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The SimsCheats
Tutorial Cheat
The tutorial house has the motives for Bob and Betty turned off until AFTER the tutorial is finished. Once Betty has appeared, just ignore the tutorial for a while… get a job, and raise Bob’s and Betty’s skills. They won’t need to eat, and instead of sleeping, they can use the espresso machine to recover energy that is needed in raising Body skill and going to work. In a relatively short amount of time, Bob and Betty can have all of their skills raised up to level 10!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to play with the Newbies – turn on “free will” and get Bob and Betty a job. Build up their skills, then put a weight or something on the “3” button on your keyboard. Let the game sit overnight, and when you come back in the morning your Sims will have made plenty of money. The tutorial is the only place in the game where you can let the game sit overnight, and come back to Sims that are still employed. Then if any of the other families in the neighborhood need an extra boost of funds, just kill off Bob or Betty and have your Sim marry the other one. You can then kill off the remaining Newbie and keep all the money.

Family of Eight
Start an eight-Sim family… turn “free will” off temporarily… buy a desk, computer and chair and get each Sim a job… sell back the desk, computer and chair… buy a fridge… turn “free will” back on and play in high speed. Now all you have to do is make sure your Sims go to work each day. No matter how bad a mood they are in, they never lose their jobs – with eight Sims working you’ll earn between $800 and $2000 a day. With only a fridge, the bills will be VERY low and it won’t take long to build up a sizeable bank account. When you have enough money, just kill off any extra unwanted Sims.
The SimsCheat Mode
To activate the cheat mode ::
  1. During game play, press CTRL+Shift+C. ((That means press them altogether.))
  2. In the upper-left corner of the screen, the cheat console will appear.
  3. You can then type in the following cheats.
  4. Use a ; as a seperator to enter multiple codes. ((ie. rosebud;rosebud;rosebud))
The SimsCheat Codes
!Repeat last cheat.
rosebud$1,000 (Patched)
klapaucius$1,000 (without Patch)
edit_charCreate character mode.
interestsDisplay Personality and Interests.
plughSim Speak 1.
porntipsguzzardoSim Speak 2.
xyzzySim Speak 3.
soundeventTrigger Sound Event. (House Party)
auto_levelArchitectural Tools will automatically set the level as needed.
cht [filename]Execute filename.cht file as a list of cheats.
move_objectsMove any object.
set_hour [####]Set time of day, where # is the time in 24-hr format (hh:mm, hence 2000 is 8pm).
map_edit onMap editor enabled.
map_edit offMap editor disabled.
water_toolCreate stream or moat.
The SimsProgrammers’ Cheat Codes
saveSave currently loaded house.
[directory path]Set the neighborhood directory to the path.
#exportWrite out behavior tuning constants to tuning.txt.
#importRead in behavior tuning constants from tuning.txt.
allow_inuseSets whether menu items appear for in use objects.
all_menusToggle display of unavailable interactions in character control menus.
assertForce an assert for testing.
autonomy [#]Set free thinking level, where # is between 1 to 100.
auto_resetToggle automatic object reset.
browser_failsafePrevent web browser from crashing.
bubble_tweak [z offset]Set z offset for thought bubbles.
cam_modeToggle camera mode.
debug_socialEnables debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions.
draw_all_frames onAnimation Frames Draw enabled.
draw_all_frames offAnimation Frames Draw disabled.
draw_floorable onFloorable grid enabled.
draw_floorable offFloorable grid disabled.
draw_originsDraw colored dots at each character’s origin.
draw_routes onSelected character’s path displayed.
draw_routes offSelected character’s path hidden.
core_dumpDump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txt.
dump_happyDump selected character’s most recent list of scored interactions to a file.
dump_mcDump selected character’s motive contribution curve to a file.
fam_test [opcount]Run series of random operations on unhoused families.
flushCompletely flush app to VM file on Windows NT.
edit_grass [#]Set grass change value.
grow_grass [#]Set grass growth, where # is between 0 to 150.
historySave family history file.
hist_addAdd new family history stat to current family.
house [house number]Auto-Load house.
htmlToggle web page creation.
import [FAM file]Auto-Load or import FAM File.
log_animationsLog animations in the event log window.
log_maskSet event logging mask.
lot_border [tl tr bl br]Set the borders of the lot with non-editable flag.
lot_size [#]Set lot size.
memviewShow memory view window in debug builds of the game.
musicToggle music.
obj_compToggle object compression in save file.
prepare_lotCheck and fix required lot objects.
preview_anims onPreview animations enabled.
preview_anims offPreview animations disabled.
quatsToggle quaternion transformations.
rebuild_cpRebuilds entire control panel and UCP.
refresh_facesRefresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writable.
refresh_texturesRefresh dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters.
reload_peopleReloads people skeletons, suits, skins and animations.
report_assetsToggle assets report.
restore_tutRestore tutorial.
rotation [#]Camera rotation, where # is between 1 to 3.
route_balloons onRouting debug ballons enabled.
route_balloons offRouting debug ballons disabled.
sim_limit [#]Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator.
sim_log beginSim logging started.
sim_log endSim logging stopped.
sim_peekToggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop.
sim_speed [#]Set game speed, where # is between -1000 to 1000.
soundToggle sounds.
sound_eventTrigger sound event.
sound_logToggle sound log window.
sweep onTicks enabled.
sweep offTicks disabled.
tile_info onTile info displayed.
tile_info offTile info hidden.
title_info onTitle info displayed.
title_info offTitle info hidden.
tutorial offNo tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded.
visitor_controlToggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard.
write_destlistAppends the route destination list to allroutes.txt every time a route is found.
write_routesWrite out an RTE file every time a route is found.
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