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Troubleshooting Guide

01 November 99

Please refer to the readme.txt file on the game CD, the reference card and the manual for extra help and guidance.

Crash Problems

Dungeon Keeper 2 keeps crashing at seemingly random places in the game. It will sometimes play for a couple of hours before crashing.
We have seen this happen for three reasons:

  • Overclocking. You should be aware that if you overclock your machine then you are operating outside the chip manufacturer’s recommended specifications. We have found that overclocking causes overheating and errors when running DK2. This can result in crashes.
  • Memory Resident Programs. We have seen memory resident programs interfering with game code. We recommend you close down all applications before playing DK2. To ensure that there are no memory resident programs, you should press CTRL-ALT-DEL before going into the game, and “end-tasking” any unnecessary programs.
  • Disk State. Disk fragmentation naturally occurs over time when large amounts of data are being stored, copied, moved, juggled and erased – a very likely scenario for users who install and uninstall games software on a regular basis. Use Windows Scandisk and/or Windows Disk Defragmenter to clean up your disk drive. These can be found in the Accessories > System Tools section of the Windows Start Menu.

I am experiencing frequent crashes in the game.
This is likely to be an outdated graphics or sound driver. To establish which driver needs replacing use the command line switch -nosound. See the section on adding command line switches at the end of the FAQ if you are unsure how to do this. If this resolves the problem then it is likely to be the sound driver that needs replacing. If you continue to experience problems then it is likely to be the graphics driver. To enable sound again, just remove the -nosound command line switch.

When using -nosound I’m still experiencing problems. I have an ATI Rage 128 and DK2 seems to crash frequently, or will not load.
Update your ATI Rage 128 drivers with the ones found here. We recently tried the Windows 9x Display Driver build 4.11.6114 and these rectified every problem we have so far encountered.

When using -nosound I’m still experiencing problems. I have a Matrox Millennium I / Millennium II / Mystique and DK2 will not load. The DK2 banner appears on the desktop, then I wait a long time until, finally, the screen goes blank and eventually quits to the desktop.
Dungeon Keeper 2 is trying to default to a resolution that your graphics card does not support. Download this small registry program and double-click on it to update the settings in your registry to a 640 × 480 resolution. This should solve the problem.

When using -nosound I’m still experiencing problems. I have a Voodoo 1 / Voodoo 2 / Banshee and the game will either crash straight away or intermittently.
We have had some problems reported that are caused by some of the Voodoo drivers being used, resulting in conflicts with the mouse. To see if this is causing the problem, try adding the command line switch -nointmouse. This could possibly make the mouse feel slow and unresponsive but can help to fix or track the problem. If you use this command line switch and the crashes seem to stop then download the latest drivers from here to see if they resolve the problem.

When using -nosound I’m still experiencing problems. I have an AGP Voodoo3 with an LX motherboard: the game will not run and quits to Windows.
We have identified one problem where a Voodoo 3 would run neither DK2, nor any other game using Direct 3D. We managed to fix this with the latest drivers here. We also believe there may be problems with certain motherboards, such as the ABIT LX-6, that do not supply enough current to the AGP slots. Insufficient current supply can cause intermittent lock-ups during both 2D and 3D operations. Please consult you motherboard manufacturer or local vendor if you believe you are experiencing problems due to insuffecient current.

When using -nosound I’m still experiencing problems. I have a Riva TNT and find the game will not load.
Using the command line switch option -nogamma seems to rectify this problem. It is also worth checking for the new 2.08 Detonator drivers for your card here as there seems to be a problem with the gamma support in some of the older drivers we have tried.

When using -nosound I’m still experiencing problems. I can see funny pixels on my ATI or Intel 740 based card, etc.
Use the command line switch -disablegamma. New drivers may also fix the gamma interpretation problem on your card.

DK2 seems to be working fine – I get movies and so on – but crashes when the actual levels load. Is this because I don’t have MMX?
If you have a 3D card, make sure that the Graphics Options are set to make use of it. The Hardware Acceleration option should show a ticked box. If it doesn’t, try clicking on the Driver options below to cycle through to the right driver option. Setting this option manually may need to be repeated on some machines, as there seems be a problem with recognising the correct default graphics options for certain configurations.

I have been playing DK2, and it was fine at first, but after a while it just stopped working and refused to play.
Until the exact nature of this issue is resolved, we have a work-around for machines that exhibit the problem. Download this small registry program and double-click on it to initiate a registry update. This should solve the problem whenever your game stops working.

This Registry Updater program will also solve problems that can arise when hardware is exchanged or added to your system set-up after DK2 has been installed. The program will re-establish your hardware configuration and update the registry accordingly.

Using –nosound seems to fix my problem, but I’d like sound back! I have an Aureal-based Sound card and I get a popping noise in Dungeon Keeper 2. Also, the game sometimes crashes.
You can find new drivers for your card here.

