 200 villagers, and brought Miracle Seeds for Wood and Food.

For the first part of this Land, at least, the trick is speed. If you haven’t learned the virtue of the pause key ((hotkey P)), now’s the time. While the game is paused, you can still move around the map, go to your bookmarks, set new bookmarks and use any navigation hotkeys ((Temple key, Creature key)). You can queue one hotkey, which will take effect the moment the game continues ((Leash key, Miracle key, Repeat Miracle key)).

If you have enough villagers praying, or sacrifice enough villagers, you can manage a Spiritual Shield to protect your village. Each fireball hitting the shield will cost you 500 points in Prayer Power. You can also catch the incoming fireballs, but this can prove rather trying. Should you decide not to use Miracle Sanctuary, you can catch a fireball and hold it in your hand, then touch any incoming fireball to absorb it.

As soon as you get a breather, activate the Gold scroll to find out about the Guardian Stones, then set to destroying them ASAP. You can build housing for your villagers later.

A point to note is that your villagers are seriously stupid. Should one of them get struck by lightning and die, some of them will gather round the corpse and, consequently, get struck by lightning themselves. The corpses just add up. Pay attention to the lighning point near the Miracle Sanctuary Dispenser and remove any corpses as soon as you notice them.
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