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Hellfire Items

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Rune of FireExplodes, doing Fire Damage
Rune of LightningCreates a 1 Square Lightning Wall
Greater Rune of FireExplodes as per Immolation
Greater Rune of LightningExplodes as per Nova
Rune of StoneStone Curse
Blacksmith OilIncreases current durability by 20%
Increases maximum durability by 1 if current durability is full
Oil of FortitudeIncreases current and maximum durability
Oil of PermanenceTurns an item Indestructible
Oil of AccuracyIncreases To Hit of a weapon by 1%
Oil of MasteryIncreases To Hit of a weapon by 4%
Oil of SharpnessIncreases maximum Damage by 1
Oil of DeathIncreases minimum Damage by 1 and maximum Damage by 2
(non-bow weapon only)
Oil of HardeningIncreases AC by 2
Oil of ImperviousnessIncreases AC by 3
Oil of SkillDecreases the requirements of an item by 9
Staff of the Jester Random spell
Staff of Mana Potion of Mana effect
Prefixes & Suffixes
Crystalline+200% to +300% Damage & Lowered Durability
Doppleganger+81% to +95% Damage & +21 to +30 To Hit
chance of cloning monster hit
Jester’s-100% to +400% Damage
of Decay+200% to +300% Damage & -5% Damage per successful hit
of DevastationChance of +200% Damage
of PerilDouble Damage to monster & Normal Damage to you
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