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The Sims29 Jan 01 Top 10 Designers You’d Buy Games From
GameSpy’s feature, “Top 10 Designers You’d Buy Games From”, lists Wright at #6.
If you have ever played any type of city simulation, then you can probably thank Will Wright, the creator of the decade-old SimCity franchise. Just about every incarnation of his Sim games have been popular, but perhaps his crowning achievement came this year in the form of The Sims, Which was named our Strategy Game of the Year for 2000. The games have developed quite a following, and even garnered him recongition in Time magazine’s top 50 people in the digital age in 1999.
The Sims30 Jan 01 MSNBC + Newsweek Article
MSNBC is running a Newsweek article revealing two new Sim games, both online and both based on The Sims. Here’s a quote from the GameSpot article about the MSNBC article –
The first game, titled Sims Live, is scheduled for release this April. It will be an online instant messenger that includes customizable 3D characters that users can prompt to perform onscreen animations. Maxis also revealed Sims Online, an online version of the virtual life game that will let players compete against one another to become the most powerful, most popular, or richest Sim in the neighborhood. Sims Online is scheduled for release in December.
The Sims16 March 01 CNet News.Com Interview
“Internally, ‘The Sims’ was a huge struggle getting it released, much more than ‘SimCity,’” Wright says. “We had an official product-selection committee, and I gave my spiel to the committee, and they actually rejected it; they thought we couldn’t do it. At which point I kind of took the whole thing underground. It became my black box project.”
CNet News.Com interviews Will Wright, Gaming God.
What’s next for “The Sims?” – Well, we’re doing an online version. That’s the big focus right now… It’s going to be a persistent online world.
The Sims24 March 01 Wright Awarded IGDA Lifetime Achievement Award
Will Wright Accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award Wright has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Game Developers Association, for “a career in game development that has made an indelible impact on the interactive entertainment industry.”

Read the Press Release. The winners of the Game Developers Choice Awards Winners 2001.
The Sims28 March 01 GameSpot UK :: The Godfathers of Gaming
Will WrightThe Godfathers of Gaming, a new feature at GameSpot UK, credits Wright for turning us all into control freaks.
It wasn’t until the late 1980s that Wright found true fame as a game designer, however. After becoming interested in the urban planning theories of an MIT professor named Jay Forrester, Wright decided to try and create a city-building game. At first, Wright didn’t get a lot of encouragement, but he persevered and ended up creating on of the best-loved and most influential games ever seen: SimCity. Working on his own, he published a Commodore version of the game in 1987, but he had a hard time convincing publishers to take SimCity seriously, and was unable to make the transition to the more popular games platforms. Then, later that year, he met Jeff Braun at a party, and Braun was so taken with Wright’s game that they decided to start their own company in order to get the game out there. And so Maxis was born. In 1989, SimCity arrived on PC, and though sales were slow at first, an article about the game in Time magazine caused interest to rocket.
The Sims29 March 01 EA Ships The Sims House Party Expansion Pack
Read the Press Release.
The Sims05 April 01 PC Gameplay Interview
PC Gameplay did an interview to coincide with the launch of House Party. If it’s still on their site, I can’t seem to find it. This is a cached copy.
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