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 NecropolisAbilities / Description / Tavern Rumour
Armed with axe and shield, the Skeleton raises his bony arms to bring death to the living. High initiative allows Skeletons to strike first, but their rather fragile bodies cannot withstand much damage.
Skeleton ArcherSkeleton ArcherUndead. Shooter.
Armed with bow and arrow, Skeleton Archers strike from afar. High initiative allows Skeletons to strike first, but their weak frames can only withstand a little damage before collapsing.
 No Tavern Rumour
ZombieZombieUndead. Enraged.
These rotten corpses are raised by the Necromancers in order to bring death to their enemies. Although they are slow and clumsy, Zombies do not feel pain or fear. This makes them frightening foes, and ideal cannon fodder.
Plague ZombiesPlague ZombiesUndead. Enraged. Weakening Strike (With each successful attack, the attacked enemy's Attack and Defense properties are reduced by 2 units (cannot get below zero).).
These rotten corpses are raised by the Necromancers in order to bring death upon their enemies. Plague Zombies do not feel pain and can withstand a great deal of damage. In addition, their festering weapons can infect all living creatures with a wasting disease.
 Don't underestimate Zombies. If they get to their target, there will be no mercy. If a zombie hits an enemy they weaken them as well as wound them, and each following blow inflicts even heavier damage. The best thing is, the weakening effects accumulate so you might consider attacking with several units: one, two, three... The enemy will have no chance.
GhostGhostFlyer. Undead. Incorporeal (This creature is incorporeal so any non-magical attack against it has only 50% chance of inflicting damage.).
Ghosts are restless spirits of the dead, forever bound to the Necromancer who has enslaved them. Their bodies are incorporeal, which makes them difficult to hit.
SpectreSpectreFlyer. Undead. Incorporeal. Mana Drain (When attacking enemy units, this creature can drain their mana and use it to restore its own health, or even to resurrect some killed creatures.).
Spectres are restless spirits bound to the service of the Necromancer who has enslaved them. Their bodies are incorporeal, which makes them harder to hit. The chilling touch of these spirits can drain the mana of enemy creatures, restoring the Spectre with stolen magic.
 Power over Death has its advantages. Only a Necromancer's army has incorporeal creatures who can avoid damage in melee combat. We're talking about Ghosts. Don't hesitate to send them in the thick of battle - they'll survive because they're already dead!
VampireVampireUndead. No Enemy Retaliation. Life Drain (When attacking enemy units, this creature can drain their health and use it to restore its own, even to resurrect some killed creatures.).
Necromancers who wish to cheat death become Vampires with ever-youthful -- but empty -- bodies. Any damage that Vampires inflict upon the living heals their own immortal forms. Gifted with hundreds of years of combat experience, they are so swift with their swords than none can retaliate against their strikes.
Vampire LordVampire LordUndead. No Enemy Retaliation. Life Drain. Teleport.
Some Necromancers, seeking powers beyond death, become Vampire Lords. Any damage that Vampire Lords inflict upon the living heals their own immortal, eternally youthful bodies. None can retaliate against their strikes, and with their ability to teleport, none can foresee from where they may attack.
 A while ago a Vampire was celebrating its jubilee in my tavern - their three hundredth resurrection on the battlefield! The main toast was to the commander, a wise Necromancer who was in no hurry to deal with weak enemy units. That Necromancer always remembers that the number of resurrected Vampires depends on the number of enemies Vampires suck the life out of. And it's much easier to suck the life out of weaker opponents!
LichLichLarge creature. Undead. Shooter. Death Cloud (Ranged attack damages not just the target but all non-undead creatures covered by the Death Cloud (3 by 3 tiles) appearing at the hit point.).
Liches are powerful undead mages, seething with hatred for all forms of life. They bring plague to the lands they tread upon, creating dreadful Death Clouds to strike their enemies from afar.
ArchlichArchlichLarge creature. Undead. Shooter. Death Cloud. Caster.
Archliches are potent undead mages with an eternal hatred for all life. They can summon dreadful Death Clouds or cast curses and weakening spells upon entire enemy armies.
 Some of the Necromancers are unbelievably stupid. Just take this example: a Necromancer recruited live creatures into his army, the idiot, and following the old habit ordered Liches to fire at the thick of the enemy -- ignoring the fact that his own soldiers were fighting there too! Of course everybody was killed, including his own troops. Don't ever forget that a Cloud of Death destroys everybody in its way -- everybody who isn't already dead, that is.
WightWightLarge creature. Undead.
Wights are tormented souls thirsty for revenge on all living creatures.
WraithWraithLarge Creature. Undead. Harm Touch (When this creature attacks, it always kills at least one unit in any enemy detachment. It also lifts all positive magical effects currently affecting the unit (activated ability).).
Wraiths are Death itself, nothing can endure their chilling touch and survive. Any enemy creature that fights them is drained of its soul-substance.
 Spirits of War of the Blood Moonriors guarding Necropolis are among the most lethal creatures in this world! All they have to do is touch the enemy, and the unit is dead regardless of what it was - a Peasant or a Dragon. Impressive, don't you think? But that's not all. The Spirits' touch is so vile the attacked unit loses all positive effects of spells the short-sighted enemy hero has already cast on them.
Bone DragonBone DragonLarge creature. Undead. Flyer.
Stolen from their graves and compelled to serve the Necromancers, Bone Dragons are formed from the skeletons of dead dragons of other breeds. The Necromancer lands have no native dragons, and so they are compelled to steal and create their own.
Spectral DragonSpectral DragonLarge creature. Undead. Flyer. Cursing Attack.
No single type of dragon gives up its bones to form a Spectral Dragon. Instead, these fell beasts are composed of the bones of every breed of dragon, cunningly arranged into a single skeleton and infused with unlife by the sacrifice of a high-ranking Necromancer's soul.
 A Dragon Tombstone is the crown of Necropolis development, the ultimate goal to strive for. Bone and Shadow Dragons are the strongest troops in the dead army, if a Necromancer invests in building just one of them, they get one more Dragon every week! So in two weeks you get plus two Dragons, in a month plus four, in a year... Hmm.. How many would that be, eh?!