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The Sims05 July 01 New Expansion : Hot Date Announced
Read the Press Release.
The Sims06 July 01 Getting a Facelift
CyberExtruder has announced support for The Sims, along with Quake and its previous offering of Unreal Tournament. Their technology creates a 3D model of your face from a submitted photo, which you can use in the games. Fancy a neighbourhood of everyone looking just like you ?
The Sims Online12 July 01 PC Gameplay UK Preview
When roly-poly unfunny funnyman Drew Carey was transformed into a character from The Sims on his self-titled sitcom, it was yet another indication of the game’s global popularity.

Maxis created the two-minute sequence especially for Carey after seeing references on the show, including the familiar dialogue boxes. Also in the works for the uncannily addictive franchise is a cable TV sitcom next year about a live-action family moving into the virtual world of The Sims. High-concept stuff, particularly the opportunity for creative users of The Sims Online to fashion one new character per episode. Female porn star is a safe bet.
The Sims19 July 01 The Sims on the Charts
According to GameSpot, The Sims and House Party take #2 and #3 on the June Sales Charts. D2:LoD is #1, Myst is #4, Black & White is #5 and Livin’ Large takes #6.
The Sims20 July 01 Exploring the Relationship Between Video Games and Art
Wright will be a panelist at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Media Arts Council symposium, along with Nolan Bushnell, the inventor of Pong and founder of Atari, according to this Wired news story.
The Sims Online21 July 01 GameSlice Preview
[Previews & Reviews] GameSlice
Sid Meier’s SimGolf26 July 01 Live Chat
There’s going to be a live webcast with Sid Meier today from 3 to 4 pm PST. Click here.
Sid Meier’s SimGolf27 July 01 Chat Transcript
Here. You can also check out some screenshots in The Gallery.
SimsVille27 July 01 SimsVille Gallery
EA recently held a press event and released some new screenshots. While we weren’t there, GameSpot was, and we’ve added the screenshots to the Gallery.
The Sims30 July 01 IGN Gets a Hot Date
IGN PC has posted a preview of Hot Date, along with a screenshot.
The Sims01 August 01 GameSpy :: Top 50 Games of All Time
GameSpy’s latest feature, The Top 50 Games of All Time, has but one Sim game in the list – the original Sim City at #33.
The Sims02 August 01 Wright vs. Molyneux
USA Today is running an article about Will Wright and Peter Molyneux. It’s a fairly uninspired piece that looks to be a compilation of quotes from elsewhere.
The Sims Online03 August 01 PC Gameplay Interviews
PC Gameplay has posted interviews for TSO and TS:Hot Date, with Wright dropping in for a few questions on the TSO interview. Since they have some strange arrangement for their site and the links may not work, we have mirrored copies here and here.
The Sims Online04 August 01 Online Worlds Fanfest ’01
Last year’s UO-Fest has been expanded into an Online Worlds Fest, to be held in Austin, Texas on the last weekend of October. The scoop is here. Highlights are –
  • Hands-on gameplay experiences from the upcoming massively multiplayer online games from Westwood, Maxis, and EA.COM.
  • Special sessions with the development teams of upcoming and new EA games. Be the first to see what’s coming!
  • Get the scoop directly from the creative forces behind these games with Q&A sessions featuring special guest speakers such as: Will Wright (Creator, The SIMS™); Gordon "Tyrant" Walton (VP and Executive Producer, The SIMS ONLINE™); Brett Sperry (Founder of Westwood and Chief Creative Officer) and many others.
SimsVille06 August 01 PC Gameplay SimsVille Interview
The Sims Online10 August 01 Once Again Previews
GameSpot UK has posted a preview, which gave me deja vu until I checked our previews list and realised that it was basically a slightly watered-down version of the PC Gameplay UK preview.
The Sims13 August 01 SimArt
Mr. Haddock, an artist in Phoenix, Arizona, was intrigued by its ((The Sims’)) promotional material. He created his Screenshots series by using Photoshop to give a Sims-style isometric view of well-known and sometimes violent images or events. Mr. Haddock’s work has been shown in galleries in Seattle and at Arizona State University as well as in the “BitStreams” exhibition at the Whitney last spring.

