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The Sisters of the Sightless Eye

Rogues die. Very often. (And having a cute scream is quite besides the point.)

Rogues are legit, see.

If you wanted the power or the glory, you’d be a warrior or a sorceror.

So here’s my 2¢s on how to survive as one of the fairer (and how!) sex.


× Magic is Power.
× F5 Mana Shield or Heal – Mana Shield absorbs damage (-1 per level of Mana Shield). When the shield goes, I usually have enough time (it takes ± three hits to wipe out my life) to Teleport away, drink a Full Rejub and cast another shield.
× F6 Chain Lightning, Fire Wall or Guardian, in that order – depending on the immunities of the creatures of the level. Remember, you just want to wound them so your bow can kill them off before they surround you. Mass Attack spells work best.
× F7 Stone Curse can be used on creatures out of your line of sight – you can Stone The Butcher before entering his room. It also slows down monsters before they can gang up on you.
× F8 Teleport away before anybody comes too close. A girl should never stand for strangers invading her personal space.
× Golem is effective against magic-using enemies, though useless elsewhere.
× Telekinesis is useful for getting your stuff back.

The Belt

× Having to hold the shift key restricts you to the first four slots.
× I put Full Rejub in 1, 7 & 8. Full Mana in all other slots.
× For lower levels, Full Rejub in 7 & 8, Healing or Full Healing in the others.


× Windforce is the Bow to use. 200% damage in a Long War Bow with Bear thrown in. Its also rather easy to come across, so you don’t have to worry much about your weapon of choice.
× Alternatively, the Lightning and Fire Bows look rather good, and serve as light sources.
× Always use a bow. Its what you’re made for – you get the same weapon bonuses for the bow as you get for normal weapons. And you shoot fast.
× Resistance is very important, especially in Hell. I carry an Obsedian Helm and an Awesome Helm of Osmosis. AC should be sacrificed in favour of resistance if the creatures of a level have Magical range attacks.

General Tips

× When you gain a level, put your points into Dex and Vit once your Str and Mag reaches 30. When you hit level 27, Elixers are easily bought, except for Elixers of Vitality, which are never sold.
× If you think there’s even the smallest chance you’d die, open a Town Portal somewhere safe on the level. You could lose all your things if you die near the stairs and the monsters crowd there. Sorcerors will teleport away. Fighters will run through. You will die.
× Doorways are your friends, so are corners. Any situation where enemies only come one at a time is good. Through three Fire Walls is better.
× Be careful with Shrines, several Shrines will lower your max Mana, and there is no way to regain it. Never use random shrines.
× If you find a Staff, use it then lose it. The Witch will give you the same amount of money irregardless of charges, so finish them first.

Role-Playing ?

× Be a slut, offer to cybersex for a GPOW (yeah right!).
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