Important Note: Before updating your Aureal drivers, please make sure that you do not have a file called A3DAPI.dll stored in your Keeper folder. If you come across it, delete it before proceeding to update. Then uninstall your existing Aureal drivers and install the new drivers.

We currently recommend the Aureal 2031 drivers. Older drivers such as driver the Aureal 2016 supplied with a lot of the cards do work but you may experience delays in the sound that are caused by these drivers. Dungeon Keeper 2 has also been tested on the Aureaul 2035 beta drivers and these seem to be working fine.

Other solutions that may help the stability of your card involve modifying the game’s options:

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Click on options
  3. Click on sound options
  4. Try changing the sound quality to Low in the in-game options – this has cured some problems seen.

Using –nosound seems to fix my problem, but I’d like sound back! I have a SBLive-based soundcard and the game keeps crashing.
New drivers seem to sort this problem out. We suggest updating your drivers from here. The game has been tested with the SB Liveware 2.0 drivers and this occasionally seems to cause a popping sound effect. When tested with SB Live 2.1, this rectified the popping problem. Liveware 2.1 can be found here.

If you have an “SBLive Value” then we would recommend disabling Environmental Audio EAX Support through the game options:

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Click on options
  3. Click on sound options
  4. Then, if you have an option for Environmental Effects, make sure the tick box is unselected.

This will disable the Environmental Audio Extensions, or EAX, which seem to be causing problems with this card. If this does not work, try changing the sound quality to Low in the in-game options this has also cured some problems.

Using –nosound seems to fix my problem, but I’d like sound back! I have a SBLive-based soundcard amd have witnessed erratic mouse behaviour and crashes to Windows Desktop with sound enabled.
Go to Windows Control Panel > Multimedia > Advanced > MIDI Devices and instruments. Now select “Do not use MIDI features on this device.”

Using –nosound seems to fix my problem, but I’d like sound back! I have a Maestro sound chip on my motherboard. DK2 crashes after the first level and seems unstable.
We found that, by turning the sound quality to Low through the in-game options, the problem was alleviated. It will be worth updating your drivers from the here.

I have the latest Drivers and I’m still having crash problems with Dungeon Keeper 2.
Assuming that you have tried all the suggestions in this FAQ, you may find that either the drivers you have are bugged or there was a problem installing the drivers. We have noticed problems where people attempt to install new drivers and are prompted by Windows to keep the files they already have, because the files they are trying to install are older. This may be because you have previously installed a beta driver. Please make sure that you replace all these files when prompted, or else you may find that you have not actually replaced the problematic part of the driver.

General Problems

I see the error message “Unable to initialise” when I try and run the game. Why?
This error is shown when the computer does not meet the minimum requirements.

When I try to run Dungeon Keeper 2 from the “Play” button that appears when I insert the DK2 CD, nothing happens. When I installed Dungeon Keeper 2 I changed the installation path to one with no spaces.
Try to run Dungeon Keeper 2 from the Desktop shortcut (if you clicked to install this). Another solution is to re-install Dungeon Keeper 2 and choose an installation path with spaces in it.

I installed Dungeon Keeper 2 it seemed to work fine. I have since changed my graphics / video card etc. and now it will not run.
This seems to be a problem where DK2 is not checking for these new cards when it loads. Uninstalling Dungeon Keeper 2 and re-installing should solve the problem.

The game works, but the cut-scenes and movies are “choppy”.
Some CD drives seem to be experiencing difficulties when playing the DK2 movies. One work-around for this is to skip the intro video, go straight to the main menu and then open and close the CD door. The video should now play smoothly.

I can’t advance through the levels of the Campaign game. Even though I beat the level and win, the map screen takes me right back to the start of the very same level.
Update to the latest version and the problem will be gone.

When I look at the Lord of the Land the game freezes.
There is a problem in v1.51 where the Lord of the Land infobar tooltip causes a crash. The next update will fix the problem. If you do not wish to update, either avoid pointing at the Lord of the Land or reinstall from your original CD.

When I run the Update it says “Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.”. Why?
This message will occur when you’re trying to install it over a pirated, or non-English version of the game. Move the error dialog box to see which file it’s stopped on. If it’s stopped on DKII.exe then it’s likely you have a pirated version of the game or your DKII.exe has become corrupted or infected with a virus. If it has stopped on another file then you’re trying to install over an language that isn’t supported by the update you’ve downloaded, or the file has become corrupted or infected with a virus. It is rare that files become corrupted, although if you suspect this is the case we recommend you try a reinstall.

When I run the Update it says “Not a valid Win32 application”. Why?
This suggests an incomplete or bad download.

When I run the game I get a Windows “Invalid Page Fault” message. Why?
This problem is caused by a memory resident program, like a virus checker intefering with DK2. We recommend you close down all memory resident programs using CTRL-ALT-DEL before going into the game.

I have version 1.51 and have chosen to continue once I’ve won the level. How do I go to the debriefing menu?
To finish the level, you need to press escape to go to the options screen, then select End Game, and then Exit to Main Menu.



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