Mr. Wright described the images inspired by his video game as “cool in a creepy way”; the curator of the Whitney show, Lawrence Rinder, said they provoked reflection on the roles of violence, entertainment and memory in society. The artist himself said the Sims was the ideal vehicle for exploring intellectual rights and copyright issues.
From this article in the International Herald Tribune. The “Screenshots” art-thing can be found here.
The Sims15 August 01 Add-On & Updates
The Official Site has posted a new add-on, the Pepsi Machine.

We have added a total of ten new shots to the SimGolf Gallery and the SimsVille Gallery.
The Sims16 August 01 GameSpot Preview
More Hot Date info, this time coming from GameSpot, who have just posted their preview.
SimsVille17 August 01 GameSpot Preview
GameSpot has posted an extensive preview, along with 15 screenshots showing off facets of gameplay.
Sid Meier’s SimGolf06 September 01 Gamitopia Preview
[Previews & Reviews] Gamitopia Preview
The Sims11 September 01 911
No God, no truth, no land, no cause can justify the wilful taking of human lives.

There will be no news reported here for the next day, because continuing on as if nothing has happened is in extremely poor taste. Take the time you would otherwise have spent here and use it to consider the world you live in, and if there is anything you can do to make it better.

Oh, and vengeance is not justice. Think on that, too, if you happen to be angry right now.
Sid Meier’s SimGolf13 September 01 Previews
[Previews & Reviews] SportPlanet Preview and GameSpy Preview
The Sims14 September 01 Hot Date Screens
GameSpot has received some new exclusive shots featuring Hot Date, which we have added to our Hot Date Gallery.
The Sims19 September 01 Meet Havok
The wise-cracking commando is the main character of Westwood Studios’ upcoming 3D action game, Command & Conquer Renegade! His attitude and military fashion sense are the perfect accompaniment to any Sim hoe-down or disco. Download Havok. View some screenshots.
SimsVille20 September 01 SimsVille Cancelled!
CG Online reports
Maxis announced today that Simsville has been canceled. The latest in their popular Sim line of games, it was scheduled for release in 2002. It wasn’t up to the standards of Maxis, according to a spokesperson for Maxis, who also stated that despite this, the team did a great job and is being reassigned to other products like The Sims Online and other future projects.

Simsville was to be a game somewhere between The Sims and SimCity, where you place individual homes, businesses, roads and city structures. Simsville was to retain some of the voyeurism of the Sims with more of the planning of SimCity. It was designed to explore outside of the Sims’ houses, but with a product like the upcoming expansion The Sims Hot Date, they’re already offering some of that functionality. Simsville also was to have some more “adult” content in the form of crime, liquor stores, and general seediness.
The official word on the Official Site
Thank you for your interest in SimsVille.

Maxis and the SimsVille team have decided to suspend development of SimsVille. Everyone working on the project will be moving to other projects at Maxis. This includes The Sims Online and some other games in development that have yet to be announced. We’re excited to take what we’ve learned from SimsVille and put it towards the making of great new games for you.

Once again, thanks for your support.
SimsVille21 September 01 More on SimsVille
GameSpot has posted a Q&A with Patrick Buechner, director of marketing at Maxis.
Well, the whole reason we came up with the idea for SimsVille was the feedback from The Sims players, who were asking to see the lives of their Sims outside the house. They were sick of being stuck indoors, and while that aspect of The Sims is still fun, players wanted to know what goes on in their Sims’ lives outside the house. The Sims: Hot Date lets players do everything they’ve been asking for, like hang out at the bar, have a picnic downtown, go shopping, and so on. After a while, we found that it was simply more fun than what we had in SimsVille.
The Sims28 September 01 Online Worlds FanFest
The Online Worlds FanFest has been pushed back to January 11th & 12th, 2002. For more info, check the Official Site. In addition to the Ultima Online team, speakers include Gordon Walton and Will Wright of The Sims Online and Brett Sperry of Earth and Beyond.
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