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The Sims02 October 01 IGN PC Hot Date Preview
[Previews & Reviews] IGN PC, along with a handful of new screenshots.
The Sims04 October 01 Hot Date Chat Transcript
The transcript of the Developer Chat with Hot Date Assistant Producer and Game Designer MaxiSean has been posted here.
The Sims08 October 01 Hot Date Screens
GameSpot has posted a few new Hot Date screenshots, which we have added to our Hot Date Gallery.
The Sims20 October 01 The Sims for Linux
TransGaming and MandrakeSoft have been working on a Linux port for The Sims. The port will be bundled with Mandrake Linux 8.1 and will ship on 09 November 01.
The Sims02 November 01 Hot Date Gold
The Sims06 November 01 D.I.C.E.
The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS), D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Create & Entertain) Summit press release
The D.I.C.E Summit, scheduled for February 28 – March 1, 2002, is intended to bring together the most celebrated leaders in the gaming industry to encourage discussion and cultivate innovation. It will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.
Speakers include such luminaries as;
  • Richard “10 Ultimas, not counting add-ons” Garriott – Attack of the Killer Sequels
  • Will “If you let them build it, they will come” Wright – Audience Developed Products – How to Involve the World
  • Sid Meier’s Sid Meier – The DINO Project: Three Glorious Failures
The Sims14 November 01 Hot Date Ships
Press Release
Sid Meier’s SimGolf15 November 01 SimGolf Demo
The Sims16 November 01 GDC 2002
The Game Developers Conference 2002 website has been opened. GDC02 will be held 19 thru 23 March, 2002 in San Jose, California (about the time Episode II will be released).

Speakers include Dene and Simon Carter (Project Ego), Richard Evans (AI, B&W), Richard Garfield (M:tG), Raph Koster (UO, SWG), Dr.s Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka (BioWare), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics) and Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, Brian Reynolds, Jeremy Soule (Composer, Icewind Dale), Warren Spector, Phil Steinmeyer (Tropico), Rich Vogel (UO, SWG), and quite alot more.
The Sims23 November 01 Game On
The Barbican Gallery will be hosting Game On, the first major and most comprehensive UK exhibition of the 40-year history of electronic gaming (1962 to 2002). The show will be held 16 May thru 15 September 2002.
Over 250 exhibits will be displayed in an exciting and specially created environment. Game On will be based on 11 themed sections exploring a wide variety of areas. These will include early arcade games – featuring the very first arcade game – Computer Space (1971); the creative process of games – highlighting key individuals who have been responsible for the development of games such as Core Design the creators of Tomb Raider and Maxis developer of The Sims.
The Sims26 November 01 Hot Date
Some Hot Date stuf, now that the game has been released. Downloads has the TeeVee commercials. There are supposed to be three, but the first and the third look exactly alike to me. Previews & Reviews has been updated with a few new reviews – all glowing.
The Sims01 December 01 Yahoo! Buzz Index
Ever wondered how big is The Sims? According to the Yahoo! Buzz Index for this week, the Sims is #15, one up on the NBA and two below Osama bin Ladin. That’s how big.
Sid Meier’s SimGolf10 December 01 Washington Post Profile
The Washington Post has posted a profile of Sid Meier, based around the recently released Civilization III.
The Sims22 December 01 GameSpy :: 2001 Game of the Year
GameSpy’s Game of the Year awards gives Hot Date runner-up for PC Expansion Pack of the Year.
At two years of age, The Sims doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. It still has no goals, no missions, nothing to do if you want to get down to it. But it’s so fun that many of us spend hours watching little virtual people go to the bathroom, eat dinner and go to bed while everyone else just shakes their heads, not understanding. The game has spawned three expansion packs already. While many developers are happy to add a few new levels or new objects and call it an expansion (as Maxis did with the first two), they went all out this time with Hot Date and added forty more social interactions and created an entirely new downtown area. Hot Date’s additions give fans what they were asking for: to get out of the house and make new relationships. Take your spouse to dinner, go shopping for a new suit or just wander over and hit on the hot bombshell drinking by the bar. Sure you can impress her with your knowledge of the 1960s, but can you make her laugh with your best sock puppet impersonation?
The Sims24 December 01 GameSpot :: Best and Worst PC Games of 2001
Hot Date got nominations in the following for GameSpot’s Best and Worst PC Games of 2001.
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