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The Sims17 Feb 2K Salon.com Interview
Salon.com has posted a rather indepth interview with Wright about The Sims.
I can predict that the Americans are going to be much more fixated on the sex aspects than the Europeans [laughs]. And you know, in Germany, oddly enough, they felt the violence should be more than what we had in the game. Basically, we wanted to stay as morally or ethically neutral as possible. But there were some things we didn’t want to touch, like pedophilia.
They also have a review posted.
SimsVille10 May 2k GameSpot Interview
A Simsville interview has been posted by GameSpot. The Q&A is with Christine McGavran, executive producer for Simsville.
Of course, in the Maxis tradition, we will continue with the level of comedy and surprise that is characteristic of our products. Don’t be too alarmed if your Sims start talking about little green men in SimsVille.
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